Maybelline The Colossal Liner

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While searching for beauty products during the Amazon Great Indian Sale, I got my hands on Maybelline The Colossal Liner Pen. I have a lot of trust and hope from Maybelline products as the brand name is enough in itself for the faith. Now, let us see what this product has in treasure for us.

About the product

Maybelline Colossal Liner is an eyeliner with a brush tip applicator. It has a 0.4 mm Flexi Tip Applicator which enables error-free and quick application. This line is empowered with Ink-pigment technology that provides stunning, defining lines as well as intense black colour.


  • It is like a sketch pen with thin tip.
  • The liner is easy to apply.
  • As you apply, it dries up within seconds.
  • The tip of the eyeliner is designed to prevent mistakes.
  • It gives a smooth line while you apply it.
  • It stays on for 12 hours with a long-lasting finish.
  • It gives an intense black finish.
  • It does not fade away, thanks to the ink pigment technology that went into the creation of this eyeliner.

How To Apply?

Just draw the drama lines on your eyes as you draw a line with a pen or sketch pen.
You can use the brush applicator for different thickness of lines. 

Here are a few types of lines which I created to show you what you can experiment on.

My Take On The Product

  • I had tried this product and I am very impressed with it. 
  • This eyeliner helps you to create and error-free lines. 
  • When I applied it, it is an easy-go for me. 
  • It is better than liquid eyeliners or pencil eyeliners for the beginners for sure. 
  • It is smudge-proof as it did not get off from my eyes. 
  • It stayed on my eyes for 10 hours. 
  • The black colour was as it is from the beginning till the last second of the 10th hours, so it if fade-proof
  • It is waterproof, but if you apply a lot of water, it can go off easily.
  • It is not like some other eyeliners that make your eyes black while wiping them off.
  • You can add any kind of drama on your eyes easily and quickly.
For me it is a definite must have in the make-up kit. I will always keep it in my bag from now on. Thanks Maybelline for a treat for my eyes.


MRP is Rs. 425.
You can buy this at a discounted rate from Amazon (Rs. 318) or Nykaa (Rs. 340).

Where To Buy?


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Amrit Kaur (Amy)


  1. Sounds like an amazing product ❤😍

  2. now this is for people like me who cannot draw a perfect line on eyes :p

    1. Yeah!! This is a great pen and makes drawing wings easy.

  3. Liner glides on smoothly. This makes blending super.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. This one is my favorite an the results like you said is amazing

    Bushra from AllAboutTheWoman Blog

  5. i did buy the product but was unsatisfied with the results.

    1. Oh! I am happy with the results and bought the second pen too.

  6. I think it might be quite a help for me. i can never draw those perfect lines.

  7. I really like felt tip liners. It is best for beginners.

  8. For sure this is the best product I have used so far.

  9. i love this liner ! it is the best one in this budget

  10. I remember using this as soon as it was launched.


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