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Now-a-days, Delhi pollution levels are increasing at a high rate. It is high time that we all should take proper measures to reduce the level of polluted air that we breathe. What measures can we take? We should plant more trees; we should stop burning wastage and other materials outdoors; we should stop usage of firecrackers on occasions and we should stop using plastic. These are the major issues that need immediate attention.
To help in overcoming the alarming levels of air pollution in Delhi, Mr. Jai Dhar Gupta, an alumnus of Wharton School of Business, has founded Nirvana Being (2015). Recently, he launched idMASK for kids as well as adults.

Why Did Mr. Jai started Nirvana Being?
During the launch of Nirvana Being ID Masks (For Sports Persons), Mr. Jai Dhar Gupta, spoke about the incident that led him to work for pollution levels. In 2014, when he was preparing himself for a marathon run then he got sick. When he went to the doctor then he was prescribed to go through few tests. When the test reports came out then he got to know that he has lung infection. This infection made him to find ways to be safe indoors as well as outdoors. So, he came up of the idea to make Masks for breathing safe air.
The products which are launched in Nirvana Being are always tested by him personally for a quite enough time. When he is satisfied with the results then he makes them available for public use. Once, he was satisfied with the results of Nirvana Being idMASK, he launched them at Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

Nirvana Being idMASK
What is idMASK? It is a Sports Pollution Mask for sportspersons. This mask will help the sportspersons to go outdoors and do regular practice while inhaling fresh air. This mask has a filter that makes the air fresh for breathing when the environmental polluted air bypasses through it. Hence, the sportsperson breathes in fresh and safe air.

The Electrostatic Cloud filter present inside the mask captures the pollution particles down to 0.3 micron for easy breathability.

This mask is available in three sizesidMASK2 (Kids), idMASK2 (M) and idMASK2 (L).

idMASK2 has three separate layers that are designed in a manner that they efficiently filter dangerous particles from the air. So, this high-efficiency electrostatic layer filters the particles and helps a sportsperson to breathe fresh air while training.

You can purchase this idMASK2 from Nirvana Being Website (Click Here).

Other Products Available with Nirvana Being
At the launch event, I also got to see the other products available with them. Let's have a look at them below.

I was overwhelmed when I got to know that Mr. Jai has been working on an important cause for the benefit of Delhi people. Thanks to him for working so hard for all of us. Now, we should unite together and spread the word so that we don't have to breathe polluted air in future.

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I hope you all are enjoying the changing weather and the spirit of freedom during India's 72nd Independence Day. I love this weather a lot, but there is a reason for which I don't like this weather - Hairfall!! So, today I am going to talk about ways how you can get freedom from hair problems.

Now-a-days, many of us might be facing hair problems like hairfall, dandruff, thining of hair, etc. So, how do you deal with it? Either you try some home made packs or you try on with new products that mention about solution to hair problems. But does all the products give solution to hair problems? No! So, try using Satthwa Premium Hair Oil and see the reduction in your hair problems within few weeks.

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil
Satthwa Hair Oil is special because it has the goodness of 9 oils. Yes, you read it right!
Let us read what benefit each oil gives to our hair.

Coconut Oil : This is the holy grain oil that is best for our hair. It not only strengthens your hair, but it also helps to get rid of dandruff.

Sweet Almond Oil : Almond oil regulates the blood circulation and also locks the cuticles and makes hair smooth. This oil also contributes in reducing hairfall when mixed with coconut oil.

Castor Oil : With increasing age, greying of hair becomes a major hair issue, so castor oil stops premature greying of hair. It also helps in reduction of split ends.

Jojoba Oil : We often think of hair strands, but ignore scalp. Jojoba oil works on the scalp and cleans the pores and helps to maintain the pH balance of the scalp.

Olive Oil : Many of us try to experiment with our hair by colouring, so often our hair tends to become dry or damaged. This is when olive oil works the best. With regular usage, this oil treats dry and damaged hair to make them manageable.

Vitamin E : To reduce frizz and strengthen keratin in our hair, a hair oil must have vitamin E.

Grapeseed Oil : At a certain age our hair stops growing at a fast rate, but this is not a correct fact. If you manage your hair well then it grows at a good rate. The presence of grapeseed oil helps in promoting hair growth and delaying skin ageing.

Amla Oil : Our hair looks silky smooth when it is conditioned well, so amla oil conditions your hair as it has Vitamin A & C.

Emu Oil : This oil acts as a fortifying agent and helps in growth of new hair. So, with this oil your hair also becomes thick.

So, the presence of all these 9 oils in their natural form makes Satthwa Premium Hair Oil the best oil to get Freedom from your hair problems.

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil Features
Let's know more about the hair oil.

The hair oil comes in a good packaging. The oil is packed inside a thick board pack with features written on it. As you open the pack then you will find the oil bottle inside it.

