Curio Subscription Box (Launch Box)

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Now-a-days, people are going crazy for subscription boxes. So, I also grabbed a few of subscription boxes this month. Among my choices, there is a newly launched Subscription Box named as ‘Curio Box’.

The Curio Box
“Be Curious To Grab a Curio Box!”
When I heard about the name of Curio Box then I was really curious to see what they are offering. When they launched their first product then I made up my mind that I have to get it. (Scroll down to see why I was tempted on seeing the first product. I am sure you would too love it.) The Curio Box team is friendly that handles each customer nicely. I was happy to see that they were offering few choices to select from on their first box. (This was a plus point.)
Let’s get onto the products that Curio Box contains.

Products in Curio Box Launch Box
Curio Box offers 8 main products in their launch box along with a surprise gift. The products are as follows:
Floral Print Sling Bag
The star product of Curio Box is this Sling Bag. This sling bag has floral print on the front as well as the back. It is made of hard and good quality material. There is a small chain pocket inside where you can keep few notes or coins. All the products came inside this bag, so it is quite spacious too.
MRP: Rs. 850/-
Customisation: Available in 4 colours (Red, Black, Green and Brown)

Handmade Soap by Curie
This is a heart shaped handmade soap enriched with natural ingredients. The soap is decently priced and it of good quality as compared to other handmade soaps. It lathers less, so it won’t get dissolved really soon. You can easily use it for 15-20 days.
MRP: Rs. 150/-
Quantity: 100 grams
Customisation : Available in three choices (Coffee, Earth and Venus)

Mondsub Masks
The box has two Face Sheet Masks. These masks are effective for our skin and gives instant glow and goodness to our skin. The glow remains on your skin for at least 2 days.
MRP: Rs. 500/- (for both)
Customisation: Not Available as you will get random masks

Now, let’s come to the Jewellery Part of Curio Box.

Handmade Gotta Bangles
The box a pair of gotta bangles. These are pretty bangles which gotta swirled around them.
MRP: Rs. 220/- (for a pair)
Customisation: If available you can select. (Multicolour and single colour)

Oxidised Silver Necklace and Tibetan Earrings
The oxidised silver necklace is a little heavy necklace. It contains nice detailed design on the main necklace and then a chain at the back. The necklace is of good quality and worth getting. It can be worn with any ethnic wear or even a nice gown.
Now-a-days, Tibetan earrings are very famous. They are really pretty earrings with nice design and detailing on them. They can be paired with any silver necklace for a special occasion or can be worn alone with your every day look.
MRP: Rs. 305/-
Customisation: Available (Statement, BOHO and Oxidised Jewellery)
MRP: Rs. 205/-
Customisation: Available (Different styles and shapes of earrings are available)

Surprise Gift
As I was the first customer of Curio Box, so they have sent me two gifts. The first gift is the main box’s gift – A pair of earrings. These are pretty danglers with hanging pearls. They can be paired with your office or every day outing look.
The second gift I received is handmade necklace and earrings set. These are handmade jewellery pieces. They are made of small beads and other handmade stuff.
MRP: Gifts are given from heart and not by value
Customisation: Not Available as you will get random gift.

If you would go in for the paid value of each product then it comes out to be around Rs. 122/- (1099 divided by 9). So, this is actually not a bad deal as you will get 9 products Rs. 2500/- for just Rs. 1099/-.

My Experience on the Product
I was really curious about this box, so I purchased it on seeing their star product. I loved the bag so much that I didn't care about the other products and just ordered it. The floral sling bag is the star product of their first box and it is actually the star as it grabs all the attention.
The box came in a nice packaging with two layers of bubble wrap. All the products were inside the sling bag and were safe. Nothing was hampered or damaged at all. I loved all the products that I got in Curio Box. The soap, bangles and masks are exactly of my choice. I selected the soap myself and the other two products were sent randomly.
The main attraction of the box are the jewellery pieces after the sling bag. We have the option to select the jewellery from available choices like Tibetan earrings, Oxidised Neckalce, Statement Necklace and Boho Necklace. I am not a kind of person who wears heavy jewellery, so I opted to take oxidised jewellery necklace and Tibetan big studs. While selecting the products I didn't notice that I actually made a complete set with these two choices. This is good, as now I can pair them with an ethnic wear.

I received a pair of earrings and a handmade set as surprise git. I love the variety of jewellery pieces that I got in Curio Box. Now, I can pair different styles of jewellery pieces at different occasions. I wished if they had added a ring or a bracelet too. (Just my wish to make a complete jewellery set to match together.)
So, overall this is a great deal to grab. Curio box gives special offers (from time to time), so you can visit their Instagram page (Click Here) and grab the offers before they get stocked out.

From where to Buy?
You can order this box from Curio Box Instagram page (Click Here).

I would rate it 8/10 to this box.

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  15. The sling bag, oxidized jewelry are my favorite from this bag. This box is definitely worth buying...

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