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In this busy world, we need a lot of handy things. These days, the main problem is pollution that makes our skin dirty. If we go out in the morning then we return back with a lot of impurities and dirt on our skin. Do we have a solution for this? Of course! Here are Duft Face & Hand Moist Wipes that can wipe all the impurities with just one wipe. Want to know more about them? Read on…

About Duft
“Easy to go and Easy to use wet wipes.”
Duft India is a brand that sells Wet Wipes. They launched their brand in 2015. They are in a good competition with other brands who sell wet wipes. Duft India focuses on the needs of the customers and provides wet wipes accordingly. They have new variety of wipes that do not contain alcohol and are paraben free. Isn’t this icing on the cake?

About Duft Face & Hand Moist Wipes
Duft India has two kinds of Wet Wipes:
1. Normal Wet Wipes: These are normal wet wipes with natural ingredients.
2. Refreshing Wipes: These wipes have an excellent blend of aloevera and cucumber.

I received Duft Normal Face & Hand Moist Wipes through Test n Review. Test n Review is a new community of bloggers and vloggers. They have built up a community and website that bring the content of different bloggers and vloggers at one place. They accept text/video posts. They also bring out various campaigns, collaborations and contests. I am a part of this platform. Now, coming to the product!

1. These wipes contain natural ingredients that make your skin soft and smooth after use.
2. They remove dirt and impurities in one wipe.
3. They are paraben free and can be used on your face, neck and hands.
4. They leave the skin subtle and moisturized.
5. They doesn't tear off as they are made of premium quality.
6. They are FDA approved. 
7. They suitable for all skin types. 
8. They can be used by all age types.
9. They act as best wipes to wipe away sweat in summers or after workout sessions. 
10. They can be used by men as well as women.

Purified Water, Glycerine, Vitamin E, Fragrance, Chammomile Natural Extract, Menthol and few others.

Colour: Pure White
Texture: Like tissue paper
Price: Rs. 5 for one wipe
Shelf Life: 10 months

My Experience on the Product
I would like to thank Test n Review for selecting me for the review and sending me Duft Face & Hands Moist Wipes. I received five single packets of wet wipes. The wipes comes in a seal pack.

When I opened the packet then I saw folded wipe. I took it out and then unfolded the wipe.

To test the effectiveness of the wipes I made a heart on my face with dark eye pencil. I used this idea because I wanted to see that how much dirt can it wipe.The wet wipes have a pleasant fragrance and are made of skin-friendly material. I took the wipe and then wiped off little bit of the eye pencil mark. I was astonished to see that it wiped off the entire eye pencil mark in one wipe. Then I wanted to try it one more time, so I made a mark with dark kajal on my hand. Then I wiped it off and it pulled off the mark in one go. Isn’t this nice?

So, it means that these wipes are effective and they do not leave any residue or dryness on your skin. They clean it and leave your skin subtle. So, if you are going anywhere out then keep a packet of Duft Face & Hand Moist Wipes in your purse or bag. You can also keep the single packets in your pocket. They slip in easily, so they are handy wipes.

How to Use?
Step 1: Tear off the sachet.
Step 2: Take out the wipes, unfold and use them.
Step 3: One wipe is enough to wipe your face, neck and hands.
Tip: Discard it in the dustbin after use. Don’t flush them.

I was happy with the results. My face was clean and dirt free. The skin was not dry and was looking soft and moist. So, what are you thinking? Go grab your packet of Duft Wet Wipes from  Amazon or Flipkart.

I would give 10/10 to these wipes.

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  5. I carry wipes always with me in my hand bag. Because it's very useful while travelling with kids mainly. These wipes as you show seems wonderful and very effective one. Will try this one sure

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