MOND'SUB Gold Eye Mask

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In this busy life, sometimes we don't get enough time to pamper ourselves. Hence, we get few skin related problems. Among all the skin problems, one of the major problem is the occurrence of dark circles. This is caused due to lack of sleep, tiredness or some medical reason.
But don't worry I have got a solution for you - MOND'SUB Gold Eye Mask.

About the Brand
MOND'SUB is a brand that makes various masks formulated with the best ingredients to bring out the best results on your skin instantly. Visit MONDSUB to know more.

About the Product
MOND'SUB Gold Eye Mask is formulated with nano gold, botanical ingredients and active elements. They help in moisturising, re-hydrating and regenerating your eye skin instantly. This eye mask is effective and helps in diminishing the formation of fine lines, wrinkles and crow-feet lines, around the eye area. It also helps in reducing eye puffiness and fade away the dark circles with regular use.

Aqua, Glycerin, Collagen, Mushroom Extracts, Allantoin, Ascorbic Acid, Mica, Phenoxyethanol and Fragrance.

How to Use?
Step 1: Clean your face and the eye area with warm water.
Tip: Warm water helps to open the pores for a better effective result.
Step 2: Apply the eye mask under your eye area for about 20-30 minutes.
Step 3: After 30 minutes pick up the mask from your eyes and massage that area with your finger tips.
Step 4: Then rinse with warm water.
Tip: I use it with cold water, so that the open pores are closed.

My Experience
I am a freelancer, so I don't have a fixed time for sleep. Due to this I have dark circles. Thank God they are not too dark. But at right time, I got to know about MOND'SUB brand. This brand has been my saviour. So, I thought to try their Gold Eye Mask.
I received the masks in a nice packaging. When you open the packet then you will find the eye masks in a container. I picked up the eye masks one by one and kept it on my clean face.
After a few minutes, I felt cool, soothing sensation around my eye area. This mask is of good quality. It won't slip off your face even if you walk or keep your face straight. It remains intact to your eyes and keeps on working from the first minute. I let it stay on for 30 minutes. Then took it off and massaged the under eye area for 2 minutes. Then I washed it off with cold water, so that the pores are closed.
Alert : Never reuse the mask. Avoid using it on wound, inflamed and eczema skin
I was surprised to see the results. It had reduced the puffiness under my eyes right after the first use. My eyes felt fresh and awesome. I have been using this regularly now and it has been effective in fading the dark circles and improved my under eye area. It also helps to reduce wrinkles.
Tip: If you want quick results then use this mask every alternative day or 3 times a week.

Price and Availability
It is priced at Rs. 200 for one pair. But, you will always find it in offers on MONDSUB website, so you can get it a t a reasonable price easily. A combo pack is always at a lower price, so when you buy this opt for combo packs.
You can also buy this product from Amazon (Click Here) and Purplle (Click Here).

It is a must buy product as it shows results instantly and effectively.
I would rate it 8/10.

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  1. I love the cooling action of this one :)

  2. Founds expensive for a single use but worth the splurge once in a while.

  3. I feel this was good but can't see a lot of effect in one use.

  4. I wonder, why is this eyes mask so popular now? I am sure that it appeared at least six or more years ago. But, only now, people started using it.


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