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About the Brand

Esme Organics is a brand by Vidhi Savani. Vidhi is working really hard to get the best products for our skin. She believes in using fresh and natural ingredients to make handmade products. Her products are effective and unique too. She is stuck to the main goal to give the latest and finest ingredients in her products that are good enough to our skin. With all her dedication and hard work, she has the best handmade soaps that look after the skin and does not harm them.

Know the Product

When I went through Esme Organics Instagram then I went through a lot of nice handmade soaps. Then I stuck to the Rose shaped handmade soap. Rose is a flower of love, so I thought that my skin would love this Rose soap. And I must admit, I am very impressed with this soap.


✔️The soap has rose extract that makes the skin glowing.
✔️There is almond oil in the soap that moisturises the skin and helps to maintain the pH balance.
✔️The most important thing is the presence of oats in the soap. Oats cleans the skin and removes all the dead skins.
✔️The fragrance of the soap is really pleasing.
✔️The soap doesn't lathers much like some other handmade soaps, so it won't be finished within a few days.
✔️The soap would work for at least 12 baths for one person.
✔️The soap would leave your skin smelling great as well as soft to touch.
✔️As you keep on using it, you would see the oats and still have the rose fragrance. It means that the soap is made of enough of the ingredients, that is a great factor.
✔️As you keep on taking bath with this soap your skin would feel great.
✔️It will keep the odour away from your body.
✔️It will also keep the fungus and bacteria away from your body. (This is skin friendly specially for people who are allergic.)

My Experience On The Product

When I received the courier, I was really impressed. The packaging was very good. The soap was packed in a white outer packet on which the details were written. When I opened the packet, the soap was nicely packed in bubble wrap. There were two layers of bubble wrap, which protected the soap from breaking (As courier people don't handle products with care). Then the soap was covered with thin plastic paper.

When I opened the packaging, the fragrance of the soap filled my nose and mind with pleasure. I must admit the fragrance is really good. Then I looked at the soap and found out a lot of oats in it. The soap does not contain any harmful products. It contains all the natural products.

When I took bath with this soap, it did not lather too much (this would save our skin). As and when you apply the soap on your skin, you can feel the softness. After the bath the soap would leave your skin sift and smooth. The soap will also protect your skin from harsh water chemicals (this is my take as I tested this with chlorine and salty water too). You won't feel the need to use any after cream or talc powder. Your skin would be fresh and glowing (I have tested it for 5 days and saw positive results).

I would also like to mention my mother's take on this soap too. My mother cannot stand in front of gas stove for too long as she cannot stand summers. But the first day when my mother took bath with this soap, she did not feel any allergy. She infact was feeling very nice. She also told me that she used to apply talc powder every day, but after bathing with this soap she skipped it as she did not feel the need. The soap fulfilled the need of the talc powder too. Isn't this wonderful that a soap can fulfill so many needs??

I am going to order this soap in bulk and I admit that this is the best handmade soap that I have ever used.


The Rose and Oats soap was for Rs. 150/-

Where to Buy?

Esme Organics have a varierty of soaps like Rose and Oats, Charcoal, etc. You can have a look at their Instagram page to know about their products.

For order, you can check out Esme Organics Instagram page and DM them (Click here).

I would give a 10/10 to this product.

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Amrit Kaur (Amy)


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  2. I'm not a diehars fan of soaps frankly. I prefer Bath Powders/Ubtans anyday because of the sheer transparency in their composition and also the multitude of ways one can make do of them. That being said, to each his own. Not everyone has the patience to sit with an Ubtan applied for 10-15 mins 😅

    1. Yeah, no one has that patience. But you can try out Esme Organics soaps as they are natural and pure.
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