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Get Stylish with Divatress Braids

March 31, 2018 18 Comments
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Hello everyone!!
Have you ever thought of changing your hairstyle? How about going with different styles of braids? Few days back I came across a beautiful website senegalese twist that offers wide range of braid wigs for women.

About Divatress
Divatress is a beauty e-commerce company. It has a variety of wigs and hair care products, to offer on their website. They have different types of clients ranging from proffesionals, beauticians, stylists, working ladies and even students.

Why Go For Divatress Braids?
1. Their braids are affordable and can be customised.
2. They will make you look stylish.
3. You don't need to spend a lot of time to make braids as you get them ready made.
4. They can a new trend to style and flaunt during occasions.
5. If your hair is frizzy or dirty then you can cover them with these stylish braids.

Braiding Hair
Braiding hair is the easiest way to manage hair. Every day you can make different styles in braids and flaunt with your outfits. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to braid different sections of hair, so just visit Divatress and get the braid of your choice. You can not only have different styles, but you can add a pop of colour to your braids. The colours range from pink, purple or blonde. The selection of braids here can be customised according to your look and choices. Whatever you taste is, divatress has every style and choice for you to make you stand out in the crowd.

Crochet Braids
Now-a-days, crochet braids are becoming very popular because they have made getting braid hairstyles easier than before. There is a wide range of choices for you to make from different crochet hair styles. You can select from Wavy Faux Locs to Water Waves to all different kinds of alike braids.

Loop Braids
In today's fast growing stylish world, we need to come up with new styles to stand out in public. We can join crochet braids in loops to make them look exclusive. Most of them now come with pre-looped holes. These holes make it easy to join and wear crochet braids. So, look for your favourite braid style on Divatress and flaunt your own style statement.

I hope you liked this informative post about braids. Do check their collection here.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Cheers to Womanhood

March 27, 2018 9 Comments
Hello peeps!!
March is the month to celebrate womanhood in high spirits around the globe. As 8th March is celebrated as International Women's day, so this time few bloggers decided to celebrate it for the entire month.

What is a women? She is the female gender of human organism. Since, birth I have seen my mother as an idol. I always look up to her whenever I need to see a strong women. I am proud to be a women, born to a strong women like my mother. 

For me, being a woman, means to be a human being. We need to recognise the complexity that comes in front of us as a hurdle for being a women. Each and every person had his or her own special quality that makes them stand out. So, we need to understand our special quality to make a recognition in this world. Being a woman, sometimes, we don't get good recognition or get neglected because of a group of people who think society is run by men. We need to overcome our weaknesses and stand like an independent women in this fast growing competitive world. With woman hood, we come across a lot of hurdles, complications, issues and responsibilities. We need to handle and balance them all in our life. For this we should strength our heart, mind, and body, which differ from woman to woman.

Being a woman itself means being a strong personality. Womanhood needs strength and good presence of mind to tackle every situation and handle the family, work and world. Being a women we have to take responsibility for our life and for what we want from that life. Sometimes, we are afraid, but we need to tackle with our fear and go beyond it to define the strength of womanhood.

I am proud to be a woman and enjoy womanhood. I especially enjoy the challenges that I get every day from this world and accept them on a good note. I love working hard to achieve my goals and prove to the world that I am not less than a man. We need to have a goal and keep working towards it in life. Irrespective of our gender, we can achieve it. Just believe in yourself and keep doing good deeds. One day, you will be known to the world for your hardship, firm belief, strength and confident personality.

Before I conclude, I would like to thank Neha from, Deepali from amd Anubhuti from for giving me a chance to be a part of their blogger train for womanhood celebrations. Further, I would like to thank Simran for introducing and linking me to the blog train.

Happy Women's Day!!

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

One Stop Online Shop For Women Dresses ft.

