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As we get near Diwali season, the weather starts changing. The sun starts becoming our dear friend that gives us relief from the cool winters. When we stay under the sun, our skin becomes dry as well as tanned. This is one major problem that 90% people face during winters.

So, this time I have a perfect solution to keep the dryness away during any season. Try out DeBelle Moisturising Lotion! It will not only keep dryness away, but will keep your body soft and smooth for the entire year. Want to know more? Read further and get to know about this amazing product.

About DeBelle
"Bring out the Beautiful You!"
DeBelle is an Indian brand that believes in selling safe and wonderful products to their customers. They prepare their products on their intensively researched formulas. Debelle has been uniquely formulated by an award winning cosmetologist, constituting active ingredients and by amalgamating nature with technology. So, you can believe DeBelle when investing money in their products.

About the Moisturising Lotion
DeBelle Moisturising Lotion is formulated specially for all skin types. It helps to hydrate, replenish and moisturise your skin from within.

1. The lotion is enriched with Shea butter, Cocoa butter and Jojoba oil.
2. It contains Natural SPF that protects your skin from the harmful sun ray's.
3. It is paraben free and dermatologists tested product.
4. It hydrates your skin from within on the first application.
5. It has a soothing fragrance that remains with you for few hours after application.
6. It is non-greasy.
7. It is affordably priced.
8. Less quantity is needed for the application.
9. It is suitable for all skin types.
10. It can be used by women as well as men.

Main Ingredients
Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Jojoba oil, Glycerine, Mineral Oil and Fragrance.

200 ml

Rs. 275 (Available on Amazon for discounted price too)

Shelf Life
36 months

My Experience
DeBelle has been one of my favourite brand since one year. This trustworthy brand has made a firm place in Indian market with their Chemical free products. I have been using their moisturising lotion since last few days and my skin has changed drastically.

The moisturising lotion comes in a good quality 200 ml plastic bottle. It has a flip-flop cap with a small nozzle. I am in love with the packaging of DeBelle products.

Colour and Texture
The lotion is white in colour. It has little thick, non-greasy texture. The lotion is non-greasy, so it won't leave any residue on your body.

The fragrance is very pleasing. You will be smelling good for few hours.

How To Use?
1. Use the lotion after bath. Take little amount of it and apply on your body. Leave it and don't wipe off.
2. Also use the lotion before sleep. Using the lotion twice a day will give yo maximum benefits.

As the name says, it is definitely a moisturising lotion that starts working after the first application. As you take out the lotion, you will notice that a small quantity is enough. While massaging it on your body, you won't feel sticky. It is non-greasy, so you can apply and go out. It is enriched with shea butter and cocoa butter which are boon to our skin. The presence of jojoba oil gives sufficient amount of vitamin E to your skin and also helps to prevent rashes.
I have been using this product from 10 days, so it has improved the texture and colour of my skin. And most important, I went out in the sun after applying it and I didn't get tanning. So, this is a must have product for people who go out in sun.

I would rate Debelle Moisturising Lotion as 10/10. I don't have any reason to deduct the rating.

So, what are you waiting for? Just order your favourite nail shades from Debelle (Click Here).

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Amrit Kaur


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