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The world is incomplete without women, so let's make this Women's Day special for the women's in your life. You might be confused with a question in your mind - What to Gift on Women's Day? Today, I am sharing a few ways by which you can make every women in your life feel special on International Women's Day (8th March).

1. Flowers
Who doesn't love flowers? Flowers are the most usual and traditional gifts. Whenever nothing gets in our mind then we end up buying flowers for special occasion. You can select from the different varieties of flowers and colours. You can opt for single flowers, bouquets or potted flowers.
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2. Handwritten Note

What can be better and touchy than a self written note? A handwritten note gives a personal touch on a special occasion. You can pen down your feelings and expressions in your handwriting on a nice coloured paper. You can also add little scent on the paper so that whenever the person open it, it gets an amazing fragrance that soothes the nerves.
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3. Handmade Stuff
You can add a personal touch to making Women's Day special by creating some handmade stuff like picture collage, jewellery, soaps, cards, etc. I persoanlly love receiving handmade stuff, so I always present special women's in my life with handmade stuff. Try it this year and see an extraordinary smile on your women's face!
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4. Books or Movie Tickets
Books are best friends, so you can gift a nice novel or an informative book that would be a good read. You can even ask beforehand about book genre choices to select the best book for gifting. Apart from a book, you can even gift movie tickets. Plan a nice movie date with her friends and gift them a special evening!
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These are the affordable gifts that can be given to every women, so select the best one for your women and make International Women's Day special this year.

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Happy International Women's Day!!

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How important is primary health? It is very important. We should take care of health and hygiene at the primary stage to avoid getting germs. How can primary health be maintained?  We can maintain it by taking care of our hygiene at the first stage. My primary stage of health and hygiene starts with sanitizers. Whenever I am travelling in or out of the town, I always carry sanitizers. Recently, I came across 'O' the Hand Sanitizer and 'O' the Toilet Seat Sanitizer from LB Industries. I am impressed with the safe packaging and the quality of the product, so let me tell you more about them.

'O' The Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer has been a must these days. Sometimes, while travelling we don't get access to soap and water, so I use a hand sanitizer to keep my hands free from dirt and germs. I love the way LB Industries have bring in the hand sanitizer in individual sachets that can easily fit in your pocket, bag or purse. The most special feature of these hand sanitizers is that they are enriched with Moisturiser. So, your hands would be clean as well as soft and moisturised after using this sanitizer.

Packaging: The hand sanitizer comes in a zip lock packet that contains 50 sachets. The sachets can be easily teared off and used.

Colour and Texture: The hand sanitizer is transparent in colour and the texture is thick.

How To Use? : You need to Tear the Sachet from one corner and Take Out the Sanitizer on your hand. Spread the sanitizer on the inner hands and apply it on the back side of your hands too. And you are done!!

Quantity : 50 sachets

Price : Rs. 100/-

Shelf Life : 2 years

Availability : You can buy it from Amazon (Click Here).

'O' The Toilet Seat Sanitizer
Toilet Seat Sanitizer helps you to overcome the fear of using dirty public toilets. This spray sanitizer not only sanitizes the toilet seats, it also sanitizes door knobs, flush handles, toilet floor, etc. So, this is not only useful in toilets, it is also useful in public areas where you don't want to touch door handles, etc.

Packaging: It comes in a handy spray bottle that can easily fit in your purse or bag.

Colour and Texture: The toilet seat sanitizer spray is transparent in colour.

How To Use? : Shake the bottle well before opening it. Then spray it on the toilet seat or the required place from a distance of 7-8 inches. And the place would be sanitized within 10 seconds!!

Quantity : 40 ml

Price : Rs. 110/-

Shelf Life : 36 months

Availability : You can buy it from Amazon (Click Here).

I would rate both the products 5/5. Grab your hygienic sanitizers and be safe and free from germs on the go.

