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The festive season has started, so I am sure that you would be busy in cleaning home, making delicious sweets or decorating your home. But do you take out time for your beauty sessions? Everyone wants to look best on Diwali parties, so what should you do if you don't have enough time to pamper yourself? Today I am sharing the tips by which you can get instant glow on Diwali!!

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How To Get Instant Glow?
We all don't get a lot of time to pamper ourselves during festive season, so why not use some instant remedy? The best way to get glow during Diwali is by using Sheet Masks.

What Are Sheet Masks?
As the name says, these are masks in the form of sheets. These sheets are made up of cotton or fibre material. They are cut into the shape of your face, neck, hands, feet, etc.

What Do Sheet Masks Contain?
Sheet masks are folded and soaked in the liquid formulas. The liquid contains the formula prepared from best ingredients to treat your skin.

What Do Sheet Masks Do?
Sheet masks are the best and effective way to give the necessary nutrients to your skin for an instant glow. They are able to enhance the glow on our skin due to the close dermal contact. They mainly provide nourishment and intense hydration to the skin. They also help to improve you problem areas and repair the damaged cells with regular usage.

Why You Should Use Sheet Masks?
When you don't have enough time to treat your skin then, sheet masks are your best friend. They are one of the most effective way to deliver nutrients onto the skin. They are drenched and infused with ingredients that give instant glow within few minutes. You just have to apply and sit to see the awesome end results.

How To Choose the Best Sheet Mask?
Choosing the correct sheet mask is very important. You should select the sheet mask based on different factors like skin type, skin problem, sensitivity and the body area.

Anti-aging – If you want to prevent wrinkles, slow the aging process and firm your skin, your sheet mask should have active ingredients like aloe vera, Witch hazel, Vitamin B2, Hyaluronic acid, etc. You will find many masks named as "Anti-Aging or Moisturizing Sheet Masks", so get those only.
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Dull Skin – If your skin is dull then you should select the mask sheets that will brighten your skin tone. It should have ingredients like Vitamin C, Orange peels, Lemon, Pomegranate extracts, Tea tree extracts, coconut oil, etc. These ingredients will give brightening glow to your skin.
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Dry Skin – Many people face the problem of flaky dry skin, so you should be extra careful while seleting the sheet masks. Select the sheet masks that doesn’t contain alcohol or any irritating fragrances. You can get masks which contain yogurt, pro-vitamin B5, coconut oil, etc.
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Oily Skin - People with oily skin tend to get oil back on their skin within few hours. You should select masks which help you to keep dirt and dust away from the face and help to control oilness. The best mask for oily skin are clay or charcoal masks as they clean and help the oil to stay away for longer time and gradually reduce with regular usage.
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How To Use The Sheet Mask Correctly?
You should always look for the steps on the sheet mask packaging and follow them. Here are few tips which you should keep in mind while using sheet masks:
Step 1: Clean your face with face wash (soap) or water.
Step 2: Pat dry your face and use a toner on the skin.
Step 3: Open the sheet mask and unfold it carefully.
Step 4: Apply the sheet mask for the time mentioned on the label. (Don't extend the time as it may have side effects on your skin.)
Step 5: Remove the sheet mask from the chin in the upward direction after the desired time.
Step 6: Massage the serum remaining on the face for 2 minutes. (Remember to massage in circular motion or move from the center to the outer line.)
Step 7: Wipe it off with a face wipe or wet cotton towel.
Step 8: Apply moisturiser on the face and You are done!
You should complete the face mask steps 15-20 minutes before you want to apply makeup. This will help you to have flawless makeup look. Infact, you won't need a lot of makeup after using the sheet mask.

So, get your hands on sheet masks according to your skin type or problem areas. Open, unfold and apply to get the hot look this Diwali!!

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I hope you liked the tips shared in the blog post!!

Happy Diwali to you and your Family!!

Enjoy the Festive Season!!

Amrit Kaur


  1. Excellent tips to use sheet masks and choose the right ttpe.I love sheet mssks .They are effortless.

  2. I have been meaning to experiment with sheet masks. Thank you so much for giving great pointers about how and which sheet masks to choose for my skin. My trip to the parlour is saved. :-)

  3. Mask sheets are best options for instant glw, loved the idea and aspect behind it. Thanks for sharing & happy journeying

  4. I must admit That I love Mask sheets a lot ... I will sure try what you mentioned :)

  5. Amy you have made beauty so easy. I have a combination skin and wondering which one will go the best for me.

  6. I have been hearing about sheet masks for a long time. Your suggestions on instant glow are just amazing. I was in fact thinking of ways that can help in preparing for the festive season.

  7. Sheet masks sound interesting.Never tried them before. Thanks for the review.great for festive season.

  8. Sheet masks are my favorite quick fix when I don't have the time or feel lazy to DIY. Will try your recommendations for sure

  9. I love the way you thought something out of the box babe. We all women as wife , mother, sister tend to forget our own face care during this Diwali Preps, this is surely gonna help all of us. You have shared all latest trendy ones in the masks :)

  10. I just love sheet masks. They are fabulous for instant and deep cleaning and glow. Very beautifully you explained the tips are procedure to use the sheet mask. Thanks for sharing. Need this for coming days.

  11. I just love sheet masks. They are fabulous for instant and deep cleaning and glow. Very beautifully you explained the tips are procedure to use the sheet mask. Thanks for sharing. Need this for coming days.


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