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The Winter Express Blog Train Departs….

Hello everyone!!
As the winters have arrived, so here I bring Winter Express for my readers.

What is Winter Express?
Winter Express is a Blog Train by WB Community bloggers. All the participating bloggers will share their write up for this beautiful season of winter from their own unique perspectives.

What Will Winter Express Bring in?
Winter Express is a very interesting blog train that will bring in lots of tips and tricks, recipes, hacks, stories, cherished memories and many more. I am sure you will enjoy the ride on Winter Express and would be happy to be station every station to read the beautiful write-ups. 

This train is brought to you by three beautiful hosts: 
Shubhda from RainbowDiaries.com 
Minakshi from Mommystimeline.com
And Me from Amritkauramy.com

Our blog train has departed from the station and now Keep checking the different blog stations and then enter the New Year!

Before the train starts, let’s meet the participants who will greet you with their lovely post on WINTER theme at every station. Here is a quick snapshot of participating bloggers.

  1. Tripti Charan
  2.  Cheni Adukia
  3. Snehlata Jain
  4.  Princy
  5. Surbhi 
  6. Sabeeka
  7. Sarah
  8. Neha Sharma
  9. Aishwarya
  10. Priyanka
  11.  Snigdha
  12. Papri
  13. Noorain
  14. Deepannita
  15. Samidha
  16. Manisha
  17. Rashmi
  18. Namrata
  19. AmrittKaur
  20. Silky Priya
  21. Zainab
  22. Kavita 
  23. Neha Gupta
  24. Anubhuti
  25. preety tiwary
  26. Nisha
  27. Anchal
  28. Krisha Blogger
  29.  Neha gupta
  30.  Gayatri
  31. Neha Jain
Do, be on our journey!!

I hope you enjoy the blog posts!!

Thank You!
Amrit Kaur


  1. Excited to host this blog train with you. Hope WINTER EXPRESS will bring lot of good reads.

  2. This looks so interesting!! It's a big train and I'm sure everyone is going to enjoy it to the fullest.

  3. This looks so in interesting... The blog train is quite long and I'm sure the participants are going to enjoy a lot.

  4. wow amazing this winter express looks like a perfect coffee time read ...

  5. This looks like very interesting blog train with so many talented Bloggers on board thanks for sharing

  6. This looks like a load of fun.Loved the line up of amazing bloggers.

  7. I have been hearing about this, and excited the train has begun! looking forward to reading everyone's take on winters!

  8. Wooh! I loved the name 'Winter Express'. Super excited to go through all those beautiful write ups.

  9. Looks like an amazing month ahead of us

  10. Looks very interesting, what do meeting if I should be part of it ��

  11. The idea looks very interesting. Can I also be part of this blogging Ghee thread happening, this Christmas season 😎

  12. I love blog trains. You get to know a lot of new bloggers and read a bunch of new posts!

  13. interesting you listed all rising bloggers :-)

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