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Hello peeps!
Now-a-days, people are finding various ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The first and foremost thing that makes a great impact on maintaining healthy lifestyle is our diet. We have to watch and measure what we eat. We should not eat everything blindly. We have to eat everything in a desired quantity as access of anything may badly effect our goal to achieve a healthy lifestyle.
These days, people have been very conscious about the intake of sugar. People who are diabetic or on the border line of being diabetic need to cut down sugar from their diet. So, how to cut sugar from your diet? Today, I am talking about RAY Naturally Sweet Stevia Extract from LB Consumer Goods Pvt Ltd.

About LB Industries Pvt Ltd.
LB Industries have come up with healthy and hygienic products that can help us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They work hard towards achieving the goal of providing customers natural and safe products. They have come up with products like Sugarfree, Spray Cooking Oil, Hand Sanitizer, Toilet Seat Sanitizer and Breathe Fresheners.

About RAY Naturally Sweet Stevia Extract
Since historical times, stevia has been used as a substitute for sugar. Stevia plant is a natural sweetener that is 200 times sweeter than sugar, so just a pinch of stevia extract sweetener can sweeten your desserts. Now-days, stevia extract powder is being used by diabetic as well as health conscious people as a substitute for sugar.

Why Use RAY Naturally Sweet Stevia Extract?
1. It is 99.8% pure and natural.
2. It has zero calories and glycemic index.
3. It does not contain lactose, maltodextrin, dextrose, saccharin, aspartame and sucralose.
4. It is bitter after taste, hence, no side effects on your body.
5. It can be used in hot as well as cold beverages.
6. It helps in weight loss.
7. It is safe for people suffering from diabetes.
8. It can be used by men as well as women.

Erythritol, Steviol Glycosides and Silicon Dioxide

It comes in a round wooden box that can be opened by lifting up the upper portion. There are 40 sachets packed hygienically inside the box. So, you take out one sachet use it and throw it away. The other product remains hygienically safe in the respective sachets.

Colour and Texture
Each sachet contains powdery stevia extract. It is white in colour. It is finely grained, so runs downs quickly when sprinkled out of the sachet on the food item.

40 sachets
Each sachet has 1 gram of Stevia Extract
1 sachet is equal to 2 tsp of sugar

Price and Shelf Life
40 sachets collectively in a box is priced at Rs. 210/-.
The sachets have a shelf life of 24 months.

My Experience
I am not a sweet lover, so I prefer having tea or coffee without sugar. But sometimes, we need to add sweetener in food items like desserts, so I prefer having sugar free. It is not easy to find out pure and natural sugar free in the market, but since the day I have been using RAY Naturally Sweet Stevia Extract, I can see that it is pure. I specially liked the packaging as we do not need to open the entire product again and again. Just use one sachet as per your need. The Stevia Extract has natural taste like sugar, but it is healthy option.

How to Use?
You can directly open the sachet and pour it in your tea, coffee or any drink.
Note: One sachet has a lot of sweetness, so use half of it in a cup of tea or coffee.

When you are preparing hot drinks or hot food items then add sugar free when the edible items are off the gas.
Note: Never add sugar free when the edible item is on the gas.

I have added, RAY Naturally Sweet Stevia Extract in my kitchen forever, so when are you adding it?
Get it for yourself from Amazon (Click Here) and live a healthy life.
*It is not safe for pregnant, breast feeding mothers and children.

If you have further questions about the product then comment below or DM me on Instagram.

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Since ages, people have been trying various homemade ingredients to get flawless skin even after 30. But do these homemade recipes give long lasting effects? No, they are just temporary solutions to get instant glow. The historical queen, Cleopatra, used sour milk as an anti-aging treatment. At that time, neither cosmetic surgery nor stem cell techniques were present, so people believed in natural ingredients.
Now-a-days, technology has come a long way, so we have various techniques and methods for anti-ageing treatments. One of the best technique that I have come across is the Stem Cell Treatment by StemGenn Therapeautics. Dr. Prabhu Mishra, CEO of StemGenn Therapeutics, has been very concerned about the issues that people face after 30. So, he has made it possible for people, through StemGenn, to get painless treatments done and slow the ageing process.

