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Do you use hair dyes or colours on your hair? Are those free from harmful chemicals? Why not try Organically Natural Hair Colour? Today, many companies claim that their hair colours have natural ingredients, but when you will read the ingredients then you will find that they contain only 10% herbal ingredients. But, here I am introducing a safe, herbal and organic brand - Indus Valley Gel hair colour from India.
About the Brand
"Get rid of Unsafe Products and Associated Allergies!"
Ayurveda was born between three thousand and five thousand years ago in one of the world's oldest civilizations known as the Indus Valley civilizations, located in the North West of modern India.
Indus Valley is a brand that works on the oldest science - Ayurveda. They have launched Organically Natural Gel Hair Colour that claims to have at least 90% herbal ingredients. Their products are certified by EcoCert (An Indian authority to certify herbal and organic products).

About Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour
Indus Valley Gel Hair colour is soft, gentle and natural product. This gel hair colour has the formula which combines 90% herbal ingredients with permanent hair colourants. It colours as well as conditions and nourishes your hair pretty well.

Being an organic product, this hair colour has enormous benefits that which make you buy this product.
1. It is a gel based natural hair colour.
2. It is safe for your hair as well as scalp.
3. It is chemical (ammonia, hydrogen peroxides, PPD) free , paraben free and cruelty free product.
4. It contains lots of natural herbs like aloe vera, organic amla, jojoba, sunflower, orange, honey, organic basil, wheat germ, etc.
5. The hair colour has permanent colourants, so the colour won't fade away soon.

The Pack Contains
1. Tube of Aloe Honey Gel - 120 ml

2. Sachets of Herbal Hair Colour Powder - 20 g (4 x 5g)

3. Aloe After Colour Protective Shampooing Conditioner

4. Hair Eaze Hair Mask

5. Application Brush

6. Pair of Gloves
7. Information Leaflet

Net Quantity
20 gm + 120 ml + 50 ml

Rs. 575/-

Shelf Life
1.5 years

My Experience
I had never heard about chemical free hair colour, so I was eager to try Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour. This is a herbal hair colour that is gentle on your hair. It balances the colour and the health of your hair.

All the contents of the hair colour in a nice, sturdy box.The box has all the information about the products from the ingredients to the colouring result patches. All the contents are also secured in their respective packaging. Nothing was leaking in the box.

How to Use?
You have to follow each steps (mentioned on the instruction leaflet with the box) to get the perfect hair colour.
Step 1: Wash and dry your hair nicely before using the hair colour.
Tip: Always put some oil or pertoleum jelly on the forehead, neck and ears to avoid staining on them.

Step 2: Empty the hair colour sachets into a non-metallic bowl and mix them with the Aloe Honey Gel.
Tip: 1/4 part of aloe honey gel is to be mixed in 1 5 grams sachet of hair colour.

Step 3: Apply the hair colour with the non-metallic brush onto the hair.
Tip: Comb and divide your hair into small strands and apply evenly on them for effectiveness.

Step 4: Leave the hair colour on the hair for 30 minutes.
Tip: Use a hair dryer to give heat to your hair. This helps in getting better and effective colour.

Step 5: Wash off the colour from the hair until clean water runs down your hair.

Step 6: Then shampoo and condition your hair with Indus Valley Colour Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner.
Tip: Applying conditioner is necessary because it settles downs the colour and doesn't give a rough or bold look.

The colour blends in well in each strand and gives a nice shine. The hair become soft and nourished. You won't experience any dryness, hairfall or roughness in your hair after the application of this product (as it becomes after other hair colouring packs). The colour makes your hair look natural and conditioned. Results would be different on different coloured hair. A shade card is given on the outer pack, so do check it before use.
Tip: Always use colour protecting shampoo and conditioner afterwards so that the colour stays in for long. This also helps to keep your hair nourished and free from any damage.

I would rate this product as 10/10. I didn't find any cons of this product. I would highly recommend this safe product to people who colour their hair regularly. This Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour will bring a lot of positive difference to your hair.

You can purchase this product from Amazon India (Click Here).

It is available in many shades like:
Dark Brown
Medium Brown
Light Brown
Copper Mahagony
Dark Blonde
Dark Copper Blonde
Medium Blonde
Medium Copper Blonde
Light Blonde
Lightest Blonde

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