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YUP Card! - Why Every College Student Should Get One !

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Spending and saving can be a challenging task for most college students. But how about saving effortlessly, like while eating out in your favorite restaurant or dancing the night away in one of the poshest lounges in the city?

For Adarsh Modi, an alumnus of Manchester Business School, the answer to the above question was a start-up focused on improving students’ life.
Students have always suffered from cash crunch hence they look up to freebies, discount coupons and promotional offers with wide eyes.
The tides are changing though; today’s youth is a lot more advanced, smarter and career-oriented yet few things remain the same – the inclination towards brands, the urge to go to posh restaurants and the endless need to watch out for lucrative discounts and offers.
This very cellular fact about every college student struggling with the “brokeness” triggered the idea of YUP Card – a personalized privilege card program designed exclusively for college students residing in Kolkata and Delhi NCR.

What is YUP Card?
YUP Card is basically a student friendly discount card programme, which aims to make a student’s life easier and affordable, right from having a meal at a fancy place to getting a tattoo done.
“The idea is to make things easy for students and help them survive the broke college days happily. I realized how difficult it becomes for a student to manage everything, right from study pressure to budgeting, hence this initiative,” says Adarsh Modi, founder of YUP Card.

Why Every College Student Should Get One?
One of the key struggles of college students being mentioned already, lets take a look at why every college student should ideally grab on to a YUP card.
In a little more than a year of YUP's existence, the company has managed to get a good foothold in the market, in terms of memberships and brands under its belt.
From 200 top-of-the-line brands to more than a thousand members, stretching from Kolkata and Delhi, the growth has been phenomenal.

Which Brands Does YUP Cover?
When it comes to the selection of the brands, YUP has its very own stringent screening process through which things like the overall appeal of the brand, the popularity, service and relevance is taken into consideration.
Brands like Don Giovanni's, Chicago Pizza, Little Italy, Lizard Skin, Baskin Robbins, Mama Mia, Pour House and Beer Republic, are some of the brands YUP boasts of in Kolkata.

On the other hand when it comes to Delhi, brands like Bunta Bar, Biryani Blues, Boombox Cafe, Chicago Pizza, 1469 Workshop, The Golden Dragon are all under the YUP banner!

Having a YUP Card ensures huge savings at places like these, which would otherwise cost a lot for college students living on pocket allowances.

You can check out the full list of brands and offers in both Kolkata and Delhi here –

Other YUP Initiatives
Apart from theoretically being a privilege card for college students, YUP doubles up the fun by hosting various campaigns and events at the most hip & happening places in town.
From Fresher's Campaigns to Campaigns highlighting the various brands YUP has, to other initiatives which provide students with cards at discounted rates or for FREE are all carried out by YUP!
That being said, YUP organizes super cool events for college students as well, where everything...or well, almost everything is on the house!
The company also has associations with various colleges and has YCAs (YUP Campus Ambassadors) present at these institutions, where during fests and other college events YUP carries out games and other activities exclusively for these students!

Also, since it's the beginning of a new college year YUP wants you to have as much fun as possible!
So, just for fun, you can get your YUP Card only at Rs. 99/- instead of the original price of Rs 499/- just by using the coupon code "YUPBLCS"
But you gotta' buckle up and hurry up too, because this offer is valid only for registrations taking place before the 31st of July!
This is surely a deal you'd not wanna' miss out on!

So, you don't want to miss out on all the fun right?
Saying YUP! To your very own YUP Card is fairly easy too. Just click on the link below and register with all your details and begin the countdown to YUP helping you make your money last longer!

Register at – https://www.yupcard.com/registration


  1. It is a great initiative for consumers . Very Informative post.
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