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Now-a-days, as technology is growing, people have switched over from writing to typing. But still I prefer writing over typing when I am writing my thoughts, making blog notes or noting down anything important.

I am a writer since my school days and I love to pen down my thoughts and feelings. Today, I am reviewing Matrikas women’s journal.

About the Brand
The first thing that I loved about the brand was its tag line.
Matrikas is a brand name of SFA Print (P) Ltd. This was launched in 2011 by its parent company ‘SRINIVAS FINE ARTS’. They have 47 years’ experience in printing field. Isn’t this good? A printing company selling the best paper products.

About the Product
Matrikas has launched number of Woman’s Journals like:

1. Butterfly (Pink Colour)
2. Dragon Fly (Black)
3. Feather (Red)
4. Fish (Blue)

I received Woman’s Journal (Feather) and I loved it. This journal has a hard red cover with feather printed on it. The cover is rounded from corners. There are lined as well as blank pages inside the journal. There are some interesting pages too for you. Read further to know about them.

What’s Inside?
  • Lined Pages
  • Blank Pages
  • 8 Adult Colouring Pages
  • Stickers for Creative Writing
  • Pouch on The Back Cover
  • Elastic for Safe Locking
  • Pen Holder

The Inside Tour
1. First is the Information page.

2. Second is a brief about the journal.

3. Then you have few lined pages to write in.

4. After turning a few pages, you will reach a drawing page. Yes, you read it write. This journal has drawings pages too. You can fill the drawings with your favourite colours.

5. When you turn the drawing page, you will see 3 blanks pages. These pages say ‘Scribble Your Heart Away…’ So, you can draw or write whatever you feel like in these pages.

6. Next you will have the lined pages, drawing pages and blank pages in the same order.

7. When you will reach the last pages of the journal, you will see some stickers. Isn’t this journal a complete package? You can use these stickers for creative writing.

8. There is a pouch on the back cover along with elastic band for safe locking.

9. You also have a pen holder where you can keep your pen safely.

My Experience on the Product
When I received the product, I was happy as the cover was of my favourite colour (RED). I am into writing field, so I know what paper quality is good or bad. I must say that the paper quality of this woman journal is good.

As I turned the pages, I started loving this journal. When I saw the drawings pages, I thought that my weekends are set now. I love colouring, so now I have 8 pages to be filled with colours.
There are a few blank pages too in the journal, so what should I scribble there? I thought for quite some time and then I got what I wanted to do. Want to see? Check out the below picture. I made a doodle on the blank page.

The stickers are really cool and I love them. I love using stickers. So, for me this journal is a complete package. I can write, draw, colour and stick in this journal. Isn’t this enough? But wait, you have a small pouch too that can help you keep some important notes or letters in it. You can even bookmark your pages with the satin bookmark in the journal.

I am in love with this journal and I am going to buy this every year for sure. I love to jot down my notes, thoughts, work points, so now I can enjoy doing that. And I secure my journal with elastic secure lock too.

Thank you Matrikas for sending me this wonderful woman’s journal. This has made my life quite easy.

Price and Availability
This woman’s journal is priced at Rs. 450.
You can buy their products from Matrikas website (Click here).
Matrikas products are also available Amazon (Click here).

I would give a 9/10 to this product. 

I hope you like the review!

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Amrit Kaur (Amy)


  1. Love that some people still use pen & paper... i love that!

  2. amazing write up... and love the way they have customized

  3. Oh! I'm still so much fond of paper journal
    Would anyday prefer a notebook over anything else

  4. Paper journals remind me of the 90's growing up years where times were simpler and kids were allowed to be that kids.
    This journal looks sensational. Loves your review

  5. It is such a great initiative to write it up on paper. Loved the scribbling done by you.

  6. A Fantastic brand strategies, design of brand and innovative.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Like it though feel it is a bit pricy


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