Why Stem Cell Anti-ageing Treatment is better than Surgery?
Today, people are gradually having faith in stem cell therapy for anti-ageing treatments than surgical processes. Surgical processes work on the outer skin layer to pause the ageing process, but stem cells rejuvenate the skin from within, giving a flawless look. Results from numerous studies have shown that stem cells replace, re-grow and repair on a cellular level. As the time passes, they show good results and even help in resolving age-related problems like hair loss, etc.
Plastic surgery temporarily enhances the outer appearance of ageing, but it does not work on the main problems. Cosmetic surgery can make you look beautiful, but it does not work on the inner issues of ageing like pains, aches, etc. But when we talk about stem cells treatment, it treats the inner cellular and molecular process throughout the body. Unlike surgical processes, stem cell treatments are not involved with any pain or long recovery periods.

What are the Effects of Stem Cell Anti-Ageing Treatment?
There are a number of effects of anti-ageing treatment with stem cells like:
1. Reduced Age Spots
2. Even Skin Tone
3. Reduced Fine Lines and Wrinkles
4. Improved Muscular Strength
5. Increased Stamina

Does Stem Cell Anti-Ageing Treatment Works?
There are various ways which declare that anti-ageing treatment works. Here, we will talk about the main four ways.
1. Increasing Stem Cell Count of the Body
Stem cells are the part of our body for life. Our body is dependent on ‘adult’ stem cells which help in keeping our body healthy, recovering from illness and repairing damage from injury. These stem cells are found mainly in bone marrow, Peripheral Blood (PRP) and Fat (Adipose derived MSC/SVF), and as our step up on the ladder of age then the production of stem cells declines. This results in age-related diseases like ageing, slow recovering and stamina, etc. No cosmetic surgery can be effective anti-ageing treatment for these conditions. But the stem cell anti-ageing treatment helps in increasing the levels of stem cells. By gathering the cells from the fatty layer that lies just beneath the skin, a person’s own stem cells can be released back into the bloodstream. There, the cells resume their process and fight against age-related diseases and disorders, restoring the skin’s natural hydrating and regenerative abilities that gives glow, elasticity and firmness of youth.

2. Repairing Damaged Skin 
As more number of adult stem cells circulates through the bloodstream, each and every organ fights more effectively against diseases and aging. The stem cell anti-ageing treatment helps in improving the elasticity and tightness of the skin. They also help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, making the skin healthy and radiant. Gradually, your skin tone gets even and it also helps in the reduction of tan caused due to sun’s damage. Not even this, it increases the skin cell longevity and reduces the effects of environmental pollution on our skin.

3. Repairing Damaged Hair Follicles
Now-a-days, many people face the problem of hair loss. This happens due to various reasons like genetic, age-related problems, stress and poor diet. In age-related hair loss problems, both hair and scalp cells begin to depreciate as we grow older. The thicker hair is replaced by white, thin and weak hair. This is caused by stem cells of the hair follicles falling dormant. Stem cell therapy for hair loss gives proper signals from the surrounding area to the cells and they begin to regenerate and grow thicker and lively as before.

4. Repairing Internal Damage Of Aging
Stem cells are the main building blocks that repair, regeneration, and heal the problems of our body. When adult stem cells flow through the bloodstream, they reach each and every organ and change into the type of cell needed to maintain the health of each one. Stem cell anti-ageing treatment permeates deeply and potentially addresses various body parts like Adrenal Glands, Appendix, Bladder, Brain, Eyes, Gall Bladder, Heart, Intestines, Kidneys, Liver, Lungs, Pancreas, Prostate, Skin, Stomach, Thyroid, Veins and Other Blood Vessels. The stem cell therapy works beyond the anti-ageing process as it also addressed various age-related and chronic diseases like Arthritis, Back Pain, Diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD), Joint Pain and Neuropathy.

As mentioned in the above points, stem cells are the main reason behind the proper functioning and good health of our body. They repair, regeneration, and heal our body from within. Each and every cell of the body “stems” from them. Hence, we have the name “stem cell.”

For more details contact www.stemgenn.com.

