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As we come closer to enter New Year 2019, the temperature goes down. Here in Delhi, the temperature is 5 degree Celsius during nights. This is the time when we need to take extra care of our skin so that it doesn't get dryer due to cold winds. This time, I changed my skincare routine and included Dermavive Intensive Body Hydrating Oil. This is one of the best body oils because it not only hydrates but also maintains the pH balance of skin.
About Dermavive
Dermavive is an Australian brand that uses Natural Colloidal Oatmeal in their products. Oatmeal has been used as a grain since historical times. It has a lot of benefits for our skin like soothing, cleansing, etc. This ingredient is a boon for people with dry, itchy and sensitive skin. All Dermavive products are Australian Made. This is an official campaign of Australian government. This indicates that products are proudly made in Australia and UAS pharmaceuticals is also an Australian owned and operated company.
About Dermavive Intensive Hydrating Body Oil
Dermavive Intensive Hydrating Body Oil is Australian Made. This oil is ideal to solve the issues of dry, itchy and sensitive skin. The presence of Avena sativa (also known as oat straw, oatmeal) seed powder makes this oil good for anti-ageing and moisturising as well.

Benefits of Using This Oil1. The oil hydrates skin and keep its moisturised for long hours.
2. It is free from fragrance, parabens and lanolin.
3. It maintains the pH balance of skin and acts as a good lubricant for dry skin conditions.
4. It has oatmeal, due to which the oil soothes redness, itching and sensitive skin issues.
5. It is safe to be applied all over body of infants as well as adults.
6. It acts as a skin barrier and keeps skin safe from external environmental issues.
7. It has the property to heal and calm irritated skin.
8. Due to the presence of oatmeal, this oil has the benefits to heal damaged skin.

Packaging, Colour, Texture and Ingredients
Dermavive Intensive Hydrating Body Oil comes in a travel friendly tube. When you use it for the first time then you need to open the seal. The seal gives a belief that the product is safely locked inside the tube.

The oil is natural, hence, its colour is transparent like other oils. As it is in purest form (and has oatmeal too), so you might see some thick texture, but as you apply to your skin it melts away easily.
This oil contains the following ingredients:
Colloidal Oatmeal (Avena Sativa Seed Powder)
Laureth 10
Sodium PCA
Liquid Paraffin
Dicapryl Maleate
Dicapryl maleate
My Experience
I have tried and tested this oil for one whole month before writing this review. This oil caught my attention as soon as I applied it for the first time. It melted into the skin and made it looking moisturised and shining. This oil is safe for dry and sensitive skin. I have very sensitive skin due to which I don't use a lot of products on my skin, but since the day I am using this oil my skin is soft, moisturised and shining.

As it is winters, but my skin isn't effected due to the dry winds. This oil can be used in numerous ways:
1. If you have very dry skin then you should apply it directly to your skin and massage well to penetrate oil into the skin.
2. If you have normal skin then you can mix oil with lukewarm water and then apply on your skin.
3. If you have oily or combination skin then you can even apply oil directly on your skin, massage and wipe off with wet wipes.
I have tried all the three ways and saw different results. When I applied it directly on my skin and massaged well then it left my skin looking shining. I used to have sun bath after applying oil and add on the effects. 
When I mixed it with lukewarm water and applied after shower then wiped off with towel. This gave a soft layer on my skin and kept it moisturised for entire day. As I have oily skin, so sometimes I used to apply and wipe off with wet wipes (when I had to go out for some meeting or event). All the three ways worked for me well. I would rate this product as 4.5/5. The only con is that it is bit costly, but if you require a good quality product then it would be little expensive and would give the best care to your skin.

Where to Buy?
You can buy this oil only from Amazon and Purplle for Rs. 950/- for 120 ml. Do keep an eye on online sale to get this amazing product at a discounted price.

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During change of weather, cough and cold are very common. So, this time cough and cold caught me at the start of winters and didn't want to leave soon. 🙈 It had been around 10 days that I was on cough and cold medication, but I was also having lozenges to soothe my throat soon. Just this time, I got a package from Alchem and it contained their PhytoRelief-CC Sugarfree Lozenges. 😲 I felt like this was the correct time to test and review them. Let's know more about these lozenges.
AlchemLifeTM was established in 1984, as the natural medicine and food supplement division of Alchem International (the parent company). They focus at combining ancient traditional medicine methods with contemporary medicinal trends to get a healthy product for life. They are pioneers for giving best health care and food supplements, created by nature. Each product goes through lots of research and test, so that the customers get what is best for their health. At present, Alchem is one of the largest manufacturer of phytonutrients in the region. Their products can be found around the world, including America, Europe and Asia.

AlcemLife PhytoRelief-CC Sugarfree Lozenges
PhytoRelief-CC has been developed by using AlchemLife's PhytoAdvanceTM technology. This technology aims at providing faster, better and long lasting relief after having the product. It is beneficial for cough, cold and flu. The anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic & immunity boosting properties of these lozenges, makes this very effective product for quicker relief.


Let us know the why these lozenges are worth every penny.
1. Lozenges are clinically tested and proved to give natural relief from cold, cough, itchy throat and flu.
2. They are based on phyto-actives (natural active plant ingredients).
3. They aim at reducing the symptoms, duration & re-occurrence of cough, cold and flu.
4. The natural ingredients of these lozenges also acts as immunity booster.
5. They doesn't have any side-effects.


