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As the festive season has arrived, so I am sure that women would be searching for best jewellery to match their festive outfits. And sometimes, it is difficult to find good and affordable jewellery pieces. This time I am sharing about my recent purchase from PanighaIndia. This is a one stop shop for all your jewellery inquires. 

About PanighaIndia
"Let's flaunt Handpicked and Handmade Fashion!"
PanighaIndia is a brand name started by Moushumi. She is a multitasking lady as she play a lot of roles in her life. From being a daughter, wife and mother to a web developer and a jewellery designer, she plays all her roles effectively. She loves to design jewellery and provides customised jewellery to her customers. All the stuff is designed and made by her with outmost love and dedication. 

PanighaIndia Jewellery
PanighaIndia has a wide range of jewellery pieces. You can select your favourite pieces from the collection or even get customised designs. PanighaIndia has a talented designer that will make what you want. Though it will take little time, but I assure that you will be more than happy when you get the products in your hands.

Handmade Beads Necklace with Earrings (Price: Rs. 350)
The handmade beads necklace is perfect for people who love to wear light weight jewellery. It contains colourful wooden beads. Each bead is carefully put in the thread, making it a wonderful piece to flaunt with your ethnic as well as casual wear.

Nosepin (Price: Rs. 80)
The silver oxidised nosepin can be worn easily (just clip it on the nose). It is light weight and made up of high quality material.

My Experience
I was happy to know about a handmade jewellery brand named PanighaIndia. I liked the name of the brand as well as the owner. The owner is a sweet lady. She will handle all her customers with patience and politeness. You can ask ample of queries from her and she is always ready to answer them.

Why buy from PanighaIndia?
1. Affordable
2. High quality materials used
3. Handmade jewellery
4. Exclusive designs
5. Customisation option available

All the products were nicely placed inside a plastic box. Due to the box, the jewellery was safe. Inside each piece was inside a plastic packet and then wrapped with a bubble wrap. So, 10 out of 10 marks for the packaging.

Jewellery Style
Fashionable, Handmade

Jewellery Durability
Each jjewellery piece is made with strong and durable stuff. Nothing gets hampered while handling or wearing. The thread and the beads used in the handmade necklace and earrings is really awesome. Those wooden beads are thick and closely tied in the a thick thread. The oxidised nosepin doesn't get broken or moulded while you open it to clip onto your nose. So, 10/10 to the durability too.

Colour Durability
The colours are really bright and won't get off easily. I tested by using little water and rubbing on the jewellery and no colour came out. So, 10/10 to the quality too.

At the end I would conclude by saying that PanighaIndia is the best place for all your jewellery needs.

I would rate the jewellery pieces from PanighaIndia as 10/10.

Do buy the stuff from PanighaIndia and add best jewellery pieces in your closet. They also have brought in dupattas, ethnic clutches, etc. So, just visit the pages PanighaIndia and HandmadeJewellery and place your order.

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Amrit Kaur


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