Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?

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It is Christmas Season around!! Do you know why is Christmas celebrated? We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas, but what is the story behind His Birth? Today, I am sharing the story "Birth of Jesus Christ" with you all.

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Birth of Jesus Christ
Once there lived a lady named Mary and a carpenter named Jospeh. They both got married soon. 
One day, God's angel came to Mary and said, "God wants you to be His son's mother." 
God's angel came to Joseph and said, "Mary is going to give birth to God's son, so take care of her." 
Joseph and Mary were very happy. 
One day, the Roman emperor made a law that everyone must pay taxes. Joseph and Mary lived in Nazareth. They had to go 65 miles (105 km) to Bethlehem to pay their taxes. It was not easy for Mary to travel to Bethlehem because her baby was going to be born soon. But they had to travel in that condition too.
On the way, Joseph took proper care of her. When Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem, all the rooms were filled with people. The inn keeper was kind, so he let them stay in the barn. Mary and Joseph had to stay in the barn that night. 
At night, baby was born in the barn. Mary wrapped Him in a cloth and laid Him in a manger. Joseph and Mary named the baby Jesus. The sky was filled with light as the Son of the God was born.
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That night, the shepherds were taking care of their sheep in the fields near Bethlehem. An angel came to them, so they got afraid. Then the angel said to them, "Don't be afraid. I have a wonderful news for all of you." The shepherds were surprised, so they asked, "What is it?" The angle said, "The Savior, Jesus Christ, is born in Bethlehem. You would find Him lying in a manger." The shepherds rejoiced and went to Bethlehem, where they saw Baby Jesus. The shepherds believed that God had sent the Savior. Now, Jesus would take care of the world. After blessing Baby Jesus, the shepherds went forward and told other people about God's Saviour.
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After birth, Jesus Christ believed in God. He was directly connected to God and gave His message to the people living on the Earth. He just took the name of God and healed people from their sickness. He turned plain water into the best wine during the wedding at Cana by taking God's name. Once, when 5000 people gathered to meet Him then he turned a loaf of bread into endless number of loaves, by taking the name of God, that filled the stomach of 5000 people. People started believing Jesus and he convinced many people to get baptised and take the name of God. He made people believe that God is with them and for them.

Why 25th December?
The real birth date of Jesus Christ is not known. Many Christians have discussed about the correct date. But it is believed that the first recorded date of the Christmas celebration was recorded during the time of Roman Emperor Constantine on 25th December, 336. Later, Pope Julius I declared 25th December as the birth of Jesus, so now it is celebrated on that date itself.

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