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ReverieBox Luxury Feel Box

August 17, 2017 18 Comments
Hey there!
Today, I will be talking about an affordable luxury skincare subscription box. Few days back, I got to know about Reverie Box, so I contacted them on Instagram and then got to know about their boxes. I got the Reverie Feel Luxury Box. Let us explore what is inside the box.

About ReverieBox
“Reverie Box- Keeping your Dreams alive.”
ReverieBox is a luxury box company that brings luxury brands to your doorstep at affordable prices. It was founded in 2016 and had focus on the mission to provide the safest and the highest quality skincare to their customers. They brands associated with them are against animal testing, paraben-free, phthalates-free, formaldehyde-free, sulfates-free and natural.
ReverieBox has a team of beauty experts who are passionate for everything related to the world of beauty, skin and health care. They carefully chose the products through their Inspired Curation process. So, you can have trust on ReverieBox and order the best products of luxury brands.

Products in Reverie Feel Box
Vanavidhi Coconut Natural Face Wash
Ingredients: Coconut Water, Soapnut Extract, Shikakai Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Natural Coconut Oil, Citric Acid, Natural Preservative (Coconut Derived) And Purified Water.
Texture: Thick
Fragrance: Exactly like coconut
Quantity: 30 ml (Sample size)
Price: 990 for 100 ml

Vanavidhi Green Tea Spa Scrub
Ingredients: Green Tea Powder, Green Tea Extract, Salt, Sweet Almond Oil
Texture: Thick with granules
Fragrance: Exactly like green tea with a hint of almond oil
Quantity: 30 ml (Sample size)
Price: 1599 for 150 grams

Varshavan Night Blooming Face Wash
Ingredients: Vitamin E, Night Blooming Jasmine Essential Oil, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Extracts, Shikakai Extract, Citric Acid and Purified Water.
Texture: Thick
Fragrance: Strong Jasmine
Quantity: 30 ml (Sample size)
Price: 1299 for 100 ml

Varshavan Green Tea & Monsoon Flower Face Lotion
Ingredients: Vitamin E, Floral Blend Essential Oil, Green Tea Extracts, Aloe Vera Extracts, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil and Purified Water
Texture: Creamy
Fragrance: Floral Essential Oil with a strong hint of Green Tea
Quantity: 30 ml (Sample size)
Price: 1599 for 150 grams

My Experience on the Product
When I received the Reverie Feel Box then it was a surprise for me. As I opened the packaging, I fell in love with this box as it was nicely packed. The box was tied with a golden ribbon.

I opened the ribbon and there was a nice paper bag with a big heart on it. The heart took all my attention and I didn’t feel like opening the paper bag. But I had to as the products were inside them.

There were four sample size bottles in the paper bag from two brands – Vanavidhi and Varshavan. The bottles were nicely packed in a transparent seal pack.

How to Use?
I used the products of one luxury brand at a time. So, I started with Vanavidhi face wash and scrub. The face wash is nourished with the benefits of coconut oil, so it deep cleaned my skin. Then I used the green tea scrub. There are little granules in the scrub, but it is gentle on your skin. It cleaned all the dirt in the pores and left my skin soft and nourished.
Tip: When you use a scrub then the pores open, so always use a face pack after using it. If you are not using a face pack then use a toner.
I was happy with the results. My face was clean and dirt free after using Vanavidhi product for the first time. So, imagine what wonders it will do if you use it regularly.
Tip: I also used the face wash as a makeup cleaner and it worked well (as it has coconut oil).

Next, I used Varshavan face wash and face lotion. The face wash is enriched with Thai SPA traditions, so it has to be a wonderful product. This face wash cleans the face and leaves it soft as a normal face wash does. But it gives a nice after fragrance. The face lotion has a creamy texture and it blends well into the skin. I use it at night, before I go to sleep and then wake up with soft and smooth skin.
I didn’t find anything special in Varshavan face wash as compared to Vanavidhi face wash. I liked the lotion as it blends well into my oily skin. It is non-greasy and doesn’t leave any residue afterwards.
Tip: Always clean your face with face wash before sleep and apply toner or face lotion. The ingredients work on your skin overnight and give you a glowing skin.

I loved the Vanavidhi products and I am going to buy them in future for sure. I am not much impressed with Varshavan face wash, but I will get the face lotion for sure. Each sample size product will last for 15 days, if you use it twice a day.
I would recommend you to visit ReverieBox and get the box of your choice, so that you could also feel the luxury.

