My Two Favourite Summery Nail Enamels

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Let me tell you about my two favourite summery nail enamels.

Summer is the time to flaunt all the shades - bright as well as soft. For a nail freak like me, I try and test every colour on my nails and then make a list of my best shades. This summers I added two shades and new brands in my list. Let me introduce the brands first.

1. Debelle Gel Nail Enamel
2. Jaquline USA One Stroke Premium Nail Enamel

This is how these nail enamel's look on the nails.

Now, let me brief you about my experience on these brands.

DeBelle Gel Nail Enamel
DeBelle has launched gel based nail enamel with high-pigmentation formula. This gel nail enamel makes your nails look beautiful and bright. I have painted my nails with Bright Shimmer Red Shade. This nail shade gives matte and glossy finish to the nails. This is long lasting nail enamel that does not harm your nails.
Shade: Bright Shimmer Red Shade
Quantity: 8 ml
Price: Rs. 295/-

Jaquline USA One Stroke Premium Nail Enamel
Jaquline USA has launched one stroke gel finish nail enamels. These nail enamels strengthen your nails. I have painted my nails with High Hopes J08 Shade. This nail enamel gives voluptuous gel finish and shine. This is long lasting nail enamel that gives you pretty nails in just one stroke.
Shade: High Hopes J08
Quantity: 8 ml
Price: Rs. 199/-

Jaquline USA Nail Hardener
Jaquline USA has launched also launched nail hardener. This is an instant nail hardener that helps you maintain healthy nails. If your nails chip off or break easily, this is the correct choice for you.

Just apply one coat of this nail hardener twice a week to get best results. This will give a shine as well as protect your nails. I have used it for 15 days and my nails are stronger than before.

You can even use it as a base coat or a top coat. Just apply it as a base before applying the nail enamel. When the nail enamel dries, apply as a top coat. This will help your nail enamel stay for long too.
Shade: Transparent
Quantity: 12 ml
Price: Rs. 249/-

How do I apply nail enamel?
Step 1: Remember to shake the nail enamel well before use.
Step 2: I use Jaquline USA Nail Hardener on clean nails as a base coat.
Step 3: Then I apply the first coat of nail enamel and let it dry.
Step 4: I apply another coat (if needed) for long lasting results.
Step 5: Now, I top it with Jaquline USA Nail Hardener as a top coat.

I am in love with these two nail enamel shades. They give a new professional manicure look to your nails. So, try these two shades and flaunt your beautiful nails this season.

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