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Hello everyone!
As we enter the Month of Love - February, the surroundings get filled with positive lovable vibes. Love doesn't mean the bond between two lovers. Love is a special feeling between two people who trust each other and have build strong bond over a period of time. I have this special bond with my family, relatives, friends, colleagues and Instagram family! Yes, you read it right, I have my Instagram family since one year!
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Before I share my thoughts on love, I would first Welcome you to #shareURlove Blog train. This Blog Train is initiated by Dipika Singh and Minakshi Bajpai. This Blog Train started from 1st Feb and it will stop at each blogger's station, who will share their #Valentines special posts with you.
Now, the train has been departed to my station by Deepali Soam. Thank you Deepali for your love in the blog train. Do visit her blog to read her Valentines special post.

What is Love?
Love is a pure and strong feeling for emotion shared between two people. Love is one of the most powerful feeling that humans experience in their life. We cannot see love, but express it in our own way. Sometimes, we feel shy or don't have time to express love.But you should never feel shy! You should right away express your love with the people who matter a lot in your life.

My Love Family!!
My first love is my family for sure! I am grateful to God for blessing me with such a beautiful family. I am glad to have my Mother as my mentor, friend, guide and everything else in the world. She has given her entire life to me and my brother. She has raised us alone with all the hard work she could do being a housewife. I have always looked upon her as a strong women who stands erect in the storm too. I feel lucky on my birthday every year because my mother gave birth to me on that day. She has done a lot for us, so I can give her all the love of my life.
My mother also gave me a nice big brother, who is there to protect and guard me. He stands tall and erect as a big brother whenever I need him. He pampers me a lot and even fights on some silly topics. I am not annoyed with small fights we have because vo kehte hai na ki jaha pyaar ho waha ladai hoti hai (Where there is love, there is little fight too!)

My Instagram Family!!
Apart from my school, college and office friends, I made a whole bunch of new friends since last year. When I started my blogging journey then I came across few people on Instagram. I had a nice conversation with those people and soon the bond grew stronger. I never met them but still I shared my life, thoughts, happiness, sadness and most of the things with them. It was a mutual love that we all shared. The first friends which I came across are Charul from @lipsticknlogic, Namrata from @my_closetdiary, Vishakha from @theurbanlog, Nimisha from @readmylips.tick, Megha from @megs_beautyguide, Nimisha from @nimsstylefile, Niranjana from @leo_tales, Bhawna from @the_glistening_lane, Niharika Verma from @niharikaverma22, Joshita from @jo_shi_ta, Alka from @thepinkroadblog, Aayisha from @miss.sunshine1201, Surabhi from @gleamand glitters, Anvitha from @theanvolyzer, Dipika from  @gleefulblogger, Anita, Utkarshini, Chaitali, TJ  and many more. (Please, don't mind if your name is not there, but I love you equally) This was the best thing that happened in my life. I am glad that I met some special friends with whom I have bonded well for life.

As my journey moved forward then I came across a group of people through Minakshi from @minakshibajpai and Shubada from @shub_sg. This group or rather I would say a community of Bloggers made me believe in the fact that love exists everywhere. I have been a part of this community since 4-5 months and I feel like I am with them since my childhood. Whenever I am sad then I just talk to the whole community and within fraction of seconds I am happy. All of them have shown lot of love and trust to me for which I want to say Thank you!! I am lucky to have you all in my life. I wish I could add all your names here, but still I want to say, "Thank you for having me in your life! Thank you for the love you all shower on me!"
And I believe that there are many more friends waiting for me, so I would be happy to meet you all in my further journey of blogging.

This Valentines Day I will happily share my love with all these people because I am lucky to have you in my life. Happy Valentines Day!! Share and Spread Love!! ❣❣

As the Blog ends here, so the Blog train will depart to Varsha's station. She is a mechanical engineer and finance post-graduate. Now, she is a passionate blogger, an aspiring author, freelancer writer and editor and not to forget a mother of two adorable kids. So, do visit her Blog station to read her Valentines Special Post.

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