Cure Cough, Cold & Flu with AlchemLife PhytoRelief-CC Sugarfree Lozenges

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During change of weather, cough and cold are very common. So, this time cough and cold caught me at the start of winters and didn't want to leave soon. ๐Ÿ™ˆ It had been around 10 days that I was on cough and cold medication, but I was also having lozenges to soothe my throat soon. Just this time, I got a package from Alchem and it contained their PhytoRelief-CC Sugarfree Lozenges. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ I felt like this was the correct time to test and review them. Let's know more about these lozenges.
AlchemLifeTM was established in 1984, as the natural medicine and food supplement division of Alchem International (the parent company). They focus at combining ancient traditional medicine methods with contemporary medicinal trends to get a healthy product for life. They are pioneers for giving best health care and food supplements, created by nature. Each product goes through lots of research and test, so that the customers get what is best for their health. At present, Alchem is one of the largest manufacturer of phytonutrients in the region. Their products can be found around the world, including America, Europe and Asia.

AlcemLife PhytoRelief-CC Sugarfree Lozenges
PhytoRelief-CC has been developed by using AlchemLife's PhytoAdvanceTM technology. This technology aims at providing faster, better and long lasting relief after having the product. It is beneficial for cough, cold and flu. The anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic & immunity boosting properties of these lozenges, makes this very effective product for quicker relief.


Let us know the why these lozenges are worth every penny.
1. Lozenges are clinically tested and proved to give natural relief from cold, cough, itchy throat and flu.
2. They are based on phyto-actives (natural active plant ingredients).
3. They aim at reducing the symptoms, duration & re-occurrence of cough, cold and flu.
4. The natural ingredients of these lozenges also acts as immunity booster.
5. They doesn't have any side-effects.


These lozenges come in strips. Each strip contains 10 lozenges. These lozenges are soft and chewy.
There are four main ingredients in AlchemLife PhytoRelief-CC Sugarfree Lozenges that makes it useful:
My Experience
As these lozenges came at the right time, so I started consuming them from the day they arrived. When I took out one lozenge from the strip then I saw that it is soft and chewy, but we don't need to chew it. I took it in mouth and within few seconds I could taste the ingredients and feel that they have started working. These lozenges need to be kept in mouth for as long as we can. They should not be chewed or swallowed. At first, the taste is little strong, so you need to manage to keep in mouth and not chew it. However, I managed to built the taste and loved it when I had it for the second time.
It is recommended to have 3-4 times in a day, so I took 3 lozenges in a day. After one day, I could see that there was around 30-40% improvement in cough and cold. I am having these since 3 days and I am much better now. You can also consume these if your immunity is low. Due to the presence of natural ingredients, this will help in boosting immunity without any side-effects. Consume only 2 if you are taking them for building immunity only.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase these lozenges from their official website (Click here). They retail for Rs. 235/- for one strip (10 lozenges). I would rate these 5/5 as they do work and show improvement from the first day.

If you are suffering from cough, cold or flu then do get one strip of AlchemLife PhytoRelief-CC Sugarfree Lozenges and get well sooner than normal.

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  1. Ye to bahut effective n attractive bhi hai ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
    Lakin kuch jyada hi costly bhi hai, sab log afford nahi kar payenge na

  2. Cold and flu with this winter season is so common and this looks like great to get relief from ...Never tried as such but sure check out

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  4. Seems like a great n healthy remedy to persistent problems like cold. Thanks for the share.

  5. A bit costly but if it is effective then it is much cheaper than getting antibiotics and of course a safer and gentler alternative too.Being a homoeopathic doctor, I feel natural an dgentle methods are best.

  6. It is good that this is available online. Your review makes me check this out one immediately. Thanks


  7. Thanks for sharing the lozenges at the right season, i’m certainly going to try them and see how they are

  8. I truly love that it is made of the Natural ingredient, no side effect. A cough and cold is a common problem and most of the time, my family suffer from it

  9. wow this lozenges look so yummy! I will try also. My mom has cough and cold problem even my hubby too. I will buy for them specially.

  10. It's the right time that I'm getting this info. Good to know that PhytoRelief-CC Sugarfree Lozenges are Soft and chewy, I guess they can be used by kids too?

  11. Thank u for sharing such a detailed review. It's the need of the hour as winters are here. Will check for them online

  12. Thanks for the detailed review. These looks effective. I always have prolonged cold n cough if i get it once.. will keep these handy for sure

  13. The detailed review would be very helpful for people planning to buy AlcemLife PhytoRelief-CC Sugarfree Lozenges. Quick relief from cough and cold is necessary in winters.

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  16. These lozenges seem like the ideal quick-fix medicine to cure colds and coughs. I will keep them by my side.
    Noor Anand Chawla


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