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Do you like to travel and explore different places? Yes, then you might be having a passport. But how do you keep your passport? We often keep our phone secure and stylish in covers, so why not keep our passports in a stylish way? Today, I am talking about a Premium Quality Passport Holder from Urby.

About the Brand
One day, Ashutosh, the owner of Urby, moved back from the US. During this period, he lost his favourite wallet that he bought from the US. He went to buy the same wallet from the Indian Store of the same brand, but it was available at doubled price. So, he paid the doubled price and bought the same wallet, but he never forgot this incident.
After few years, an idea stuck his mind and he thought to manufacture travel essentials for the people of the world. And then he came up with the brand "URBY". This brand designs and manufactures essentials for an urban lifestyle. They use premium quality materials and have finest craftsmanship. Their products are not on the higher side, but yes they are reasonable according to the best quality they offer.

About Urby Passport Holder
Urby Passport holder is equipped to hold your most essential documents, cards and money. It is designed to make your trip elegant as well as effortless. Let's first know the features that makes URBY a good brand.

1. The passport holder is made of premium quality tanned leather.
2. The interior of the passport is soft suede, giving a velvety look.
3. It has 3 card slots.
4. It has slide-in sleeve for the passport.
5. There is also another sleeve pocket (at the back) to keep quick cash.
6. It is not too heavy, so you can carry easily.
7. It easily fits in your hands.
8. It is made of premium quality, so it acts like a style statement.
9. It is available in different colours.
10. You can even get it personalised with your name or a short message.

Quality: A +

Price : Rs. 1,145/-
Personalisation Extra at Rs. 150/-

My Experience
From quite a time, I was looking for a passport holder, but none impressed my eyes. Then I came across this brand - URBY and I liked their details about the products. When I received their product then I was happy with the packaging and the quality. So, my search for the passport holder ended here.

Packaging: The passport holder came in a classy packaging. It came in a sturdy box with brands name printed on it.

As I opened the box then there was a canvas drawstring pouch. It loved this pouch! I opened this pouch and the passport holder was inside it.

Colour: Classic Black (Available in other colours too.)

Material: Premium quality leather (Orginal Leather)

Dimensions: Length: 13.5 cm, Width: 9.5 cm, Height: 0.2 cm

Different Sections: There are different sections to keep different necessary documents while travelling.
As you open the passport holder then you will see a slot (On the left) to keep your tickets, travel passes or any other important travel documents. Below this slot there are 3 card slots where you put your ID, business, credit or debit cards.
Then there is another small slot to keep small documents or receipts or bills On the right side, there is easy slide-in slot to keep your passport securely.

As you close the passport holder, you will notice another slot at the back. In this slot you can keep foreign currency or another other receipt or small document.

What I love?
I love everything from the packaging to the quality of the product. This is a classy passport holder that can be easily carried. It makes travel hustle-free as I have all the important documents at one place, so no need to carry a heavy wallet. Everything fits in easily, so the size and dimensions are just perfect.

Personalised Passport Holder
URBY gives you the opportunity to make your travel essential personalised. You can make it unique by engraving your initials or name on it. You can even get a small message engraved on it, so it makes an awesome gifting option too. Not only this, you can also choose the foil colour. All this can be done at an extra price of Rs. 150/- Isn't this cool?

I would rate Urby as 10/10 as the Quality of their Products are awesome.

So, what are you waiting for? Just order your favourite passport holder and stay classy with URBY!!

You can purchase the passport holders from URBY Main Website (Click HERE) and for Travel Wallets (Click HERE).
You can also buy from Amazon (Click HERE).

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How about sharing an easy DIY for the Diwali Festive Season? Crafting is an activity that involves skills for making things by hand. But today, I am sharing an easy DIY which can be done by anyone. So, let's start the fun, craziness and lots of enjoyment during this Diwali with crafting from Fun Trunk.

