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Do you love wearing watch on your wrist? Yes? I love it too. Now-a-days, watches are not just a device used to see time. They are being treated as a style statement and matched with the outfits too. But how to select a stylish one for yourself? Confused? Let's go through a step by step guide to select perfect Watches.

Select the Type and the Band
The first and the foremost step is to decide the type of watch that you want to buy. There are three different categories:
1. Analog

2.  Digital

3. Both Analog and Digital

After you have selected the type then select the band. You can select it from the given options:
1. Metal

2. Rubber

3. NATO style

4. Leather 

5. Polyurethane

What's Your Price Range?
Different brands have different price ranges, so make sure to check the range beforehand on Online Shopping Websites. If you want an every day watch then don't go for a higher price range. Every day watch should be rough and tough so that it doesn't get effected with the day's wear off. While selecting the watch for occasions you can decide the price as per your budget. So, make sure to decide the price range before you step forward to buy a watch.

What's Your Style?
When you go out for purchasing, don't neglect your own choices. You should keep the latest trend in mind, but purchase what suits your personality. Like, if you are a rockstar then you can select from funky designs and wide bands. If you are a sophisticated person then go for a simple and classy silver or gold look. And if you are buying for a school or college goer then go for a sporty look.

Check the Manufacturer
According to your price range you can decide the manufacture too. You can find expensive brands like Rado, Rolex, etc, which offer good watches. If price is a constraint then you can select an affordable watch from brands like Timex, Casio, Orient, etc. Whichever you get, you should be satisfied with your purchase.

Is it Water Resistant?
A water resistant watch doesn't get damaged when exposed to water. You should always look for the mark at the back to make sure that it is water proof.

Battery Life
When we get a watch then we are worried about how long it would work. Ideally the battery life is between two to five years, but now few brands claim that their batteries can work for up to 8 years. These brands use special lithium-iodine batteries which have a longer lifespan. Some watches also have a battery indicator which gives you a notification (through changing light indicator) when it is time to change the battery.

Is it Safe to Buy Online?
The world is growing really fast, so the technology has come too far. Now, it is not necessary to go out and purchase a product. 90% of the companies have listed their products on Online Shopping Websites. So, online sites are totally safe and a reliable sources to see, check and buy products. Now-a-days, few companies like Myntra also offer try and buy services too, so it helps the customer to have more faith in the brand as well as shopping sites.

I hope the above mentioned points help you to get the perfect watch for yourself. I mostly buy stuff Online, so it is time for you to be an Online Shopper too. Go and save tine with shopping online at Myntra. Don't miss the golden chance to get best offers during their Sale.

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