DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer - Sparkling Dust

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As the festive season has arrived, so every woman wants to look beautiful. But have you ever thought of having beautiful nails painted with safe nail enamel? No, just start thinking now as I have answer to this question. Today, I am introducing Debelle Gel Nail Lacquer. I have been using Debelle products from around one year and I have firm faith in this brand.
About the Brand
"Bring out the Beautiful You!"
DeBelle believes in giving safe and wonderful products to their customers. They help you to create a makeover effect through their intensively researched formulas in their products. Their products are created with basic notion to fulfill daily needs. Thus, Debelle has been uniquely formulated by an award winning cosmetologist, constituting active ingredients, by amalgamating nature with technology.

About the Product
Debelle has a wide range of nail enamels ranging from pastels to glossy shades to glittery shades. Let's see what benefits Debelle Nail Lacquer offers!

You will now be having a lot of reasons to try and make Debelle Nail Lacquers your life long friends.
1. The nail paints give salon like gel finish.
2. They are made of safe ingredients that do not harm our nails.
3. They contain Natural Seaweed Extract that helps your nails to breathe easily.
4. They also promote nail growth and help them grow naturally too.
5. The nail paint gives a nice shine on your nails.
6. The nail paint stays for long (When two coats are applied).
7. They also have a quick dry formula, so you can apply, wait for few seconds and then go.

A +

8 ml

Rs. 295

Shelf Life
36 months

My Experience
When I first got to know about Debelle brand from Amazon then I was not sure how the products would come out to be. But I read the information about the products and then decided to buy the products. I am very impressed with their quality products. All their products are effective and safe for your skin too.

Debelle Gel Nail Lacquers comes in a bottle of 8 ml. The bottom of the bottle is transparent while the cap is of silver colour.
Application Brush
The application brush is neither too thin nor too thick. It is just perfect for application. The hairs of the brush are fine and doesn't come off while applying.

Shade and Texture
Sparkling Dust is a golden and silver glittery shade. It is filled with little silver particles which gives nail enamel a classy look. (It is not filled with big glitters that often come off within few hours.)
The texture of the nail enamel is thick. It spreads evenly on the nails and gives a nice colour in the first application.
How To Apply
Shake the bottle before opening it. Then apply two coats on your nails for long lasting effect. Let the nail enamel stay for few minutes before the second application.

I was impressed with the first application of the nail shade because it dried out within a few seconds. The first application gave a nice shade, so I didn't applied another coat. The nail enamel will also keep your nails safe and let them breathe and grow. The nail paint has a long staying power and I agree with this claim because it remained on my nails for a week.

I would rate Debelle Gel Nail Lacquer as 10/10. I don't have any reason to deduct the rating because whatever the brand claims, the nail enamels fulfills all of them.

So, what are you waiting for? Just order your favourite nail shades from Debelle (Click Here).

They have lots of other shades like:
French affair - Bright scarlet red
Princess Belle - Dainty and pretty coral orange
Royale Cocktail - Rich turquoise blue shade
Bebe Kiss - Pretty chic pastel shade of baby pink
Mystique Green - Natural pastel shade of green
Moulin Rouge - Paparazzi dark maroon shade
Miss Bliss - Light pink shade
Majestique Mauve - Mauve shade
Mint Amour - Mint blue pastel shade

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  7. Waoh this nail lacquer looks pretty on you. Perfect for festivity..

  8. Waoh this nail lacquer looks pretty on you. Perfect for festivity..

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