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All of us love to eat yogurt with our meals. What if that yogurt has your favourite flavour in it? Isn’t this interesting? Read on to know about healthy and natural yogurts.

About Epigamia
Drums Food International has launched the ‘healthiest and tastiestGreek yogurt in India. It is a company that has a range of healthy and flavoured yogurts under the name, ‘Epigamia’. The uniqueness of this Greek yogurt is that it does not contain preservatives or any artificial flavours. All the yogurts have the natural taste of the fruit pulp. Epigamia has been on top when it comes to Greek Yogurt as other competitive brands’ Greek Yogurt has additives and preservatives.

Why Greek Yogurt?
Now-a-days, scientific studies have shown evidences stating that friendly bacteria in our gut play a crucial role in our good health. We can get these good bacteria by consuming yogurt. Greek yogurt is a thicker and smoother dahi, in which the excess whey water is drained. Then it undergoes the process of mechanised mixing so that it becomes creamy and smooth. Greek yogurt is a nutrient dense food. It is a healthy product that contains protein and calcium.

The Journey Inside Epigamia Greek Yogurt
Step 1: The milk is standardised at the temperature of 95 degrees Celsius. They take homogenised and pasteurized, low fat cow milk.
Step 2: Then milk inoculation is done. In this select cultures are added to it.
Step 3: Now, is  the stage for Incubation and Curd is set.
Step 4: After this the excess Whey is drained from the curd.
Step 5: Next, the real flavour is added to the curd. Epigamia takes the natural fruit pulp to add to their curd.
Step 6: At last the curd is packed nicely in cups with a seal over them. And then they are dispatched to the customers according to the orders.
Note: Epigamia stores the Greek Yogurt in their warehouse that has proper refrigeration conditions.

Benefits of Epigamia Greek Yogurt
1. It is made from purest cow's milk.
2. It is 100% vegetarian.
3. It contains all the milk protein and is a good source of calcium too.
Note: A 90g serve of Epigamia greek yogurt provides 140mg calcium and and 6g of protein.
4. It is natural in taste and contains the real fruit.
5. It is low fat and low in carbs, hence making it a great product for weight loss or muscle gain.
6. The probiotics present in the curd help in proper digestion and lowers bad cholesterol.
7. It has the live culture of bacteria, that lends it a unique, mildly tangy flavour.
Note: It contains contains S.Thermophilus, Lactobacilus bulgaris.
8. The acidity of the product is controlled by arresting the fermentation process (by freezing) and additionally by removing the whey water.

Different Flavours
They have two categories of products:
1. Yogurts
2. Snack Packs

Yogurts contain the following flavours:
Natural Greek Yogurt

Alphonso Mango Greek Yogurt

Strawberry Greek Yogurt

Wild Raspberry Greek Yogurt

Blueberry Greek Yogurt

Green Apple Greek Yogurt

Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt

Honey Banana Greek Yogurt

Snack Packs contain the following flavours:
Jalapeno Greek Yogurt with Barley Puffs
Cream & Onion Greek Yogurt with Barley Puffs
Mango Greek Yogurt with Chunky Granola
Strawberry Greek Yogurt with Chunky Granola

My Experience
I was happy when I collaborated with Epigamia as my family is a lover of yogurt. This is the only brand whose yogurt I have eaten and loved it. So, let me tell you my experience of loving this brand.
I received three boxes of Epigamia yogurt. Each box had 4 cups of yogurts. They had sent me eight yogurts and four snack packs.
When I took the first scoop of Mango Greek Yoghurt, my taste buds got the original flavour of Alphonso Mango. I thought that I love mangoes, so I am liking this flavour a lot. Next I wanted to try a flavour which I don’t like much, so I tasted the Honey Banana flavour. When I ate this flavor then also I got the exact flavor of honey (less) and banana (more). After having two cups of Epigamia Greek Yogurt I got to believe that this brand has put in real fruit pulp. When you will eat all the flavours, your taste buds will get the real flavour of that fruits.
Next, I tried the Snack Packs. I am being honest here that I didn’t like the two flavours of Snack Packs – Jalapeno and Cream & Onion as they have the real taste and I don’t like these flavours. But my mother loved these two flavours. In fact these are a good option as they have barley puffs or chunky granola along with the Yogurt, so they are healthier. I didn’t eat the two mentioned flavours, but ate the barley puffs and chunky granola that came with these packs.
So, overall the Epigamia Greek Yogurts are healthy and tasty option to snack upon. I am definitely adding them to my munching hours. Now, I don’t need samosas or burger or any other fast food as I have a better and healthier option with me.

"Get your pack of Epigamia Greek Yogurt and get the benefits yourself!"

Price and Availability
Natural Greek Yogurt
Price: Rs. 35
Quantity: 90 ml

Others Greek Yogurts
Price: Rs. 38
Quantity: 90 ml

Cream and Onion Snack Pack
Price: Rs. 50
Quantity: 104 grams

Jalapeno Snack Pack
Price: Rs. 50
Quantity: 105 grams

Strawberry and Mango Snack Pack
Price: Rs. 60
Quantity: 112 grams

Shelf Life: 2 weeks
Storage: All the yogurts need to be stored in the refrigerator at the temperature of less than 4 degree Celsius.

You can buy Epigamia Greek Yogurts from the following online shopping websites. Click on the names to visit the links:

Epigamia Website

Big Basket




As Epigamia says, “For your chotti-si-bhook, Your break time snack,” so grab the pack of Epigamia Greek Yogurt and make your hunger pangs healthy.

It is a healthy option for snacking so I would give 10/10 to this product.

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