Brazilian Blowout Hair Treatment at Headmasters, Delhi

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Are you confused about the Keratin Treatment? Don't worry! Today, I will be answering all the questions which you would have in mind before going for this hair treatment. At first, I was also confused about the hair treatment, but when I got to know about Headmasters Spalon opening in Delhi then I knew where all my questions would be answered. So, I visited Headmasters Spalon in Defence Colony and decided to go for the Brazilian Blowout Treatment.

Headmasters Spalon, Defence Colony
Headmasters Spalon opened its doors to the glitterati of Chandigarh in the year 2007. It became a hit among the clients because of its best services. It started with services for hair, nails, beauty, makeup and spa, but later it expanded and added services like hair transplant, hypoxi-spot slimming, cosmetic dermatology, fragrances retail, etc. The main brand of Headmasters in Chandigarh is awarded as the Asia's biggest standalone facility. Headmasters has been continuously awarded since the last 6 years.

What is Brazilian Blowout?
Brazilian Blowout is hair smoothing treatment that makes your hair soft and smooth, without damaging the hair follicles. This treatment adds protein to the outer layer of your hair, making it stronger as well as frizz-free.

What Are the After Effects of This Treatment?
This treatment gives lots of positive benefits to your hair. Like:
1. It add protein to your hair strands.
2. It gives frizz-free results to your hair.
3. It also relaxes your hair.
4.It makes your hair soft, smooth and healthy.
5. It protects your hair from the external factors which damage the hair (For few months).
6. It adds shine to your hair, making it look beautiful.
7. It reduces styling time.
8. It makes your hair tangle-free.
9. It decreases the blowout time.
10. It enhances the colour of the hair.

How is the Treatment Done?
Let's got through the step-by-step guide for the Brazilian Blowout Keratin Hair Treatment:
Check the condition of the hair: Not every hair can get the keratin treatment done. The hair stylist would check the condition of your hair and then tell you if the treatment can be done or not.
Note: Those who use henna, cannot get this treatment done until the entire henna is gone off from your hair.

Hair is Cleansed Thoroughly: The hair stylist would wash your hair so that it is free from all the dirt or chemicals. I was impressed with the service at Headmasters as the man took about 20 minutes to massage and wash my hair nicely.
Note: Don't apply oil or conditioner when you are going for the hair treatment.

Note: If you go for keratin treatment and not Brazilian blowout keratin then your hair would be dried completely before applying keratin.

Keratin is Applied: The hair is dried with the hair dryer up to 80%. Thereafter, the hair strands are untangled with a wide tooth comb. Next, the keratin solution is prepared and applied onto the hair strands. This process takes little time as keratin is applied on thin hair strands, divided into partitions.

Keratin is Left Onto the Hair: After applying keratin, the hair is covered with shower cap for 15-20 minutes.

Hair is Blow Dried: Now, the shower cap is taken off and your hair is blow dried (hot or cold setting). This helps keratin to get into the hair strands and work effectively to make the hair frizz-free. At this time 50% of frizz is removed from the hair.

Keratin is Locked with Flat Iron: After blow dry, flat iron is used to lock keratin in your hair strands. The flat iron is reached at the temperature of 190 degrees and then run through the hair strands to lock the outer protective layer of keratin.

Hair is Rinsed: After the keratin is locked into the hair then your hair is given some time for complete drying. Then the hair is rinsed and dried once again.
Note: If you go for keratin treatment and not Brazilian blowout keratin then your hair would not be rinsed. You have to leave your hair like that only for 48 hours and then come back for shampooing on the third day.

Last Blow Dry Session: The hair is blow dried again to give it a smooth look.

And finally, you are done with the complete process with beautiful, soft, smooth and frizz-free hair as the end results. Now, you can go out style your hair, workout or do whatever you want. You don't need to wait for few days or keep your hair straight and untied like it is necessary when you go for keratin treatment.
Before Keratin Hair Treatment

 After Keratin Hair Treatment

Note: After this hair treatment you cannot oil your hair for 3 months. The hair treatment effect remains for one season (12 weeks). If you take care of your hair then it can stay for longer period too. You need to use parabens and SLS free products on your hair. And the best time to get this treatment done is during winters. You should never go for any hair treatment during humidity season as it doesn't stay long or has less effective on hair.

My Experience
I love my hair, so I was little worried before getting the treatment done on my long hair. But Headmasters helped me to get a life changing keratin treatment in 2017. The staff was very nice, joyful and co-operative. They kept on asking in between whether I was comfortable or not. This hair treatment takes about 1.5 hours to 2 hours, but as I have long hair so it took 3 hours. I was served with tea and coffee in between and Japjaat Singh, the head, himself asked about the comfort and the services being given. I didn't get to know when three hours were completed. Each and every step was done with adequate time. Nothing was done in a rush, which convinced me to visit Headmasters soon for my next beauty session.
Brazilian Blowout Hair Treatment has changed the texture of my hair. Now, I don't need to untangle my hair after wash. My hair is frizz-free, tangle-free, soft, smooth, stronger and shiny. My hair fall problem has been reduced. Now, I don't take much time to style my hair. I just comb and go out. For special occasions, I blow dry my hair or straighten with an iron and I am ready to go out. This treatment has helped me to overcome most of my hair problems.
I also got after-care Brazilian Blowout Shampoo and Conditioner from Headmasters. I will be reviewing them soon.

I would suggest you to go for this hair treatment at Headmasters Spalon as your hair would be in safe hands and you would have an amazing experience. This treatment costed Rs. 7000, which is worth every penny.

If you have any question regarding this treatment then DM me on Instagram or leave your questions in the comments section.

Thank you!!
Amrit Kaur (Amy)


  1. I am usually not comfortable trying out things on my hair. But looking after your experience at the spalon I am really impressed.

  2. If no oil for three months...there shld be something else ryt in replacement of oil....

    1. Your hair gets all the nourishment with keratin so you don't need oil. You can use sulphate free hair masks.

  3. I have serious hair envy. You already have such gorgeous hair. I have tried keratin treatment before and totally vouch for it. Never tried Brazilian blow out. It looks like a great salon.

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    A friend suggested me this long time back and I was skeptical about trying it but that after pic is amazing

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