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Lino Perros Handbag (Premium Leather Quality)

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In today's fashionable world, everyone wants to flaunt the best fashion accessories. Last month I attended the Lino Perros Cover Changing Bags Launch. It was a great event where I got to know more about this awesome brand and their range of products. They launched their new bags which have a concept of two bags in one bag. We can just change the cover and use it differently.

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Being a blogger I attended the event and grabbed great facts about Lino Perros. The Hosting of the event was really good. Lino Perros also gave a very beautiful Thanking Gift to us. When I opened the gift I loved it. First, I would love to thank Lino Perros for this beautiful gift. Are you excited to see it? I won't make you wait for long. Here it is:

I received a premium quality leather that would be perfect for lifetime with just minimal care.

Lino Perros Sling Bag

Let's have a closer look to the features of LP Sling Bag. I bet you will fall in love with this sling bag till you reach the end of this blog post.

Their is brand's logo in the front of the sling bag for recognition.

Brand's Logo

This sling bag has a magnetic opening.

Magnetic Opening

It has a zip closure for safety. You need to open the zip to see the inside contents.

Zip Closure

Good Quality Zip

The sling bag is quite spacious and you can put a lot of things while carrying it.

Spacious Sling Bag

The sling bag has a small zip and two open compartments inside the bag.
 Three Compartments

You can use this sling bad as a handbag too. You can remove the sling or even make the sling short by adjusting the strap.

Adjustable strap

Finally, I would conlcude by saying that Lino Perros bags are cool and stylish to pair with your every day look or to flaunt on a special occasion.

Lino Perros

Visit Lino Perros to shop the entire range of bags and get yourself the one which matches your taste.

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Amrit Kaur


  1. Loved your detailed review with minimum words. And the pics are amazing. Thry show in dephth details of the bag

  2. Loved your detailed review! The bag looks stylish and while being big on space.

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