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All of us take bath every day to keep our body clean. Taking bath is the first and necessary step in our daily life. So, this time we are sharing our thoughts on our favourite bath soap or shower gel.
Let us read further to know about various bath soaps and shower gels. I am sure that by the end of this blog post you would have gathered a lot of knowledge about them.

Amrit Kaur from amritkauramy
Recently I am using Song of India Ivory Musk Glycerin Soap. This soap comes in a nice printed box along with a handmade loofah. The soap is layered with a plastic wrap while the loofah comes wrapped in an eco-friendly paper.This soap is handmade and free from chemicals. It is yellow in colour and translucent too. It has a soothing fragrance that is so pleasing that I felt like taking bath the entire day, but of course this is not possible. This soap doesn’t lather too much like a few other handmade soaps, so it will last long too. It gently cleans the body by maintaining the pH balance. It moisturises the skin and gives a calming fragrance after bath.The soap gives a nice protective layer onto the skin after use, so it is suitable for sensitive skin too.
Ingredients : Vitamin E, Essential oils, Amla, Aloe vera extracts and Glycerin
Suitable: It is suitable for all skin types.

Krupa from ishtyleawhile
Handmade soaps are my current obsession and I have been trying so many of them. What I am currently using is from Shesha Beauty and is their Mud Soap. It has slightly granular bits and no particular odour. I love it because it is both gentle on the skin and slightly exfoliating without being too drying. Just the perfect combination for me!

Jackie from thatswhatsupblog
Talk about a calorie-free indulgence!  This Zen Bath Cotton Candy Doughnut Bath Bomb not only looks adorable on display, it makes for quite a delectable bubble bath!  I love the swirls of fuchsia and teal- two of my favorite colors.  It makes the bath so pretty!  And the cotton candy scent is so pleasant and subtle.  The sweetest part about his little bath treat is that it’s made with all vegan ingredients!  I enjoy my tub time with this bath bomb guilt-free and emerge from the suds with moisturized skin, thanks to the cocoa butter!

Vandana from bronzeblushbeauty
No matter what the season is my Skin is always dry as hell and i keep searching Mild Body
products which nourishes my skin. The Body Shop Shea Shower Cream has been a life
saviour for me since a long time.It contains Shea butter which moisturise the skin and
contains antioxidants. Apart from shea butter it also contains Glycerine and sesame oil which
provide long term moisturisation and keep the skin soft and supple.It has a mild scent to it
which i love.It is a creamy liquid which lathers well and leaves my skin really soft and fresh
upon washing.

Amy from healthandbeautygirl
Avalon Organics Lavender bath and shower gel is my favourite bath and shower gel of all, and I've tried many. The scent is heavenly and so relaxing, great to use before bedtime to help you get into a relaxed state. Plus, it's multi-purpose as it's good for both the shower and the bath. It lathers up beautifully on a loofa and in the bath.  Made with essential oils and 70% organic ingredients, and it's cruelty-free!

Nisha from highongloss

The Nature's Co. Mango Creme Body Wash is my favorite body wash. A body wash that literally smells like a fresh and pulpy mango. It lathers luxuriously. Leaves skin clean, plumped & smelling fresh. The body wash is bit costly at Rs. 695 for 175ml, but worth the exotic bathing experience, that it gives.

Radha from trystwithvanillagirlblog

Burst of Happyness A Wash to Remember Sugar Scrub & Wash is my current favorite body wash which also offers gentle exfoliation given to sugar particles in the product. It lathers mildly in contact with water and rinse out easily without leaving any greasy or sticky residues. I am in love with soothing citrusy fragrance of Lemongrass and cloves. On rinsing it leaves my skin squeaky cleans,delicately fragrant and moisturised. I can safely skip moisturising my otherwise dry skin whenever I use this bath scrub in my shower. It's a TLC in jar !! Highly recommend for Normal to Dry Skin

Deepika from makeupmagique
'I love Dove bath range, it works perfectly for my skin. My current favorite is sensitive skin nourishing body wash. It is great for every season, feels extremely fresh and smells divine. It is very nourishing and doesn't over dry the skin. The best part about this product is that you can skip using a body lotion because this is moisturizing enough. A bottle would last you really long because you need very little amount of product every time.'

Sangeeta from beautynyx
I used a travel a lot on my previous job. It wasn’t just the travelling part that was fun but also the opportunity to try out new mini body & hair washes you’d get at the hotels. I’ve tried out a lot of products but one that has stood as my favourite all this time is – Kama Ayurveda Cypress Orange Body Cleanser. This is the most divine smelling body wash. The fragrance is refreshing hitting all the right notes with the cleanser itself feels amazing on the skin. The best part is that it doesn’t dry out your skin. This particular range isn’t available in India, but for those of you interested you can check out their Sanobar range which is similar.

Namrata myclosetdiary
I have been using Venus Soap by Curie for sometime now. It is a heart shaped soap with a colour fusion of orange and white dedicating to planet Venus. The key ingredient used in this soap is milk and the aroma is amazing and refreshing. Honestly, I love the fact that the soap is 100% natural. As promised, It revitalises your skin thoroughly and has skin deep moisturising effect. You do not need to put lotion unless your skin is too dry. I’m so in love with this soap that I actually feel like my skin looks more healthy and nourished without using body lotions. So, this is absolutely a must have soap. 

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