March 15, 2018 6 Comments
Hello everyone!!
In today's fast growing world, no one wants to stay behind when it comes to fashion. But what is fashion? Fashion means to wear clothes in which you feel comfortable. You should wear dresses that makes you feel comfortable. Now-a-days, buying things online is the latest trend. Have you ever thought of buying clothes online? No? Then you need to check out

About Craftsvilla
Craftsvilla focuses on everything ethnic. It connects the local artisans and designers with the customers all over India. It captures the essence of India and caters to the diverse preferences of the customers. It makes sure that the customers have a great online shopping experience. is the best online marketplace to shop ethnic wear that is affordable and of good quality too. You can shop from the entire range of ethnic products like Salwar Suits, Sarees, Kurtis, Lehengas, Party Dresses, Gowns, Men's Kurtas, Jewellery and Accessories.

Women Clothing
We all love to wear different styles of clothing to flaunt in our every day life as well as on special occasions. Let us have a look at few dresses!

Salwar Suits
You will get a wide range of salwar suits at The range is available in different styles, colours, materials and sizes. You can get the best dresses at a reasonable prices, according to your preferences. So, why wait for long? Shop the entire range at Dresses.

Saree is the traditional dress of India. Most of the Indian women love to wear sarees in different styles. helps you to select from all the available materials like silk, cotton, handloom, net, chanderi, polycotton, denim, chiffon, crepe, nylon, georgette, etc.

Bottom Wear
Sometimes, we have the top wear and need to search for matching bottom wear. is again the best place to get matching bottom wear. You can shop the best matching bottom Ethnic Wear from plazzos, salwars, pants, leggings, churidaars, skirts, etc. The size chart available with each clothing helps you to find the best fit for your body.

Men Clothing
Why women should flaunt their best style when gives equal variety of menswear? You can shop from the wide range of Sherwanis, Kurtas-Pyjamas, Jackets, Coats,  Sweaters, Jumpsuits, Dhotis, Bottoms, Pants, etc.

How to Shop Online?
People often think that buying clothes online is really difficult as they would not get proper sizes, colours, materials, etc. But has made your online shopping experience really easy. You can select your preferences from the below given options.

Step 1: Visit the Website.
Step 2: Type your preference in the Search Box.
Step 3: Select the category that you want from the By Category heading.

Step 4: After selecting the category, you can select the price range from the Price heading.
Step 5: You can even select the colour preference from the Colour heading. This helps you to see what you want and save time from scrolling from all the available colours.

Step 6: Being an online store, Craftsvilla gives you the access to the exclusive discount as you get at offline stores. So, you can select the best range of discount from Discount category and have amazing shopping experience.

Step 7: Put your selected items in the cart, checkout and complete the payment and delivery details to complete the order.

That's all! You will receive your package within 7-20 days.

Isn't this easy? You get to select your favourite ethnic wear by sitting at home or office without facing any hassles. Enjoy shopping with!!

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

What to Gift on Women's Day?

February 28, 2018 8 Comments
Hello everyone!
The world is incomplete without women, so let's make this Women's Day special for the women's in your life. You might be confused with a question in your mind - What to Gift on Women's Day? Today, I am sharing a few ways by which you can make every women in your life feel special on International Women's Day (8th March).

1. Flowers
Who doesn't love flowers? Flowers are the most usual and traditional gifts. Whenever nothing gets in our mind then we end up buying flowers for special occasion. You can select from the different varieties of flowers and colours. You can opt for single flowers, bouquets or potted flowers.
Photo credit Pexels

2. Handwritten Note

What can be better and touchy than a self written note? A handwritten note gives a personal touch on a special occasion. You can pen down your feelings and expressions in your handwriting on a nice coloured paper. You can also add little scent on the paper so that whenever the person open it, it gets an amazing fragrance that soothes the nerves.
Photo Credit Pixabay

3. Handmade Stuff
You can add a personal touch to making Women's Day special by creating some handmade stuff like picture collage, jewellery, soaps, cards, etc. I persoanlly love receiving handmade stuff, so I always present special women's in my life with handmade stuff. Try it this year and see an extraordinary smile on your women's face!
Photo Credit Pixabay

