I am Amrit Kaur, a Writer and Graphic Designer by Profession. I am also a beauty, food, fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Delhi, India. I have been into my professional field since 2009 - from being an editor to a writer and then a graphic designer. 

"I am a person filled with creative ideas on any topic. I am an Internet freak, who loves to explore the web to get information on any topic. I am also a photography learner, who puts in own creative ideas to get the best clicks on my blog as well as social media handles."

One day, I got a call from a brand who wanted me to design their creatives. When I started designing for them, they suggested me to join the blogging world. At first I said to myself, "Would I be able to excel in a new platform?" But then I made up my mind and entered the World of Blogging in April, 2017. And I must tell you that I am very happy with my decision and I don't regret it now.

My blog is all about beauty tips, honest product reviews, fashion tips, food and lifestyle. Whatever I write in my blog is totally my personal experience. I always try and test whatever I am writing about for at least 7 days to give the true experience to my audience.

In my blog, you will find:
1. The reviews and thoughts on beauty and makeup products that I use personally. 
2. The honest reviews of products that I try, test and use in future. 
3. A few tips on latest fashion trends.
4. The information on eatables and recipes from my kitchen.
5. A few tips related to lifestyle.

I assure you that each and every post has my personal experience attached to it. No review has been made up according to the brands need. I write what I feel after using the product. 

I would love to have your feedback on my posts. 

Share your thoughts and show your love.

If you are looking for any collaborations or recommendations, please contact me at:

Email: amritkaur.am@yahoo.com
Instagram: amritkaur_amy
Facebook: Dilliblogger
Twitter: amritkaur_amy24

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