A TO Z OF PREGNANCY: The Complete Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth

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This is first time I am doing a book review. This book is about A to Z of Pregnancy. Let's me not waste any time and tell you more about this wonderful and informative book.

About the Author
Dr. Bushra Nausheen is a gynecologist by profession. She has 4 years of experience in medical practice. She is a wonderful person who believes in simple living and high thinking mantra. I must tell you that she is a hardworking and very ambitious lady. She works in a hospital and lives with her family in the beautiful city of lakhmipur next to dudhwa national park. She loves to write and her first interest in writing started when her first poem was published in the school magazine. The poem was so nice that she received a lot of appreciation from her teachers. After this she started writing at regular intervals and became an avid and jovial writer. Now, she writes about health, parenting, food, nutrition, and life at her blog www.allaboutthewoman.com.

About her Book
A to Z of Pregnancy is the Complete Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth. Dr. Bushra's motto behind writing this book is to give ample and correct knowledge in entertaining and an easy way. This is the handy book that covers all the topics of pregnancy.

Features of the Book
1. The book contains 78 pages.
2. The book is divided into five sections according to the different phases of pregnancy.

3. Dr. Bushra included many questions that come to a pregnant lady's mind while being pregnant and after pregnancy.
4. This book is written by her professional knowledge as well as experience that she has learnt from her patients.
5. The book is written in a friendly language that enables the reader to understand it easily.
6. There are images too included in the book, so that you get familiar with what happens or what is needed.

My Experience on the Book
I am connected with Dr. Bushra on instagram, so when she posted on her Instagram stories that she is interested in bloggers to review her book, this was the time that I felt that I should do it. I am into writing and designing books, so I get attracted to anything related to books. When I contacted her then she mailed me her PDF copy that I read and now reviewing it.
When I started reading the book, I felt that she has explained the steps and trimester well in an easy language. This guide will help the mom-to-be to get familiar with the terms, steps and happenings while her 9 months journey. This book is a must read for women as it will give you the best and correct information. I love the way she has talked to the point and she didn't go into explaining in doctor's terms (that is difficult for normal human beings to understand).
Overall, this is an informative book that covers points from the first day of pregnancy to the last day. It tells you what to do, how to do, what to eat, how to exercise, how to take care and everything that a women would experience during her pregnancy.
There is only one thing that I think can be improved upon her future books is that the book should be little more presentable. When I gave her the suggestion then I got to know that she had designed this book herself, so she had done an amazing work. Next time, I believe that she will come up with more such informative books for all that help us to understand major things easily.

Price and Availability
The book is available on Amazon Kindle for Rs. 299.
If you have Kindle unlimited membership then you can read it for free too.

I would give this book 8/10. (Taking 2 points only for the presentation as I think it could be more better.)
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  1. Thanks Amrit for so much of love and support
    Amazing and honest review that I'm looking for and Indeed you did it so well
    Review give clear idea about my book Xoxo

  2. I feel this would be a good book to gift it to first time mommies.

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  4. I really like to read books on pregnanacy. This also sounds a nice book on pregnanacy. I would love to gift this book to my sisters who is expecting a baby. Great to know about her. Nice post

  5. I really like to read books on pregnanacy. This also sounds a nice book on pregnanacy. I would love to gift this book to my sisters who is expecting a baby. Great to know about her. Nice post

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