Stretchable Slim Fit Jeans ft. Shein India

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Fashion is one topic that never shades away. Be it any season or any time of the year, we all talk about fashion. For me fashion is, "To be comfortable and happy in what you wear!" 😃 Majority of time, you would see me wearing jeans 👖 with a nice top/hoodie as I feel comfortable in them. This love for jeans make me hunt for good quality, stretchable and slim fit jeans. It is not easy to shop for jeans online, but still I gave it a try and stalked some stretchable slim fit jeans at Shein online website. 

While searching for a stretchable slim fit jeans at Shein online website, I came across lots of designs that convinced me to put them in my shopping cart. At the end I had 8 pair of jeans in my shopping cart. 🤣 But wait! I didn't buy all of them. I just ordered one pair of jeans so that I would get to know how the quality, size and fitting is.

When I received the order then I was happy as the pair of jeans was exactly what I had seen on screen. The size was perfect, it also has stretch as mentioned in the description, the detailing was minimal with colourful stripes at the side (just how I like it), the colour was as shown in the picture and the material was skin-friendly

How to Place an Order at Shein?
Now-a-days, it isn't difficult to place an order at online websites or applications. Sometimes, when you don't have enough time to go out and shop then online websites or applications are the best solutions. I do 7-% of my shopping from online websites and applications. Let's now see how one can place an order at Shein.

Step 1: Open the website ( or download the app on your mobile and open it.
Note: If you are shopping for first time then you need to create an account using any of the mentioned details:
a. Email
b. Google account
c. Facebook account

Step 2: Once you have registered or signed In then you can search for the categories at the top. You will have various options like:
a. What's New
b. Exclusive
c. Trends
d. Clothing
e. Plus Size
f. Dresses
g. Shoes & Accessories
h. Sale and few more options

Note: If you are shopping on an app then you will have fewer options like:
a. Women
b. Men
c. Plus Size
d. Category

Step 3: Click on the appropriate category and then you can select the sub category accordingly. If you want a particular product, like I wanted Jeans, so I typed Jeans in the search box and I got what results I was looking for. You will also find some filters to select the best choice as shown below on the left side.

Step 4: Scroll and look for the suitable article and then click on to check complete details about it. As you click, you will see more pictures of the selected article, size availability and description.

Note: Always read the description and sometimes reviews too before ordering. And most important check the size chart to know your exact size so that you don't need to change the product after delivery.

Step 5: Finally, when you have selected the product then add it to the cart and proceed for payment. If you have any coupon code then you can apply at checkout. Shein India accepts all the cards and few wallet options that are valid in India. It doesn't accept international cards.

Note: Use my coupon code: amrit15 to get 15% off on all items under Plus Size section for orders above Rs. 4200 (59$).😱

At checkout you can select adding shipping insurance (to make sure products are delivered safely). I never add it because I receive my parcels safely and within a weeks time. Their delivery time varies from location to location.

Return Policy : Shein India accepts returns within 30 days from the order delivery date. You need to maintain the original packaging and submit a request for return in your Shein account. You can either parcel it yourself or ask for pick-up courier. Once the product is picked up and received by Shein then they process the replacement or refund (as per request) within 5 days. Normally, the complete process takes around 15-20 days.

My Experience
It has been around 1 year that I have been shopping from Shein. I used to shop for dresses, but this is the first time that I shopped for bottom wear. The package came well in time within a week and I was given tracking details after 2 days of my order. The package was delivered in safe and secure packaging.

As I opened the package then I checked whether the product matched the description and images on screen or not. And it was exactly the same. 😍 When I wore it, the size was just perfect. As it had some stretch, so even if I loose or gain weight, it would fit me. 😝 I have wore jeans around 5-6 times till now and I am impressed with the quality. Now, Shein India is going to be my favourite place to shop. I have already ordered three more bottom wear from Shein now. Stay tuned for many Shein hauls in coming months. 😜

Here is my complete look with Stretchable Slim Fit Jeans ft. Shein:

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  1. Happy New Year 💐💐 wishing you all happiness n success in life 👍👍
    Jeans bahut hi acchi, perfect fit n nice colour 👍👍
    Maine abhi tak shien se shopping nahi ki hai, per ab bitiya k liye try karungi 😊

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    1. You would surely find bottom wear accordingly at Shein. You can also see the models wearing them to know what would suit you well

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