Tips for Maintaining Your Car

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Most of us search and think a lot while purchasing a new car. But have you ever thought so much when it comes to maintaining your car? I bet most of you would have answered “No”. So, today I have the perfect answer for you when it comes to “Maintaining a Car”.
Maintaining a car is necessary as it helps you to increase the life of your car and its parts. In future, if you plan to sale your car then a good condition car gets more value than a car that is in a poor condition. is the best place to search when you are looking for New Cars or Used Cars. This is the best place to find your answers related to cars.
Now, let’s get onto the tips to maintain your car.

Tip 1: When you buy a new car then you should always go through the owner’s manual. You should read the manual so that you get to know about your car and its parts nicely. It will help you to maintain your car in a decent manner.

Tip 2: Make sure that you clean the durst from your car every day. Wipe the windows, lights and mirrors with a clean cloth. You should also wash your car with soap and water once a week. You can also use polish to wipe the car’s body and maintain the shine on the body of the car.

Tip 3: Tyres are the main part of the car, so keep a check that they are properly inflated. Get the pressure checked after every 10-12 days to have a smooth ride. Make sure that the wear or damage of the tyres are fixed on time. You should replace the cars when they wear-off and are not in a condition to move on road.

Tip 4: The car runs through the engine, so it is important that the engine works smoothly. For the smooth working of the engine you need to oil the parts properly.  It is mandatory to get the oil changed after every 6500-7000 km. This helps in increasing and maintaining the efficiency and reliability of the engine.

Tip 5: After oiling, the second most important part is the car battery. You should check the car battery once in a month. Clean it with a dry cloth and remove the dust or oil on it. The batteries work for many years, but you should get it checked once after 6 months. If you face any problem with the battery then you should get it replaced immediately.

Tip 6: Next, keep the check on the braking system. The brakes should work properly whenever you are on ride. If your brakes are not working properly then you should get them checked before you go on ride with your car. Failed brakes lead to major accidents, so avoid this crash. Get your brakes checked by the mechanic in every 15-20 days.

Tip 7: Apart from the main working parts of the car, there are few minor parts that need to be checked regularly too. These parts comprise of coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, brake fluid, etc. Often people neglect these minor parts, but they are as important as other big parts of the car’s working. So, it is necessary to get them checked at least once in 10 days.

Tip 8: The cars have lights that help the driver to drive carefully in dark. So, you should check all the lights of the car. These include the pair of headlights, taillights, brake lights and indicators. If one of the bulb of each pair of lights is off then you should get it replaced immediately. You should never just rely on one working bulb. It may lead to accidents or difficulty in driving during night or foggy winters.

Tip 9: At the bottom of the front mirror of the car, windshield wipers are there. They help in cleaning the front mirror automatically. So, you should keep a check every day if they are working properly or not. Make sure that their blades are not worn. If they are then get them replaced. It is recommended that you should get the blades replaced at once a year.

Tip 10: We have talked about the exterior and the inner parts of the car, but often we forget that the interiors of the cars have to be maintained also. We can dust the interiors with a dry cloth or we can also use a vacuum cleaner. We should not keep sharp objects on the seats as it may hamper the covering of the seats. While selling your car in future, many people often neglect the smooth working of the car if they find the interiors dirty.

So, keep all the above mentioned points in your mind and maintain your car well. To visit for all your queries related to Cars and Maintenance of Cars.

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