About Fun Trunk
"We love creating Fun Boxes for you little ones."
FunTrunk is one stop shop that ends all your needs and worries for finding the best materials for crafting with your little ones. It was started by Shweta, a mother who didn't have quality time to spend with her kids. So, she took out time and did different crafts and paints with her kids. While doing all these things, she realised that her kids enjoyed this session a lot. Therefore, she thought to make other mothers and kids happy in the same way and hence came up with this idea at Fun Trunk.

At Fun Trunk, their educators and creative parents search for all the materials themselves to create each activity. There are different DIY activities and materials in boxes, which you can enjoy doing with your kids or even yourself. The craft instructions are so easy that it can be done by anyone, so you don't need any extra skill or training for this. Let's now get onto the simple DIY Activity and see how easy it is with Fun Trunk.

Materials Needed
Fun Trunk will send you all the materials in sufficient quantity.
1. Funnel shaped tea light holders
2. Tea lights
3. Stick on jewels
4. Potpourri

Step by Step Procedure
Follow the given easy steps with pictorial representation to create DIY Tea Candle Holders.

Step 1: Take a tea light glass holder. 

Step 2: Take a stripe of pink stick on jewels.

 Step 3: Peel off one stripe of stick on jewels carefully.

 Step 4: Stick one end of the jewels stripe on the top of the glass. Then roll it in the circular direction and stick on the top of the glass.

 Step 5: Take another stripe of pink jewels and stick it at the bottom of the glass in circular direction.

 Step 6: Peel off one stripe of white jewels carefully.

 Step 7: Apply the stripe of white jewels just below the pink jewels layer on the top.

 Step 8: Take another stripe of white jewels and stick it above the pink jewels layer at the bottom. 

Step 9: You can repeat the same designing on the other glass too or use your own creativity for a new design. 
I have created another simple design with the jewel stripes.

 Step 10: Now, fill the glasses with potpourri. Make sure to leave little margin on the top to keep the tea lights.
And look how beautiful the glasses look!!

Step 11: Finally, place the tea lights on top of potpourri.

Light the tea light candles and celebrate the lovely festival of Diwali.

My Experience
I am in love with this crafting box from Fun Trunk. It has made my childhood memories come alive. This is an awesome concept for mothers to enjoy crafting sessions with their kids. The box has everything that would be needed as a guide to start and come out with an amazing craft.

Packaging: The entire things came in a thick, sturdy box. There was a sweet "Thank You" note by Shweta on the top. This gives a personal touch to your box. As I opened the box, all the materials were nicely packed in their respective packets. Nothing was hampered!!

Quantity: I received two activities. The other one I will be creating soon. The DIY Tea Lights Holder contained materials to decorate two quantities. The materials used in the activity was sufficient and some jewels are still left with me.

Quality: Each material from the glasses to the jewels to the tea lights are of good quality. Nothing is of low quality. The glasses are thick and heavy. The jewels didn't come off after applying on the glass. The potpourri smells heavenly and the tea lights are also good. So, this is a valuable box!!

Price: The entire box for 4 DIY Tea Light Holders is priced at Rs. 840, but it is available on a huge discount for Rs. 349.

Availability: You can buy their boxes from the online website at Fun Trunk or DM them on instagram. They also provide single craft supplies, which you can explore here.

I would rate Fun Trunk India as 10/10.

So, what are you waiting for? Just order your favourite crafting supplies or craft boxes and have fun with your kids!!

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Hello People!!
Now-a-days, everyone is healthy conscious. Each one of us dream to have healthy, fit and fine body. So, why not pledge today to incorporate healthy habits in our lives? Today, I am discussing about an important food item "TEA" that can change our lives drastically - Natural Teas from Tea Treasure.

About Tea Treasure
"More Than Just Tea!"
Tea treasure believes in encouraging people to have a better tea for a better health. They cater the age old concept of ‘chai’ yet they are a young brand that is created to revolutionise the way chai has been perceived, supplied and savored in the markets of India. They supply pure and high-quality different Teas.