ReverieBox Options
At ReverieBox you have a wide range of subscription boxes to choose from. Here are a few of their current boxes:
Reverie Feel Box - Rs. 449.00         पहाड़ी Edition- The Himalyan Wonders–August Box - Rs. 1,549.00

Bestowal Box - Rs. 990.00               Body Care Luxurious Spa Chemical Detox - Rs. 1,750.00

Bridal Luxe Box - Rs. 7,999.00       Exclusive Treatment Box - Rs. 5,999.00

Gift Reveriebox - Rs. 2,500.00        Hair Care Essentials - Rs. 1,750.00

Luxe Lingerie Box - Rs. 1,599.00   Kitten’s Paw: Pedicure Box - Rs. 990.00

Vana Vidhi Exclusive Gift Box - Rs. 2,250.00

Soft As Snow: Face Of Heaven’s Box - Rs. 1,990.00

3 Month Subscription - Rs. 4,440.00    

6 Months Subscription - Rs. 8,580.00

Yearly Subscription - Rs. 16,980.00

You can buy all the above boxes from ReverieBox Shop (Click Here).

You can even order single products from their Shop (Click Here).

I would give 10/10 to Vanavidhi products.
I would give 7/10 to Varshavan products.
I would give 9/10 to Reverie Feel Box. (+1 for the packaging)

I hope you like the review!
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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Magical Inatur Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Mask

August 13, 2017 25 Comments
Hey there!
Do you face hair problems? What are they? Frizzy hair, hair loss, damaged hair, etc. So, you are at the right place. I am sharing my experience on Inatur Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Mask Treatment that changed the texture and appearance of my hair totally. Keep reading to get the solution for your hair problems.

About Inatur
At INATUR, Quality is a way of life!
Inatur believes that healthy skin is happy skin. So, Pooja Nagdev, renowned cosmetologist and internationally acclaimed expert on natural ingredient, brought the brand Inatur for us. Inatur brings a wide range of natural skin care, hair care and personal care products that are safe and result oriented.
The products of Inatur are scientifically balanced to assure quick and lasting results. The Inatur team is committed to their product claims with continuous and controlled studies. All their products are tested to ensure that they are 100% safe for use.

Ingredients of Inatur Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Mask
Aqua, Seasame Oil, Argan Oil, Hibiscus Extract, Fenugreek Extract, Heena Extract, Dehydroquate CCTG, Glycerin, Glyceryl Stearate, Trideceth-12, Cetrimonium Chloride, C10-30 Allkyl Acrylates Copolymer, E.D.T.A, Phenoxyethanol and Fragrance.

Benefits of Inatur Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Mask
1. It is packed with 100% Organic Moroccan Argan oil.
2. It contains natural plant extracts that are useful to our hair.
3. It repairs damaged and colour treated hair.
4. It strengthens the hair strands and makes them soft.
5. It works on dry, brittle, frizzy and overworked hair.
6. It does not leave any oily or greasy residue on the hair after wash.
7. It also helps in reducing hairfall problems and solves them with constant use.
8. It also gives shine to your hair.
9. It is safe to use on any type or length of hair.
10. It can be used by men as well as women.

My Experience on the Product
When I heard about the positive things of Inatur from my fellow blogger Charul from @lipsticksnlogic, I thought to give this brand a try. I am a sucker of natural products, so this made me eager to try Inatur.
As I was having a lot of problems with my hair, so I thought to try out something from hair care. I told about my preference to Inatur and they sent me Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Mask. When I opened the packaging then I was very happy as my wish was fulfilled. I was looking for a natural hair mask from a month, but could not believe in the brands. But Inatur made me believe in their product.
I received 200 grams tub of Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Mask. They have a secure packaging. As you open the lid of the tub then there is another airtight plastic lid that keeps the hair mask safe and natural.
Mask Texture: The hair mask has a thick and creamy texture. It is creamy white in colour.
Fragrance: The hair mask has a pleasant fragrance.
How to Use?
I will share all the possible ways in which I tried out the hair mask, along with results in each.
Usage 1 (As mentioned on the product)
Step 1: Shampoo your hair and rinse thoroughly with water.
Step 2: Take small amount of hair mask on your hand and rub it from the mid length of the hair to the ends of the hair.
Step 3: Leave it for 5-10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water.
Step 4: Apply a conditioner and leave for 2 minutes and then rinse with water.
The hair will be soft and smooth for 1 or 2 days. After that it will lose the shine, but you will feel the softness as you comb your hair.

Usage 2 (My method-1)
Step 1: Comb your hair (do not shampoo before applying the mask) and divide it into different partitions (atleast 4 or 5).
Step 2: Take small amount of hair mask and rub from the mid length to the ends of the hair.
Step 3: Take very little amount of hair mask and spread it over your hands. Then run your hands (lightly) on the hair on your scalp. (Remember not to apply on the scalp, just run through the hair strands on the scalp. This will reduce the oiliness of the scalp area and oil won’t be visible on the scalp for at least 4 days.)