4. Books or Movie Tickets
Books are best friends, so you can gift a nice novel or an informative book that would be a good read. You can even ask beforehand about book genre choices to select the best book for gifting. Apart from a book, you can even gift movie tickets. Plan a nice movie date with her friends and gift them a special evening!
Photo Credits Pexels
5. Anti-Ageing Treatment
For women's above the age of 30 years, anti-ageing treatment can be the best gift. Recently, I came across the anti-ageing treatment at StemGenn Therapeautics. Dr. Prabhu Mishra, CEO of StemGenn Therapeutics, has been very concerned about the issues that people face after 30. So, he has made it possible for people to go through painless treatments and slow the ageing process. They are giving special 20% off this International Women's Day, so book your appointment now at

Read more about Stemgenn here!

These are the affordable gifts that can be given to every women, so select the best one for your women and make International Women's Day special this year.

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I would love to thank Jhilmil Bhansali for giving me an oppurtunity to be a part of A day to Celebrate Womanhood Blog Train. Further, I would thank Dipika for mentioning and linking me through her blog. She has written a beautiful post covering her views on changing perspective on Women. Further, I am handing over this blog train to Snehlata - A Mother, Lifestyle blogger, Traveler, Foodie, Micro Biologist and Lecturer. She is an amazing lady, who loves to share her amazing thoughts and advice on parenting.

Happy International Women's Day!!

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

'O' the Hand and Toilet Seat Sanitizer Review | Hygiene | Health | Free from Germs

February 18, 2018 14 Comments
Hello everyone!
How important is primary health? It is very important. We should take care of health and hygiene at the primary stage to avoid getting germs. How can primary health be maintained?  We can maintain it by taking care of our hygiene at the first stage. My primary stage of health and hygiene starts with sanitizers. Whenever I am travelling in or out of the town, I always carry sanitizers. Recently, I came across 'O' the Hand Sanitizer and 'O' the Toilet Seat Sanitizer from LB Industries. I am impressed with the safe packaging and the quality of the product, so let me tell you more about them.

'O' The Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer has been a must these days. Sometimes, while travelling we don't get access to soap and water, so I use a hand sanitizer to keep my hands free from dirt and germs. I love the way LB Industries have bring in the hand sanitizer in individual sachets that can easily fit in your pocket, bag or purse. The most special feature of these hand sanitizers is that they are enriched with Moisturiser. So, your hands would be clean as well as soft and moisturised after using this sanitizer.

Packaging: The hand sanitizer comes in a zip lock packet that contains 50 sachets. The sachets can be easily teared off and used.

Colour and Texture: The hand sanitizer is transparent in colour and the texture is thick.

How To Use? : You need to Tear the Sachet from one corner and Take Out the Sanitizer on your hand. Spread the sanitizer on the inner hands and apply it on the back side of your hands too. And you are done!!

Quantity : 50 sachets

Price : Rs. 100/-

Shelf Life : 2 years

Availability : You can buy it from Amazon (Click Here).

'O' The Toilet Seat Sanitizer
Toilet Seat Sanitizer helps you to overcome the fear of using dirty public toilets. This spray sanitizer not only sanitizes the toilet seats, it also sanitizes door knobs, flush handles, toilet floor, etc. So, this is not only useful in toilets, it is also useful in public areas where you don't want to touch door handles, etc.

Packaging: It comes in a handy spray bottle that can easily fit in your purse or bag.

Colour and Texture: The toilet seat sanitizer spray is transparent in colour.

How To Use? : Shake the bottle well before opening it. Then spray it on the toilet seat or the required place from a distance of 7-8 inches. And the place would be sanitized within 10 seconds!!

Quantity : 40 ml

Price : Rs. 110/-

Shelf Life : 36 months

Availability : You can buy it from Amazon (Click Here).

I would rate both the products 5/5. Grab your hygienic sanitizers and be safe and free from germs on the go.

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