Song of India Ivory Musk Handmade Glycerin Soap with Loofah

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We all take bath every day to keep our body clean and free from dirt. What if you can keep your body clean as well as scented with soap? Want to know how? Read further to know about a wonderful product from ‘Song of India’.

About Song of India
Song of India is an exporter of fragrant products overseas from around last 30 years. This brand maintains the highest standards of quality in each product.  The formulations of fragrances of their premium ranges are kept as a secret, but they are passed on from one generation to the next.
They have recently launched in the Indian market with exclusive ranges for the customers. You can also visit their online website for the products list. You can also visit their store - Ishana, at the Duty Free of T3 Delhi International airport.

Their Commitment To Society
Song of India says,

“We feel proud that our business is now supporting more than ten thousand families in India.”

A portion of the sales of their products goes to support over 30 underprivileged boys and girls living in the villages of Rajasthan. They have promised these children to keep helping them as long as they continue their education. Some of the students have graduated high school and are continuing on to higher education.
All "Song of India" children have taken the oath "I will help at least one poor child in his/her education after I become self-dependent." Isn’t this wonderful?

Why Buy Their Products?
1. Song of India products are eco-friendly and handmade.
2. Their products have sustainable ingredients.
3. They take great care and effort to formulate and design natural products that are free from harmful chemicals.
4. Their products have nice fragrance that gives an experience of relaxing and soothing ambience of a spa in your home.
5. Their fragrant products go a long way in uplifting and calming the body, mind and soul.

About Ivory Musk Handmade Glycerin Soap with Loofah
I received their Ivory Musk Glycerin Soap (100gm) in a box with a Loofah.

Ingredients : Vitamin E, Essential oils, Amla, Aloe vera extracts and Glycerin

Features: This is a handmade glycerin soap that gently cleans your body by maintaining the pH balance. It moisturises your skin and gives a calming fragrance after bath.

My Experience on the Product
When I received the courier from Song of India, I was impressed. This brand not only has eco-friendly products, but their packaging was also eco-friendly. I received the products in an eco-friendly handbag. There was a personalized letter too. The letter was made of khadi material and was inside a nice khadi printed envelope.

As I opened the packaging, my room was filled with fragrance of the products. The fragrance was so wonderful that my mind and soul was calm and relaxed. This made the trust in the brand more firm. I got good vibes as what the brand claims, it fulfills that too.
Now, let me tell you about the soap and loofah. They come in a nice printed box that can be reused. The soap is packed with a layer of plastic wrap. The loofah was wrapped in an eco-friendly paper.

The soap is surely handmade and free from chemicals. It is yellow in colour and translucent too. When I took the soap in my hand, I could get a nice soothing fragrance. The fragrance is so pleasing that I felt like taking bath the entire day, but of course this is not possible.

When you wet the soap, you will notice that it doesn’t lather too much like a few other handmade soaps. This is a plus point as the soap will last long. My skin was clean as well as moisturized after using this soap. I have sensitive skin and this soap gave a nice protective layer on my skin. The soap has luxe fragrance that is sensuous and captivating.
You can use the handmade loofah with the soap thrice a week to clear and exfoliate your skin properly. This loofah is not at all harm to the skin. I rarely use loofah as my skin is sensitive, but I can use this loofah daily too. It is gentle on the skin and serves its purpose well. I have been using the soap and loofah from a week and I skin is soft as a baby’s skin.
So, I would conclude by saying that if you want a spa-like experience at home, buy Song of India soaps. They are made with pure ingredients and are gentle on any type of skin.

Price and Availability
Price: Rs. 325 for 100gm Soap and Loofah Box
Availability: You can buy from their website (Click here).
You can also buy from Amazon (Click Here).

They ship the products pan India via their website. 
Their products are also available at the store -Ishana, at T3 Delhi international airport.

You can buy more of their fragrant products like: 

I would give 10/10 to this product. It is a must try!

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  9. This looks like a must try product. I really love the colour of soap bar. Its so gorgeous and natural.

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  13. I was waiting for this post since you unboxed the song of India package 😻

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