The Dazzle Splendour Box for the Month of July

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Now-a-days, many subscription boxes have come up in the market. What are subscription boxes? These are boxes that you can subscribe and get every month at a fixed price. These boxes give you products at a minimal price. In all this is a great deal as you save your money.
Let’s come to the review of the Dazzle Box.

About Dazzle Box
Dazzle box is a new startup that has been started by a college going girl, Deepali Verma. She is a shopaholic and a beauty lover, so she thought of bringing out the best products for beauty lovers like her. She also has two of her friends who are helping her out in all the work.

Dazzle Boxes
Dazzle Box has launched three boxes:

Mini Dazzle Box
Price: Rs. 399
Contents: It contains 4-5 Beauty Products

Teenie Weenie Box
Price: Rs. 750
Contents: Beauty and Jewellery products worth Rs. 1800

The Splendour Box
Price: Rs. 1450
Contents: Beauty and Jewellery products worth Rs. 2600

*Shipping might be applicable.

The Splendour Box
I received ‘The Splendour Box’ from Dazzle Box. This is their luxury box that has the products of Rs. 2500+. So, let’s open the box and see what is inside it.
When I received the box, it was not in a very good condition. But when I opened the box, I was impressed as the contents were secure inside so many newspaper cutouts. The whole packet was nicely packed inside a bubble wrap.

What I received?
First thing I saw was a pretty orange envelope. It had a letter for me written by Deepali. It also had two more papers – one was the bill of the box and one was the list of products that I have received.

Let me not waste any time and show you the products.

1. Valinta Choco Coffee Facial Kit
Valinta Choco Coffee Facial Kit is a 5-step facial kit that gives the goodness of choco coffee to your skin. It has the goodness of avocado oil, vitamin E, peppermint oil, coffee powder, wheat germ oil, almond oil, aloe vera and chandan powder. The kit contains:
15 grams of Face Cleanser
15 grams of Face Scrub
15 grams of Face Cream
15 grams of Face Gel
20 grams of Face Pack
Price: Rs. 210
Shelf Life: 36 months

2. Valinta Facewash
Valinta Neem Face Wash is a soap free gentle cleanser with granules. It contains neem extract, tea tree oil and aloe vera. It is also a suitable for acne-prone skin.
Price: Rs. 55
Quantity: 70 grams
Shelf Life: 36 months

3. Fuschia Anti-Hair Loss Serum
Fuschia Anti-hairloss Serum is SLS, Paraben and Cruelty free product. It reduces hair loss and boost hair growth too.
Price: Rs. 1250
Quantity: 30 ml
Shelf Life: 24 months

4. Organique Rose Handmade Soap
Organique Rose Handmade Soap is filled with the goodness of rose and essential oils. It smells exactly like rose and nourishes and moisturizes your skin.
Price: Rs. 250
Quantity: 100 grams
Shelf Life: Use it as per your convenience

5. Organique Handmade Lip Scrub
Organique Handmade Lip Scrub is a strawberry flavoured lip scrub. It is a natural product that makes your lips smooth, soft and supple. And it smells heavenly good.
Price: Rs. 200
Quantity: 15 grams
Shelf Life: Use it soon after opening

6. Oriflame Lipstick
Oriflame Lipstick is a chemical-free lipstick. I received a mini lipstick in the shade Coral Rose. It is a nice, glossy (little) shade.
Price: Rs. 229
Quantity: 2.5 grams
Shelf Life: 36 months

7. Eye Shimmer/Glitter
Eye Shimmer/Glitter is a glitter that can be used on top of the eye shadow. I received the golden glitter shade.
Price: Rs. 60
Quantity: 2-5 grams
Shelf Life: Use it as per your convenience

8. Avlon Velvet Matte Nail Enamel
Avlon Velvet Matte Nail Enamel is a matte nail enamel that gives a nice look to your nails. I received pink shade of nail enamel.
Price: Rs. 65
Quantity: 10 ml
Shelf Life: Use it as per your convenience

9. Earrings
Fashion Earrings are light-weight earrings that can be worn with your every day look.
Price: Rs. 50

Chandbaali Earrings are beautiful jewellery pieces that can be worn with ethnic wear.
Price: Rs. 100

Handmade Jhumkas are beautifully made jhumkas that you can style with your every day as well as ethnic look.
Price: Rs. 200

So, I received 11 products in The Splendour Box. The total MRP of the box is Rs. 2669. You can get all of these at the price of Rs. 1450. Isn’t this a good deal?
If you do not wish to spend 1450, you can go for the smaller boxes. They will have lesser number of products.

My Experience on The Splendour Box
When I received the courier I was worried as the box was not in a really good condition. But when I opened the box, I was really impressed. The products were nicely and safely bubble wrapped inside lots of newspaper cuttings. All my products were safe.
I loved the Valinta Choco Coffee Facial Kit. I smelled like chocolate after using it. Valinta face wash is good cleanser due to presence of neem in it.
Fuschia is my favourite brand since I used their under eye serum. The products of this brand work pretty well. So, if you have hair loss problems, this is a savior for you.
Organique rose soap and lip scrub are my favourite products. They smell exactly like rose and strawberry respectively.
I love the Oriflame lipstick shade that I received as I am not into dark shades. It gives the true shade on one application. You can apply one more layer, if you want a little darker shade.
The Avlon nail paintand eye glitter are also good products. Though I haven’t used them till now, but will use them in future for sure.
Last but not the least is the earrings that I loved the most, specially the handmade jhumkas. All the earrings are light-weight and beautiful. You can pair them with any outfit – be it jeans-top, skirt-top, suit or saree.
So, the conclusion is that this is a nice box as all the products are useful. Even if you check the prices of the products, they are not overpriced. The Dazzle Box mentioned what the actual price is, so I respect their honesty.

You can buy from their instagram page (Click here).

I would give 9/10 to this box. (Taking 1 point only because of the outer box.)
It is a must buy!
I hope you like the review!
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