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Let's Spread Love this Valentine's Day | Amy's Thoughts | Love Month | True Thoughts

Hello everyone!
As we enter the Month of Love - February, the surroundings get filled with positive lovable vibes. Love doesn't mean the bond between two lovers. Love is a special feeling between two people who trust each other and have build strong bond over a period of time. I have this special bond with my family, relatives, friends, colleagues and Instagram family! Yes, you read it right, I have my Instagram family since one year!
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Before I share my thoughts on love, I would first Welcome you to #shareURlove Blog train. This Blog Train is initiated by Dipika Singh and Minakshi Bajpai. This Blog Train started from 1st Feb and it will stop at each blogger's station, who will share their #Valentines special posts with you.
Now, the train has been departed to my station by Deepali Soam. Thank you Deepali for your love in the blog train. Do visit her blog to read her Valentines special post.

What is Love?
Love is a pure and strong feeling for emotion shared between two people. Love is one of the most powerful feeling that humans experience in their life. We cannot see love, but express it in our own way. Sometimes, we feel shy or don't have time to express love.But you should never feel shy! You should right away express your love with the people who matter a lot in your life.

My Love Family!!
My first love is my family for sure! I am grateful to God for blessing me with such a beautiful family. I am glad to have my Mother as my mentor, friend, guide and everything else in the world. She has given her entire life to me and my brother. She has raised us alone with all the hard work she could do being a housewife. I have always looked upon her as a strong women who stands erect in the storm too. I feel lucky on my birthday every year because my mother gave birth to me on that day. She has done a lot for us, so I can give her all the love of my life.
My mother also gave me a nice big brother, who is there to protect and guard me. He stands tall and erect as a big brother whenever I need him. He pampers me a lot and even fights on some silly topics. I am not annoyed with small fights we have because vo kehte hai na ki jaha pyaar ho waha ladai hoti hai (Where there is love, there is little fight too!)

My Instagram Family!!
Apart from my school, college and office friends, I made a whole bunch of new friends since last year. When I started my blogging journey then I came across few people on Instagram. I had a nice conversation with those people and soon the bond grew stronger. I never met them but still I shared my life, thoughts, happiness, sadness and most of the things with them. It was a mutual love that we all shared. The first friends which I came across are Charul from @lipsticknlogic, Namrata from @my_closetdiary, Prachi from @diva.decoded, Nimisha from @readmylips.tick, Megha from @megs_beautyguide, Nimisha from @nimsstylefile, Vishakha from @theurbanlog, Niranjana from @leo_tales, Bhawna from @the_glistening_lane, Niharika Verma from @niharikaverma22, Joshita from @jo_shi_ta, Alka from @thepinkroadblog, Aayisha from @miss.sunshine1201, Surabhi from @gleamand glitters, Anvitha from @theanvolyzer, Dipika from  @gleefulblogger, Anita, Utkarshini, Chaitali, TJ  and many more. (Please, don't mind if your name is not there, but I love you equally) This was the best thing that happened in my life. I am glad that I met some special friends with whom I have bonded well for life.

"I can't ask anything more from God than my best friends Charul, Prachi and Namrata who have been my true angels. These three beauties have done a lot for me which I can cherish for entire life. They have pure heart and positive nature."

As my journey moved forward then I came across a group of people through Minakshi from @minakshibajpai and Shubada from @shub_sg. This group or rather I would say a community of Bloggers made me believe in the fact that love exists everywhere. I have been a part of this community since 4-5 months and I feel like I am with them since my childhood. Whenever I am sad then I just talk to the whole community and within fraction of seconds I am happy. All of them have shown lot of love and trust to me for which I want to say Thank you!! I am lucky to have you all in my life. I wish I could add all your names here, but still I want to say, "Thank you for having me in your life! Thank you for the love you all shower on me!"
And I believe that there are many more friends waiting for me, so I would be happy to meet you all in my further journey of blogging.

This Valentines Day I will happily share my love with all these people because I am lucky to have you in my life. Happy Valentines Day!! Share and Spread Love!! ❣❣

As the Blog ends here, so the Blog train will depart to Varsha's station. She is a mechanical engineer and finance post-graduate. Now, she is a passionate blogger, an aspiring author, freelancer writer and editor and not to forget a mother of two adorable kids. So, do visit her Blog station to read her Valentines Special Post.

*This blog post is a part of #ShareURLove Blog Train, but the thoughts shared here are true and totally mine.

Thank You!
Amrit Kaur (Amy)


  1. Lovely post. I cannot agree more that the friends u get from the awesome community at Instagram, nothing can compare to that. You meet people who are going through the same thing as you abd it makes it so easy to connect to them. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Woow lovely post, it's feel great when you find world in social media no less than family.

  3. I love your approach towards life always so positive and interactive. Soar high and lovely post babe ❤️ Agree to everything u stated above ✌️

  4. I love the fact that there is a series of posts #ShareURlove. While I will stop by to check the rest, I see that you are thoroughly blessed with a beautiful Instafam. I am a part of Instagram's Bookstagram community and just taking baby steps so I know precisely what you have penned.

  5. This is such a positive and beautiful post, first thing I read in the morning. Full of gratitude and lovely words. Thanks a lot for giving me space in your life. You are such a positive & warm person. Always ready to jump on learning & helping.
    Thanks for your sweet friendship & joining the blog train.

  6. Beautiful post! I feel exactly the same as you! This community makes me believe love can be everywhere and anywhere! Thank you for being such a big part of our Lives Amrit di! 💕

  7. How beautiful, a lovely way to show your love for family and yea blogger friends!

  8. This looks like a great initiative to start a blog-train before Valentine's Day. Your thoughts on love & having family is very sweet :)

  9. This blog train is such a beautiful initiative..Loved your thoughts and such a lovely way to express your love for your family and fiends dear..

  10. Wow !! I have never thought in this way. I really love Virtual friends of mine and really thank Instagram for giving me such amazing set of people.

  11. MashaAllah you are so lucky to have such lovable people in your circle. Indeed love from friends and family makes us more confident and happy.

  12. it is beautiful that you found so many friends online. You are a very sweet person Amy and I truly love you. Happy writing in the blog train, wishing you tons of success!!

  13. This is a lovely post! What warmth for friends which are online and virtual, but our connection so real :) Happy Valentine's.

  14. What a lovely post.I too feel we are lucky to have love in our lives.

  15. Awwww that's such a heartfelt write up especially the part where u talk about ur relationship with ur brother....kudos to ur mom too

  16. Remembering all the people who make your life beautiful anf fill it with love is such a lovely thing to do. May God bless you with many more such friends and keep you all strong and together as family.

  17. Aww ... Love this post... Though my name was not there but I know you love me too and I love you for your honesty and dedication towards blogging...

  18. We love you too Amy. Your guidance is always there when we need no matter what. We are really happy to have you as our blogging friend, family and guiding star.

  19. Really, people we interact and come across on social media do become part of our lives. We connect with them and form bonds. Nicely put together, thanks for sharing :)

  20. Sometimes it feels so nice to read a simple post, about love, about happiness. sometimes, it's imperative that we pause for a while in our busy life and express gratitude towards all we love, for we forget to do this now. Having so many friends is a blessing. You're a lucky one. :)


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