About Tea Treasure Teas
Tea Treasure teas come directly from their tea gardens. Hence, they are natural as well as purely packed for the customers. They procure teas seasonally to ensure the best quality and fresh flavour in the tea packs. Theirr range of premium herbal infusions are created with the certified team of herbalist from India and the USA. They source the world’s finest organic herbs to create these original infusions for the customers. So, what you get is totally fresh and natural.

1. Pure Tea Leaves, directly from the tea gardens
2. Caffeine-free.
3. Gluten Free
4. No Added Sugar
5. No Artificial Flavour
6. No Preservatives
7. Suitable for Vegans

Tea Treasure Tea Variants
Let's read further to know the various benefits of different variants of teas.
Immunity Booster Tea
This tea is a blend of herbs that boosts your immune system.

Ingredients: Green Tea, ConeFlower, Licorice, Lemongrass, Terminalia-chebula, Tulsi, Ginger
Taste: Lightly sweet tea
Benefits: reduces the symptoms of colds, flu and  other illnesses and infections

Quantity and Price:
50 gm - 220
100 gm - 400
300 gm - 1130
500 gm - 1800
Shelf Life: 18 months

Darjeeling Olong Tea
This is a unique tea as each leaf is prepared to preserve the essential tea oils.

Ingredients: Oolong Tea
Taste: Fusion of essential oils with hints of roastiness
Benefits: Helps in reducing weight, regulating cholesterol and giving healthy skin glow.
Quantity and Price:
50 gm - 390
100 gm - 720
300 gm - 1990
500 gm - 3200
Shelf Life: 18 months

Darjeeling Second Flush Tea
The leaves of this tea are plucked during summers. They have enhanced flavour and strong notes of citrus.

Ingredients: Darjeeling Black Tea
Taste: Auburn flavoured tea
Benefits: Contains anti-oxidant compounds called polyphenols which are helpful in preventing cancer and heart diseases.

Quantity and Price:
50 gm - 390
100 gm - 720
300 gm - 1990
500 gm - 3200
Shelf Life: 18 months

Lemon Tulsi Green Tea
This tea is also known as Thai lemon basil tea. It is harvested with lemon plant that features a light lemon-y note along with a soothing taste.

Ingredients: Lemon Tulsi, Lemongrass
Taste: Sweet hint of tulsi and citrus hint of lemon
Benefits: Anti-bacterial, anti – septic, anti-viral, anti-flu , anti-biotic , anti – inflammatory, and anti-disease properties.

Quantity and Price:
50 gm - 220
100 gm - 400
300 gm - 1130
500 gm - 1800
Shelf Life: 18 months

Rooibos Temptation Red Tea
In this tea, handpicked rooibos leaves and choco nibs are blended with malt. This combination and blend of flavours seal the nutrition in the tea's packet.

Ingredients: Rooibos , cocoa nibs , malt
Taste: Chocolaty twist with the red tea that uplifts the mood.
Benefits: Takes care of your heart, has anti-aging properties that keep your skin glowing.

Quantity and Price:
50 gm - 350
100 gm - 644
300 gm - 1827
500 gm - 2905
Shelf Life: 18 months

Pure Rooibos Red Tea
You want a replacement for caffeine, try Pure Rooibos Tea.

Ingredients: Pure Rooibos
Taste: Perfect, slurp taste that gives a hint to your mind.
Benefits: Rich in minerals such as iron, calcium and potassium, this tea relaxes your muscles and destress your mind.

Quantity and Price:
50 gm - 350
100 gm - 644
300 gm - 1827
500 gm - 2905
Shelf Life: 18 months
This tea can also be consumed by the people having kidney stones.

Pure Chamomile Tea
Chamomile flowers are carefully selected for this tea to give natural benefit to your body. It provides relaxation after the first sip itself.