These lozenges come in strips. Each strip contains 10 lozenges. These lozenges are soft and chewy.
There are four main ingredients in AlchemLife PhytoRelief-CC Sugarfree Lozenges that makes it useful:
My Experience
As these lozenges came at the right time, so I started consuming them from the day they arrived. When I took out one lozenge from the strip then I saw that it is soft and chewy, but we don't need to chew it. I took it in mouth and within few seconds I could taste the ingredients and feel that they have started working. These lozenges need to be kept in mouth for as long as we can. They should not be chewed or swallowed. At first, the taste is little strong, so you need to manage to keep in mouth and not chew it. However, I managed to built the taste and loved it when I had it for the second time.
It is recommended to have 3-4 times in a day, so I took 3 lozenges in a day. After one day, I could see that there was around 30-40% improvement in cough and cold. I am having these since 3 days and I am much better now. You can also consume these if your immunity is low. Due to the presence of natural ingredients, this will help in boosting immunity without any side-effects. Consume only 2 if you are taking them for building immunity only.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase these lozenges from their official website (Click here). They retail for Rs. 235/- for one strip (10 lozenges). I would rate these 5/5 as they do work and show improvement from the first day.

If you are suffering from cough, cold or flu then do get one strip of AlchemLife PhytoRelief-CC Sugarfree Lozenges and get well sooner than normal.

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Let's welcome the season of dry and cold winds - Winters! ☃❄
During winter season, we need to take extra care of our skin because dry winds make the exposed skin dry and dull. If you are looking for a perfect moisturising lotion then you are at the right place. Recently, I shopped for some skincare from Neutriderm, Australia. Neutriderm Vitamin E Moisturising Lotion has been my favourite companion to tackle with dry winters. This Vitamin E Moisturising Lotion contains Tocopherol disodium phosphate (Vitamin E) which has salt water-soluble consistency. Due to this, the lotion penetrates into the skin within seconds, doesn't leave residue and acts as a barrier to protect skin layers. Let's read more about the brand and the product.
About Neutriderm
Neutriderm is an Australian brand. All the products are made Australia. Their products are specialised for dry and itchy skin that needs extra care and nourishment. Neutriderm products are recommended b many leading Dermatologists in India from past 10 years. They don't compromise while making the products and keep in mind that the end product should be of premium quality. Due to this, their products are priced on the higher side because they want to cater to the customer that looks for the best quality products.

Neutriderm Vitamin E Moisturising Lotion

Neutriderm Moisturising Lotion is specially made for people with dry skin conditions, but this doesn't mean that people with other skin types can't use it. Vitamin E is one of the best ingredient for skin. It is an anti-oxidant that protects your skin from UV damage. Vitamin E products create a safety layer on the skin (when applied) and protects it from the external factors like harsh weather conditions, sun's rays, etc. Not only this, it has enriches skin with moisture, leaving behind soft and smooth skin.
There are ample of reason's that makes Neutriderm Moisturising Lotion a must try.
1. It contains a special type of Vitamin E that penetrates deep inside the skin and protects it for longer hours.
2. It protects skin from harmful UV rays and repairs the damage caused due to ultraviolet rays (when used regularly).
3. It is specially designed for dry to very dry skin, but is suitable for normal as well as oily skin (Note: Oily skin also dries out in winters due to lack of moisture.).
4. As it contains water-soluble ingredient, so it is light-weight and non-sticky. (Note: If applied on oily skin it penetrates easily and doesn't leave any residue on the skin.)
5. It is safe to use on sensitive skin as well as it soothes redness too. (Note: I have sensitive skin, so it suited me well.)

Benefits of Usage
As the main ingredient is Vitamin E, so it has the following benefits:
1. Mosturising : Vitamin E solves all the problems of skin dryness. It protects skin and provides moisturisation, keeping skin hydrated and healthy.
2. Antioxidant : Vitamin E is very good anti-oxidant that relieves skin from itchiness, reduces inflammation and protects from harmful ultraviolet radiations.
3. Anti-ageing : With regular usage, you can control the signs of ageing as it promotes elastin and collagen production that helps to maintain skin's elasticity.
4. Scars and Stretchmarks : This moisturising lotion helps to fade away scars (with regular usage for long time) as the damaged cells are replaced with new ones (to be used since the age of 22). It also reduces the itchiness caused on or around the areas of stretchmarks.
5. Chapped Lips : You can apply this moisturising lotion on your dry lips too. Apply it before sleeping to get soft and smooth lips next morning.

The products comes in sturdy outer box with products details. There is a travel-friendly tube inside along with a seal. This ensures that you get safe and quality product. Open the cap to remove the seal and close it again.
As you press the tube, moisturising lotion comes out easily. Take out sufficient amount of product and apply it on face, hands, arms or legs. Gently massage to penetrate it inside the skin.
It blends well and leaves soft and moisturised skin. Remember to apply it 20-30 minutes before going out.
My Experience
I have been using this moisturising lotion since one month. I have seen positive changes in my skin. My skin used to be dry during weather change, but this time season didn't effect my skin. My skin is moisturised and hydrated at present. I always use it 30 minutes before I am moving out. If I am applying makeup then I use it 10 minutes before starting with makeup. It acts as a good base for makeup and also keeps the oil away from my T-zone for 6-8 hours (I have oily T-zone).
This moisturising lotion has made my skin tone even (about 50-60%). I could see visible results from 10th day. I use it after waxing too to reduce the redness on my sensitive skin. It also soothes itchiness caused due to excessive sweat or some light allergy. It is paraben and cruelty free, so safe to be used by all. It should be stored at dry and cool place. I would rate this product as 4.5/5.
Where to Buy?
You can buy this online from Amazon, Purplle, Netmeds and Flipkart. It is priced at Rs. 850/- for 125 ml of tube. It can be purchased at  discounted price during festive offers on respective platforms. 

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