What to Gift on Women's Day?

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The world is incomplete without women, so let's make this Women's Day special for the women's in your life. You might be confused with a question in your mind - What to Gift on Women's Day? Today, I am sharing a few ways by which you can make every women in your life feel special on International Women's Day (8th March).

1. Flowers
Who doesn't love flowers? Flowers are the most usual and traditional gifts. Whenever nothing gets in our mind then we end up buying flowers for special occasion. You can select from the different varieties of flowers and colours. You can opt for single flowers, bouquets or potted flowers.
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2. Handwritten Note

What can be better and touchy than a self written note? A handwritten note gives a personal touch on a special occasion. You can pen down your feelings and expressions in your handwriting on a nice coloured paper. You can also add little scent on the paper so that whenever the person open it, it gets an amazing fragrance that soothes the nerves.
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3. Handmade Stuff
You can add a personal touch to making Women's Day special by creating some handmade stuff like picture collage, jewellery, soaps, cards, etc. I persoanlly love receiving handmade stuff, so I always present special women's in my life with handmade stuff. Try it this year and see an extraordinary smile on your women's face!
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4. Books or Movie Tickets
Books are best friends, so you can gift a nice novel or an informative book that would be a good read. You can even ask beforehand about book genre choices to select the best book for gifting. Apart from a book, you can even gift movie tickets. Plan a nice movie date with her friends and gift them a special evening!
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These are the affordable gifts that can be given to every women, so select the best one for your women and make International Women's Day special this year.

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Happy International Women's Day!!

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  1. Oh these are some awesome ideas, quite thoughtful and lovely when you mentioned handmade stuff and hand-written notes. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. thankyou so much for introducing me in the blog train

  3. This is good Idea, will surely give a thought and gift my mom something from list

  4. These are such lovely ideas for women, Amrit. Handwritten notes and gifts for each other would be great.

  5. I like all these gift ideas... books and movie tickets would be ideal for me. Thanks for sharing this list, Amy. It'll help a lot of people trying to find a nice gift for wonderful women in their life.

  6. Sharing this article with others too so that they don't give excuses this time.

  7. I love hand written gifts for any occasion... So personalized

  8. All the gifts ideas are very unique Specially I love the Idea of Handmade Stuff.. It's nice

  9. Nice gift ideas.. thanks for sharing

  10. I gifted some handmade stuff to my mom and she loved it. I think it can be the best gift.


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