Ingredients: Pure chamomile flower
Taste: It has pure chamomile taste with a cooling feel.
Benefits: Fixes mouth ulcers, treats skin problems and stomach problems too.

Quantity and Price:
50 gm - 290
100 gm - 535
300 gm - 1515
500 gm - 2410
Shelf Life: 18 months
Pure chamomile tea can cure insomnia.

Tulsi Green Tea
This tea contains lemon peels, lemongrass and pure green tea that help to refresh your senses. It helps to calm stressful mind too.

Ingredients: Green Tea and  Shyam Tulsi, Ram Tulsi, Shwet, Sursa, Van Tulsi
Taste: Fusion of lemon and basil with hints of lemongrass
Benefits: Helps in improving or recovering from respiratory illnesses, eliminates toxins and stimulates immunity.

Quantity and Price:
50 gm - 220
100 gm - 400
300 gm - 1130
500 gm - 1800
Shelf Life: 18 months

Japan-Ease Sencha Tea
This is a perfect tea to help you maintain your weight. When you wake up, then have this tea that eases and calms your nerves.

Ingredients: Sencha Green Tea
Taste: Japanese fusion of green tea
Benefits: Helps in reducing weight and saves your body from harmful cell formation by pollution.

Quantity and Price:
50 gm - 300
100 gm - 552
300 gm - 1566
500 gm - 2490
Shelf Life: 18 months

Jasmine Green Tea
Jasmine buds are kept with the tea leaves to indulge the natural flavour in the green tea.

Ingredients: Jasmine Flowers, Green Tea
Taste: Pure jasmine flower taste blended with green tea
Benefits: Reduces anxiety, depression and body weight and keeps your bones strong.

Quantity and Price:
50 gm - 260
100 gm - 480
300 gm - 1350
500 gm - 2150
Shelf Life: 18 months

Coconut Sencha Tea
This tea is almost like a health soup that contains grated coconut and hand-rolled Sencha leaves. This tea helps you to loose weight and keeps you cool too.

Ingredients: Sencha Green Tea, Dried coconut
Taste: Cool and soothing taste of coconut
Benefits: Regulates blood pressure and reduces heart problems.

Quantity and Price:
50 gm - 300
100 gm - 552
300 gm - 1566
500 gm - 2490
Shelf Life: 18 months

Mason Jar
Mason Jar is an amazing drinking mug that is suitable for cocktails, teas, lemonades, milkshakes, etc. It has a classic screw top cap with a convenient handle. The top cap is airtight and keeps the drink safe from leakage. The convenient, thick handle helps in easy grip while you are enjoying the drink.

Quality: It is made of durable glass.
Colour: Translucent Orange
Price : 299

My Experience
I am a tea lover, so I like to try different tea flavours. When I got to know about Tea Treasure's range of tea variants then I thought to try them all. Each variant has its own benefits as well taste.

Packaging: All the teas come in a thick paper bag with a seal on top. You can use and store the teas in the packets itself.

Tea Variants: Tea Treasure has a lot of variants that can sooth your taste buds. You can select from the range of green teas to flavour teas to premium teas.
Click here to see all the variants.

Taste: The teas taste according to their flavours. You will get the real taste of the ingredients as there is no processing done from the tea gardens to the packaging.

How to Prepare?
Step 1: Take 1 teaspoon (2 grams) of tea leaves from the packet and place them in the tea pot.
Step 2: Heat water to 80-85°C in a pot.
Step 3: Pour 200 ml of hot water on the tea leaves in the tea pot.
Step 4: Let the leaves infuse for 3-5 minutes, according to your taste.
Step 5: Strain the tea leaves and enjoy your tea.

Follow the given links to know about their Tea Gift Collections and Teaware.

Tea Gifts and Collection

Tea Dollops/Handcrafted Tea Bags

I would rate Tea Treasure Tea Range as 10/10. They are pure and amazing, so full marks to the brand.

So, what are you waiting for? Just order your favourite tea range from Amazon (Click Here).

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