Greenberry Organics MudAsh 3 in 1

Hello everyone,

I am here to review the first product of Greenberry Organics that I received few days back.

This is the first time I have tried this brand and I am in love with it.

Now-a-days, due to increasing rate of pollution everyone wants to have clean and clear skin. It is very difficult to try out homemade skincare recipes to maintain our skin. Everyone is now investing in ready made products that are natural and safe for the skin. So, today I am reviewing a product that is really helpful in maintaining clean and clear skin that two in a few minutes.

Let’s me first introduce the founder and the brand.
About the Brand Greenberry Organics
Arjoon Mehra is the Founder of the Natural, Unconventional and Effective brand named as Greenberry Organics. He has his post-graduation from XLRI, Jamshedpur. While he was in college he learned the art of Organic and Natural cosmetic making in a nearby village. This village worked to support the education of the girl’s of that village. Arjoon was impressed by them and he went further to explore this field. Then he came across the power of Ayurveda. This urged him to create a natural and organic brand for skin and body care products.

Why should you use Greenberry Organics products?
The products prepared at Greenberry Organics have real essential oils, fruit and vegetable oils and extracts. The products are certified and licensed manufactured under Ministry of Ayush, Government of India. They use only Fair Trade certified ingredients that are safe, natural and certified. Each batch of products are certified by a dermatologist before it comes out for sales.

About MudAsh 3 in 1
By now, you all have understood that the product is natural and skin-friendly. So, what is MudAsh 3 in 1. As the name says, this is a natural and organic paste of ingredients that can be used as three ways.
1. It can be used as a cleanser.
2. It can be used as a scrubber.
3. It can be used as a mask.

Ingredients of Mudash 3 in 1
Aqua, Kaolin, China Clay, Glycerine, Aloe Vera, Bentonite Powder, Turmeric Powder, Jojoba Oil, Activated Charcoal Powder, Jojoba Beads, Tea Tree Oil, Clove Oil, Vitamin C and E, Fragrance, Zinc Oxide, Isopropyl Myristate, Pentavitin and Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate

Ten Benefits of MudAsk 3 in 1
1. MudAsh 3 in 1 is based on AYURVEDA based modern apothecary blend of unique NATURAL compounds.

2. It deep cleanses your skin due to the presence of (up to) 40% activated charcoal.

3. It removes cleans pores, blackheads and whiteheads.

4. It helps you to have clean, soft and spot free skin from the first use.

5. It is a boon for people with oily and combination skin. Kaolin and Bentonite clay present in this product heals the oily skin and removes dirt from the facial skin.

6. It is filled with the goodness of anti-bacterial and antifungal Tea Tree oil.

7. The presence of Chamomile extracts helps the skin to relax.

8. It is paraben free and sulphate free product.

9. It can be used by people who have normal to oil skin.

10. This is a unisex product and hence can be used by men as well as women.

How to use?
You can use this product in three ways:

Step 1: Wet your face with water.
Step 2: Take sufficient amount of MudAsh in your palm and spread on the hands.
Step 3: Gently massage with the MudAsh on your face for 1 minute.
Step 4: Wipe it with a wet cotton cloth or wash off with water.
Step 5: Dab with a dry towel. Use toner to keep the pores closed.

Step 1: Wet your face with water.
Step 2: Take sufficient amount of MudAsh and gently massage on your face in circular motions.
Step 3: Keep scrubbing for 2 or 3 minutes to take off the dead layer from the skin.
Step 4: Wash with water and lock the pores with a toner.

Step 1: Wet your face with water.
Step 2: Apply a thick layer the MudAsh on your facial skin.
Step 3: Let it dry for 10 minutes. Don’t exceed 10 minutes.
Step 4: Wipe it with a wet cotton cloth or wash off with water.
Step 5: Dab with a dry towel. Close the pores with a toner.

Few of my Experiments
1. I used it as a cleanser, scrubber and mask on my face.

2. I also used this on my arms. I had got tanned arms, so tried using MudAsh. I was shocked to see that it removed most of the tanning in one go.

3. I also used little amount of MudAsh in my hair pack. I had mixed it along with hibiscus powder, henna and honey to get the benefits of the ingredients. I cannot tell the exact results as I had used little amount, but yes my scalp was clean and hair smelt good.

My Experience on the Product
I had seen many people using this product, so as I received the product, I was excited to try it. MudAsh 3 in 1 came in a safe packaging. This 100 grams product is stored in a glass jar with a plastic cap. I loved the packaging.

The MudAsh 3 in 1 is a green thick paste. As you swipe or dig your finger in the paste, you will notice that is has some granules too. This shows that the product has not been blended too much; hence the effectiveness of the ingredients is not lost. It has a good and little strong fragrance of the essential oils used in it.

I could not stop myself from using it, so I started using the same day I received it. I used it as a cleanser, mask and scrubber. The result for each use is different. But when you use it for first time, you will see the difference. I used it twice a week. You should never exceed the usage more than twice a week.

As you have read that I used it in many ways, so I have seen benefits in each use. For long lasting results you have to keep using it for few weeks.

First use: My skin felt clean and tan free.

Second use: My skin was clear and soft.

Third use: It controlled the appearance of oil on my T-zone.

Fourth use: It has reduced the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads on my skin.

So, my last verdict is that this is a must try product. This product has reduced my monsoon season skin problems by 50 % within 4 uses. You should go for this organic MudAsh 3 in 1 to have a problem-free skin. When you start using this product, you will fall in love with it as you use it. I am restocking this jar and going to reuse it.

What are you waiting for? Order this natural miracle jar and enjoy its benefits.

Storage and Shelf Life
Always do a patch test before using any new product.

This product has natural products, so colours may change in different seasons.
Store it in cool dry place.

Keep out of the reach of children. Not to be used internally.

If contact with eyes, rinse with cool water immediately.

It has a shelf life of 24 months, but it needs to be used within 2 months after opening.

Price and Availability
This comes in a 100 grams jar with the MRP of Rs. 595.

You can also get this product from Amazon (Click Here) at a discounted rate.

I would give a 9/10 to this product.

I hope you like the review!

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