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I hope you all are enjoying the changing weather and the spirit of freedom during India's 72nd Independence Day. I love this weather a lot, but there is a reason for which I don't like this weather - Hairfall!! So, today I am going to talk about ways how you can get freedom from hair problems.

Now-a-days, many of us might be facing hair problems like hairfall, dandruff, thining of hair, etc. So, how do you deal with it? Either you try some home made packs or you try on with new products that mention about solution to hair problems. But does all the products give solution to hair problems? No! So, try using Satthwa Premium Hair Oil and see the reduction in your hair problems within few weeks.

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil
Satthwa Hair Oil is special because it has the goodness of 9 oils. Yes, you read it right!
Let us read what benefit each oil gives to our hair.

Coconut Oil : This is the holy grain oil that is best for our hair. It not only strengthens your hair, but it also helps to get rid of dandruff.

Sweet Almond Oil : Almond oil regulates the blood circulation and also locks the cuticles and makes hair smooth. This oil also contributes in reducing hairfall when mixed with coconut oil.

Castor Oil : With increasing age, greying of hair becomes a major hair issue, so castor oil stops premature greying of hair. It also helps in reduction of split ends.

Jojoba Oil : We often think of hair strands, but ignore scalp. Jojoba oil works on the scalp and cleans the pores and helps to maintain the pH balance of the scalp.

Olive Oil : Many of us try to experiment with our hair by colouring, so often our hair tends to become dry or damaged. This is when olive oil works the best. With regular usage, this oil treats dry and damaged hair to make them manageable.

Vitamin E : To reduce frizz and strengthen keratin in our hair, a hair oil must have vitamin E.

Grapeseed Oil : At a certain age our hair stops growing at a fast rate, but this is not a correct fact. If you manage your hair well then it grows at a good rate. The presence of grapeseed oil helps in promoting hair growth and delaying skin ageing.

Amla Oil : Our hair looks silky smooth when it is conditioned well, so amla oil conditions your hair as it has Vitamin A & C.

Emu Oil : This oil acts as a fortifying agent and helps in growth of new hair. So, with this oil your hair also becomes thick.

So, the presence of all these 9 oils in their natural form makes Satthwa Premium Hair Oil the best oil to get Freedom from your hair problems.

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil Features
Let's know more about the hair oil.

The hair oil comes in a good packaging. The oil is packed inside a thick board pack with features written on it. As you open the pack then you will find the oil bottle inside it.

Colour and Texture
The hair oil is yellowish in colour and it is a not too thin oil. Due to its rich texture you don't need a lot of oil for one use. Just take few drops in your hair and massage on your scalp gently.

Ingredients and Price
The hair oil contains 9 oils in their natural state. When you open the bottle of the oil then you would see that there is no artificial fragrance in it. This makes this oil safe for your scalp and hair.

This hair oil is priced at Rs. 599/- for 100 ml. I believe that this is reasonably priced. I have been using this hair oil since three months and it is still remaining.

How to Use?
It is easy to use this oil.
Step 1: Take out 5-6 drops of oil in your palm and massage well on your scalp.
Step 2: Gently massage on your scalp. Do massage at the back of your head, near the ears.
Step 3: Take 5-6 drops and rub them in your palm and then apply on your hair strands.

Note: Don't use a lot of oil as it gets into the skin easily so you won't see oily scalp. Use the hair oil twice a week before shampooing or overnight. Use for at least 2 months to see best results.

My Experience
I have been using Satthwa Premium Hair Oil since 3 months. It is non-sticky hence I love it as I don't like when oil comes on my hair. This oil started working from the third use and it lessen the appearance of dandruff on my scalp. By using it overnight (once a week) my dandruff vanished within two months. I even faced problem of hair loss and it has also been reduced (not fully solved within 3 months as it will take few more months). So, if you keep on using this hair oil then you would see amazing results within 6 months. I am stick to this hair oil, so when are you getting it?

Buy this oil from Amazon (click here).

This oil has changed my thinking towards oil, so I would rate it 4.5/5.

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  12. Amazing satthwa hair oil. This hair oil is best to nourish the hair. The packaging is also good. Great thoughts.

  13. Amazing satthwa hair oil. This hair oil is best to nourish the hair. The packaging is also good. Great thoughts.

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