Step 4: Leave it for 15 minutes. (If you have thick hair then max time can be 25 minutes and if you have thin hair then don’t exceed 15 minutes.)
Step 5: Rinse thoroughly with water.
Step 6: Shampoo your hair and rinse thoroughly with water.
Step 7: Apply the conditioner. (Optional)
The hair will be shiner, softer and smoother than the results from the Usage 1. If you do not apply the conditioner then it will last for 2 days and if you apply a conditioner then it will last for 3 days.

Usage 3 (My Method-2)
Follow the Steps 1 to 5 from Usage 2 and then follow the given steps:
Step 6: Apply the hair mask again on your hair and leave it for 5-7 minutes.
Step 7: Rinse thoroughly with water. (Applying the conditioner is optional after this.)
This method gives the best result. It makes your hair stronger, softer and shiner. The results remain the same for at least 6 days.

Note: You should use this product only once a week. If you use any homemade hair mask then you can also mix Inatur hair mask in it for good results.

I would suggest you to go with Usage 1 or Usage 2, if you can wait for the results. And if you need immediate results then go with Usage 3. I had coloured my hair in December last year, so my hair was really frizzy. But the fizziness vanished after three uses of this hair mask. Now, my hair is really soft and smooth. The hair strands have become stronger and reduced the amount of split ends too.
This hair mask has also solved the hairfall problem. It has also given nice shine to my hair. Now, my hair is soft and shining the entire day. And this effect remains until I wash my hair, which I usually do after 4 or 5 days or sometimes after 7 days. And it has also reduced the oiliness of my hair. See the results in the given picture (This is a natural picture without any filters).

Small Tip: If you have to go out for a special occasion or a meet up with your friends then you can also apply hair serum when your hair is half dry. This will add to the softness and shine. 

I conclude by saying, “Inatur has the brand philosophy as 100% Natural, 100% care and 100% Honest.” So, why not try out natural products that don’t harm you in any way?
This is a must buy product for me and I will surely restock it. One 200 gram tub is sufficient for 10-12 uses (for long hair) and 15-16 uses (for short hair).

Price and Availability
Price: Rs. 600 for 200 grams and Rs. 1100 for 400 grams
Shelf Life: 28 months

You can buy this magical Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Mask from Inatur website (Click Here).

Inatur has a lot of more products, so have a tour on their website (Click Here).

I would give 10/10 to this product. 

I hope you like the review!

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

A TO Z OF PREGNANCY: The Complete Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth

August 10, 2017 16 Comments
Hey there!
This is first time I am doing a book review. This book is about A to Z of Pregnancy. Let's me not waste any time and tell you more about this wonderful and informative book.

About the Author
Dr. Bushra Nausheen is a gynecologist by profession. She has 4 years of experience in medical practice. She is a wonderful person who believes in simple living and high thinking mantra. I must tell you that she is a hardworking and very ambitious lady. She works in a hospital and lives with her family in the beautiful city of lakhmipur next to dudhwa national park. She loves to write and her first interest in writing started when her first poem was published in the school magazine. The poem was so nice that she received a lot of appreciation from her teachers. After this she started writing at regular intervals and became an avid and jovial writer. Now, she writes about health, parenting, food, nutrition, and life at her blog

About her Book
A to Z of Pregnancy is the Complete Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth. Dr. Bushra's motto behind writing this book is to give ample and correct knowledge in entertaining and an easy way. This is the handy book that covers all the topics of pregnancy.

Features of the Book
1. The book contains 78 pages.
2. The book is divided into five sections according to the different phases of pregnancy.

3. Dr. Bushra included many questions that come to a pregnant lady's mind while being pregnant and after pregnancy.
4. This book is written by her professional knowledge as well as experience that she has learnt from her patients.
5. The book is written in a friendly language that enables the reader to understand it easily.
6. There are images too included in the book, so that you get familiar with what happens or what is needed.

My Experience on the Book
I am connected with Dr. Bushra on instagram, so when she posted on her Instagram stories that she is interested in bloggers to review her book, this was the time that I felt that I should do it. I am into writing and designing books, so I get attracted to anything related to books. When I contacted her then she mailed me her PDF copy that I read and now reviewing it.
When I started reading the book, I felt that she has explained the steps and trimester well in an easy language. This guide will help the mom-to-be to get familiar with the terms, steps and happenings while her 9 months journey. This book is a must read for women as it will give you the best and correct information. I love the way she has talked to the point and she didn't go into explaining in doctor's terms (that is difficult for normal human beings to understand).
Overall, this is an informative book that covers points from the first day of pregnancy to the last day. It tells you what to do, how to do, what to eat, how to exercise, how to take care and everything that a women would experience during her pregnancy.
There is only one thing that I think can be improved upon her future books is that the book should be little more presentable. When I gave her the suggestion then I got to know that she had designed this book herself, so she had done an amazing work. Next time, I believe that she will come up with more such informative books for all that help us to understand major things easily.

