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This wedding season, "Look Too Glam To Give a Damn!" Now-a-days, liquid lipsticks are so much in trend, so I bought three shades of Stay Quirky Liquid Lipstick. When I got them, I had several questions in my mind like - Are these long lasting lipsticks? Are these matte liquid lipsticks? Are these good for dry lips? But when I tried them then I got answer to every question. Want to know the answers? Read further to know more about Stay Quirky Matte Liquid Lipsticks.
About Stay Quirky
Stay Quirky is a team of uber chic, super skilled and totally BadAss scientists who love to prepare kickass makeup products that compliment women's fashion look. They prepare zillions of colours to add a trendy pop in makeup looks. From nail enamels to lip shades to eye liners, they are working day and night to bring the best makeup products for women to enhance their looks. Stay Quirky has 800+ nail enamel shades, 25+ lip shades and 1 eyeliner (data updated Jan 2019).

Stay Quirky Liquid Lipstick
I bought 3 Stay Quirky Liquid Lipsticks from This was the first time that I was trying liquid lipstick, so I was little afraid that will it dry soon or take time, but it dried out sooner, giving a matte look. In short, Stay Quirky Liquid Lipsticks are matte liquid lipsticks. I bought three shades:
1. Spooning Guaranteed - Nude shade for every day look
2. I Woke Up Like This - Brown shade to rock friend meet-ups
3. Too Hot For Date Night - Dark Red shade to glam your date nights
Note: I am wearing Too Hot For Date Night in the image above, shown in sunlight.

Here, you will get answers to all the questions that came in mind while buying liquid lipsticks. The first thing that caught my attention was the variety in Stay Quirky Liquid Lipstick shades.
1. There are 20+ super pigmented shades of liquid lipsticks to select from.
2. Liquid lipsticks have deep colours, so you don't need to dip the wand in the bottle again and again for one application.
3. The liquid lipsticks glides smoothly on the lips, giving a hint of moisturising and not drying lips.
4. These dry up within few seconds, giving a matte look on lips.
5. These are transfer proof, so you can eat and drink carefree without any touch-ups.
6. These matte liquid lipsticks stay on the lips for long hours (I have tested them for 8 hours).
7. They are vegan and toxin free, so wear them without worrying of any side effects.

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Packaging and Pricing
When it comes to having every day lipsticks then I always look for travel-friendly packaging, which I found in Stay Quirky Matte Liquid Lipsticks. The liquid lipsticks come in rectangular handcrafted outer box. Inside is a small bottle with luxurious packaging which fits easily into a wallet as well.

The applicator is not a normal regulator, it is shaped as a leaf for easy and precise application. The applicator comes handy when you are applying liquid lipstick as it glides easily on lips.

These liquid lipsticks retail for Rs. 449/-. You can find them at discounted price - Rs. 359/- on during sale periods. If you shop two liquid lipsticks (Orders above Rs. 599/-)  then you get a free gift (offer updated Jan 2019).
My Experience
Liquid lipsticks are easy to blend and fill on the lips for a smooth look. I loved the packaging of Stay Quirky Liquid Lipsticks as it glides easily into the smallest pocket of my purse. Even though, I don't need touch-ups after applying one coat of matte liquid lipsticks, but still sometimes I carry them in my purse.
My first impression of Stay Quirky Liquid Lipsticks was, "Wow!😱 The shade is so pigmented!" The shade is super pigmented, hence, just one dip of the applicator is enough to apply on lips and slay for good 6-8 hours.

As I applied the first creamy coat, it started drying up to give a matte look. For few seconds, I felt some dryness on lips but it vanished away as the liquid lipstick dried completely. Stay Quirky Long Lasting Lipsticks give matte look. You can eat and drink and still the shade stays on the lips. The brand claims that it will still stay on after "100 kisses💋", though I haven't tried 100 kisses🤣, but yes it stayed on for good 8 hours on my lips.

Final Verdict : These matte liquid lipsticks are a must buy as they are affordable, pigmented, non-toxin and best for the glam look. I would rate 5/5 for these glam to date long lasting lipsticks.😍

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