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Today, I will be talking about an affordable luxury skincare subscription box. Few days back, I got to know about Reverie Box, so I contacted them on Instagram and then got to know about their boxes. I got the Reverie Feel Luxury Box. Let us explore what is inside the box.

About ReverieBox
“Reverie Box- Keeping your Dreams alive.”
ReverieBox is a luxury box company that brings luxury brands to your doorstep at affordable prices. It was founded in 2016 and had focus on the mission to provide the safest and the highest quality skincare to their customers. They brands associated with them are against animal testing, paraben-free, phthalates-free, formaldehyde-free, sulfates-free and natural.
ReverieBox has a team of beauty experts who are passionate for everything related to the world of beauty, skin and health care. They carefully chose the products through their Inspired Curation process. So, you can have trust on ReverieBox and order the best products of luxury brands.

Products in Reverie Feel Box
Vanavidhi Coconut Natural Face Wash
Ingredients: Coconut Water, Soapnut Extract, Shikakai Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Natural Coconut Oil, Citric Acid, Natural Preservative (Coconut Derived) And Purified Water.
Texture: Thick
Fragrance: Exactly like coconut
Quantity: 30 ml (Sample size)
Price: 990 for 100 ml

Vanavidhi Green Tea Spa Scrub
Ingredients: Green Tea Powder, Green Tea Extract, Salt, Sweet Almond Oil
Texture: Thick with granules
Fragrance: Exactly like green tea with a hint of almond oil
Quantity: 30 ml (Sample size)
Price: 1599 for 150 grams

Varshavan Night Blooming Face Wash
Ingredients: Vitamin E, Night Blooming Jasmine Essential Oil, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Extracts, Shikakai Extract, Citric Acid and Purified Water.
Texture: Thick
Fragrance: Strong Jasmine
Quantity: 30 ml (Sample size)
Price: 1299 for 100 ml

Varshavan Green Tea & Monsoon Flower Face Lotion
Ingredients: Vitamin E, Floral Blend Essential Oil, Green Tea Extracts, Aloe Vera Extracts, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil and Purified Water
Texture: Creamy
Fragrance: Floral Essential Oil with a strong hint of Green Tea
Quantity: 30 ml (Sample size)
Price: 1599 for 150 grams

My Experience on the Product
When I received the Reverie Feel Box then it was a surprise for me. As I opened the packaging, I fell in love with this box as it was nicely packed. The box was tied with a golden ribbon.

I opened the ribbon and there was a nice paper bag with a big heart on it. The heart took all my attention and I didn’t feel like opening the paper bag. But I had to as the products were inside them.

There were four sample size bottles in the paper bag from two brands – Vanavidhi and Varshavan. The bottles were nicely packed in a transparent seal pack.

How to Use?
I used the products of one luxury brand at a time. So, I started with Vanavidhi face wash and scrub. The face wash is nourished with the benefits of coconut oil, so it deep cleaned my skin. Then I used the green tea scrub. There are little granules in the scrub, but it is gentle on your skin. It cleaned all the dirt in the pores and left my skin soft and nourished.
Tip: When you use a scrub then the pores open, so always use a face pack after using it. If you are not using a face pack then use a toner.
I was happy with the results. My face was clean and dirt free after using Vanavidhi product for the first time. So, imagine what wonders it will do if you use it regularly.
Tip: I also used the face wash as a makeup cleaner and it worked well (as it has coconut oil).

Next, I used Varshavan face wash and face lotion. The face wash is enriched with Thai SPA traditions, so it has to be a wonderful product. This face wash cleans the face and leaves it soft as a normal face wash does. But it gives a nice after fragrance. The face lotion has a creamy texture and it blends well into the skin. I use it at night, before I go to sleep and then wake up with soft and smooth skin.
I didn’t find anything special in Varshavan face wash as compared to Vanavidhi face wash. I liked the lotion as it blends well into my oily skin. It is non-greasy and doesn’t leave any residue afterwards.
Tip: Always clean your face with face wash before sleep and apply toner or face lotion. The ingredients work on your skin overnight and give you a glowing skin.

I loved the Vanavidhi products and I am going to buy them in future for sure. I am not much impressed with Varshavan face wash, but I will get the face lotion for sure. Each sample size product will last for 15 days, if you use it twice a day.
I would recommend you to visit ReverieBox and get the box of your choice, so that you could also feel the luxury.

ReverieBox Options
At ReverieBox you have a wide range of subscription boxes to choose from. Here are a few of their current boxes:
Reverie Feel Box - Rs. 449.00         पहाड़ी Edition- The Himalyan Wonders–August Box - Rs. 1,549.00

Bestowal Box - Rs. 990.00               Body Care Luxurious Spa Chemical Detox - Rs. 1,750.00

Bridal Luxe Box - Rs. 7,999.00       Exclusive Treatment Box - Rs. 5,999.00

Gift Reveriebox - Rs. 2,500.00        Hair Care Essentials - Rs. 1,750.00

Luxe Lingerie Box - Rs. 1,599.00   Kitten’s Paw: Pedicure Box - Rs. 990.00

Vana Vidhi Exclusive Gift Box - Rs. 2,250.00

Soft As Snow: Face Of Heaven’s Box - Rs. 1,990.00

3 Month Subscription - Rs. 4,440.00    

6 Months Subscription - Rs. 8,580.00

Yearly Subscription - Rs. 16,980.00

You can buy all the above boxes from ReverieBox Shop (Click Here).

You can even order single products from their Shop (Click Here).

I would give 10/10 to Vanavidhi products.
I would give 7/10 to Varshavan products.
I would give 9/10 to Reverie Feel Box. (+1 for the packaging)

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  2. Awesome products and also seems promising ones. But the products are very costly for me. But seems very effective

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  13. A bit expensive.. also was loiking for a vood facewash but....

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