Price and Availability
The book is available on Amazon Kindle for Rs. 299.
If you have Kindle unlimited membership then you can read it for free too.

I would give this book 8/10. (Taking 2 points only for the presentation as I think it could be more better.)
I hope you like the review!
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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Seer Secrets Lemon Cypress Japanese Mint Active Silver Ion Deodorant Cream

August 08, 2017 23 Comments
Hey there!
India is a country that experience about 8-9 months of heat. Due to the hot weather, we sweat a lot. What do you do to keep the sweat odour away? You use a deodorant spray or a roll-on. But do you know that they give bad effect to you?
Today, I have got something that will keep your odour away and will not have any bad effect on you. So, I am talking about Seer Secrets Lemon Cypress Japanese Mint Active Silver Ion Deodorant Cream.

About Seer Secrets
Seer Secrets is a company that follows values, ethics, and life of seers, sages and clairvoyants to deliver the best products to their customers. Their products are natural and based on rare herbs and formulations by ascetics from worldwide.
So, how did they get the name “Seer”? Seers were the people who were clairvoyant in their approach to life. They were the women and men, who through transitional travel and practices, evolved medicine system for the benefit of all. Their main centers for ancient knowledge were Africa, Asia and Europe. They have given Seer Secrets the cradle for immense knowledge to work on and source remedies.
Seer Secrets is a company that aims to endeavor holistic wellness through these secrets formulas passed on by the seers. They believe in the notion of simple living & high thinking. This brand manufactures in India, hence they have the excess to herbs back from the early ages of silk and incense route. They blend those secrets in the age of modern era and give the best results as products.

Aqua, Phenoxy ethanol, Olive oil, Zinc oxide, Lemon essential oil, Cypress essential oil, Japanese Mint essential oil, Cocoa butter, Kaolin clay, Cetyl alcohol, Cetearyl alcohol, Linalool, Real silver leaves and Limonene.

Benefits of Seer Secrets Deodorant Cream
1. It is packed with natural Anti-Bacteria like zinc and silver extracts embedded in Kaolin clay.
2. It has mild whitening and bleaching effect that keeps area dry.
3. It absorbs sweat effectively.
4. It fights body odor for 6-8 hours even with a light application.
5. It is beneficial for people with sensitive skin.
6. It can even treat mild fungus and rashes.
7. It is safe to you in neck, toes and genital areas.
8. This can be used by women as well as men.

My Experience on the Product
I feel really hot and experience sweat the whole year long, even in winters. I have sensitive skin due to which I cannot use deodorants or any roll-on. So, I used only calendula powder to keep the sweat away. But I always wished that I could get a deodorant cream that would suit my skin. And now, my wish has been fulfilled by Seer Secrets.
Seer Secrets Lemon Cypress Japanese Mint Active Silver Ion Deodorant Cream is my current obsession that I have been using since two weeks. This cream is milky white in colour. It is just like any other cream enriched with natural essential oils. It has a little thick texture that helps in effective absorption into the skin.

The first time when I used this deodorant cream, I was happy with the fragrance and the blending properties. This cream blended well into my skin and it kept sweat away for 4 hours. (Remember, I tried this product in the season when there is excess humidity in Delhi.)
Then I tried the deodorant cream for a week and compared my before and after skin results.

Before using Seer Secrets deodorant cream: My skin was tanned. It sweats a lot and also gave bad odour after 4 hours.
After using Seer Secrets deodorant cream: My skin is now odour free. My excessive sweat has been controlled. Even my skin colour and texture has been improved.

Seer Secrets deodorant cream has lemon and active silver ions that keep the odour away for 6-8 hours. It also has bleach and whitening elements that give a shine and improve the colour of your skin. Due to excess sweat the skin becomes dark, so this will not be a problem by using Seer Secrets deodorant cream. The presence of Japanese Mint helps to keep the applied area cool too. It also has a nice fragrance that keeps you nice smelling for the desired time period. The essential oils won’t let your skin get any harm and will benefit your skin after long or regular use.
Only one thing I would like the brand to improve is that they should come up with a tube packaging in place of the tub packaging. The tube will make it really easy to squeeze out and apply to the desired places rather than dipping the fingers again in the product’s tub.
I didn’t have any side effects after using this product. Infact, my skin has improved. My sensitive skin was prone to rashes and mild skin problems, which stayed away since I am using this product.
So, I conclude by saying, “Go and buy this awesome product and roam odour free in hot weather.
This is a must buy product for me and I will surely restock it after my tub gets finished. One 100 gram tub can be used for two months if you use it regularly (once a day) as little application is enough.

Price and Availability
Price: Rs. 324
Quantity: 100 grams
Shelf Life: 24 months
You can buy Seer Secrets deodorant cream from Amazon (Click Here).

I would give 9/10 to this product. (Deducting 1 point only for the tub packaging.)
I hope you like the review!
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