Colour and Texture
The hair oil is yellowish in colour and it is a not too thin oil. Due to its rich texture you don't need a lot of oil for one use. Just take few drops in your hair and massage on your scalp gently.

Ingredients and Price
The hair oil contains 9 oils in their natural state. When you open the bottle of the oil then you would see that there is no artificial fragrance in it. This makes this oil safe for your scalp and hair.

This hair oil is priced at Rs. 599/- for 100 ml. I believe that this is reasonably priced. I have been using this hair oil since three months and it is still remaining.

How to Use?
It is easy to use this oil.
Step 1: Take out 5-6 drops of oil in your palm and massage well on your scalp.
Step 2: Gently massage on your scalp. Do massage at the back of your head, near the ears.
Step 3: Take 5-6 drops and rub them in your palm and then apply on your hair strands.

Note: Don't use a lot of oil as it gets into the skin easily so you won't see oily scalp. Use the hair oil twice a week before shampooing or overnight. Use for at least 2 months to see best results.

My Experience
I have been using Satthwa Premium Hair Oil since 3 months. It is non-sticky hence I love it as I don't like when oil comes on my hair. This oil started working from the third use and it lessen the appearance of dandruff on my scalp. By using it overnight (once a week) my dandruff vanished within two months. I even faced problem of hair loss and it has also been reduced (not fully solved within 3 months as it will take few more months). So, if you keep on using this hair oil then you would see amazing results within 6 months. I am stick to this hair oil, so when are you getting it?

Buy this oil from Amazon (click here).

This oil has changed my thinking towards oil, so I would rate it 4.5/5.

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Hey everyone!
With increasing time, everything is getting replaced by other things. Firstly our mothers used to wipe baby's body with wet cloth but now-a-days majority of mothers use baby wipes. But have you ever thought that are those wipes safe for your baby's body? Have you ever read the ingredients list and checked if all of them are safe for you baby or not? I am sure few of you might have checked but not all of you. So, today I am going to share my review about Mother Sparsh Baby Water Based Wipes.

About Mother Sparsh
Before we read the review about baby wet wipes, let me first introduce the brand. Mother Sparsh is a brand name by Dr. Sanjeev Juneja. He is the owner of Divisa Herbal Care, one of the leading Ayurvedic based firm in India. He always aimed at giving pure and natural products to the people around the world, so he combined the historical knowledge of Ayurveda with modern technology to give the best products. Hence, we have Mother Sparsh products specially for babies.

Why Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wipes Are Safe?
Mother Sparsh baby water wipes have a lot of positive things that make them 100% safe for your baby.
1. These baby wet wipes are 98% water based wipes. Hence, they help in maintaining the pH balance of skin.
2. They are parabens free, alcohol free (though alcohol is used as an disinfectant, but still it is not safe to use on baby's skin), hypoallergic and biodegradable wipes.
3. They contain plant based fabric on the wipes that is skin friendly as well as friendly for nature too.
4. They are dermatologist tested and clinically proven water wipes that protect baby's skin from rashes and redness.
5. They wipes are mild when used and keep the baby's skin soft and hydrated for long hours.

How Does Baby Water Based Wipes Look Like?
You all would wonder that how would water based wipes look like, but let me tell you they look like any other wet wipes.

Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes comes in a travel-friendly resealable pack. You can easily open the seal, take out the wipe and then seal it back for safety. One pack contains 80 wipes.

Where to Buy?
Mother Sparsh Baby Water Based Wipes are priced at Rs. 175/- for one pack with 80 water wipes. You can easily buy them from Amazon, Firstcry and Flipkart. Follow this link to buy them - Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wipes

How To Use Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes?
Baby Wipes are very easy to carry as well as use.

Step 1: Open the seal of the pack. Remember not to open too much of it.

Step 2: Gently touch the water based wipe and pull it out.

Step 3: Reseal the pack once you have taken out the wipes otherwise the other wipes would get dry.

Step 4: Open the wipe and swipe it to clean your baby's skin. The water based baby wet wipes are thin and made up of cotton. They are mild and very safe to use on baby's skin. The wipes are strong and doesn't tear off easily while using them.

My Experience
I have experienced that Mother Sparsh Baby Water Based Wipes are light and filled with water molecules. These wipes are not at all harsh on the skin. They are safe to be used on baby as well as adult's skin. These wipes not only cleans the desired area, they also give moisture and keep the skin hydrated for long hours.

My Rating
I would rate the wipes at 4.5/5.
I am totally loving these wipes and have already ordered one more pack for me. So, when are you placing an order? Get them at an exclusive offer - Rs. 20 off on MRP from Amazon, Firstcry or Flipkart (Note Offer valid since August 2018 for a short period of time).

I hope that you like the review. Do let me know your take on these baby water wipes!!

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