Karachi Bakery Fruit and Nut Handmade Biscuits

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While shopping for grocery on Amazon.in, I came across these biscuits.
I have heard a lot about this famous @karachibakery in Hyderabad, so I thought to try this.

About Karachi Bakery
1. This bakery is into bakery business since 1953.
2. These are handmade biscuits.
3. The real taste is preserved.
4. These biscuits have fruit nuts.
5. These are Pure Vegetarian biscuits.

Refined wheat flour, sugar (25/), refined rice bran oil, til oil, palmolein oil, cashew bits (6%), milk solids, salt and papaya preserve (18%)

My Experience
The biscuits were packed in a seal top.
The biscuits had fruit nuts and when I took the first bite then I could get the exact taste.

As they are handmade, so they are heavy biscuits, so one can have 1 or 2 pieces at a time.
The biscuits are of good quality and a must try product.

Price and Availability
Karachi bakery has a lot of other varieties of biscuits. Just visit @amazondotin, type 'Karachi Bakery' and press enter. You will get the list of all the variants.
400 grams box is priced at Rs. 170.
I got it for Rs. 140 from Amazon in an offer.

I would give 8/10 to these biscuits.

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