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When it comes to having fast food then PIZZA comes first on my mind. So, recently I got to know that Dominos India has introduced new pizza variants. you won't be able to believe that the range of their new Pizza variant starts from 99/-. Isn't this cool? Yes!!

Why To Try Dominos Pizza?
Dominos India has been taking customer feedback seriously and they have come over with a new makeover.
1. Their pizza base is now softer and more tasty.
2. They ensure that they use real cheese that makes their pizzas more cheesy.
3. They have introduced new variants with bigger and better toppings.
4. They use only fresh ingredients.
5. They have introduced affordable pizzas that start from an affordable price of Rs. 99/-.

#99reasonswhy I Love Dominos
Now-a-days, I have been loving Dominos Pizza a lot because the pizza tastes much better than before. I placed an order for Dominos Every Day Pizza - two pizzas starting at Rs. 99/- each. They delivered hot pizzas well in desired time. The pizza crust was soft at the base and crisp at the corners. The presence of enough mozzarella cheese made every pizza taste heavenly delicious.

Every bite of Dominos pizza had the taste of cheese and the toppings. The toppings quantity was enough and it was evenly spread over the pizza top.

I have tried few variants from the Every Day Value Offers Category and I love all of them. Dominos Pizza has been my saviour whenever I am hungry and don't feel like cooking.

I would rate Dominos pizza at 4.5/5. Visit their online order website or download the Dominos App to place an order. I am sure you would enjoy every bite of Dominos pizza.

Do let me know your feedback on their new variants!!

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