6 Fashion Secrets for Busy Women

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The hectic way of life often drains the energy out of you. If you are a working, busy mother it can be even more demanding on your time. You need to meet deadlines at work, take care of your kids, run errands… On top of that, you’re supposed to look polished every day. Even though looking great with such a busy schedule seems like an impossible task, there are a few simple tricks that can help you keep it together.
Here are 6 fashion secrets every busy woman needs to know.

1.   Invest in classics
Although neon might be the hot new trend of the season, that doesn’t mean it works for you. Invest in clothes that are high in quality, timeless, and fashion-forward like a good pair of jeans, black pants or black skirt, white shirt, a blazer, and black heels. They can be mixed and matched with almost any colour to produce different outfits. Make sure these are always clean, ironed and ready to wear.
Pair a top with comfortable jeans
2.    Complete your look with accessories
When you’re on the run, accessories can make even the simplest outfit shine. Invest in a great bag and belt in a neutral colour so that you can match them to any item in your closet. Don’t forget about sunglasses, watches, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.
Accessories are also the area where you can show your individuality. If you don’t have a position that strictly requires toned down, conservative accessories, go for a brightly coloured bag or crazier earrings.

3.    Have one great blazer in your closet
Nothing polishes a look like a great blazer. The key is to pick the right fabric and make sure it fits perfectly. When it comes to colour, many would say that dark coloured blazers are a better fit for the workplace, but there are no strict rules.
You can wear your blazer over a dress, shirt, or T-shirt when the weather is warmer or you can wear a coat over it when it’s colder.

4.    Monochromatic look
When you don’t have the time to think about what to wear, just go for a monochromatic combination. If you don’t have all the items in the same colour, try pairing your blazer to your pants, or your flats to your blouse. If you want to liven things up, just grab a brightly coloured bag or put on red lipstick
Wear a red lipstick

5.    Great shoes and fashionable flats
Everybody knows that a great pair of shoes can uplift even the most boring outfit. For instance, if it’s laundry day and you only have one clean outfit, brightly coloured heels will easily turn the whole combo around.
And for the days when you don’t feel like wearing heels, a pair of fashionable flats will come really handy. Again, choose a neutral shade that’ll allow you to combine them with almost anything.
Comfortable Flats

6.    Know what’s working for you
Experimenting is great but if you don’t have time to do it, know what suits you well. For instance, it might be a combo that’s tighter at the bottom and looser at the top or vice versa. This way, you’ll know exactly what items to grab and leave your house on time.

Finally, make sure the clothes you’re wearing at work make you feel comfortable. The days when women had to wear Spanx in order to squeeze into a super-tight dress that prevented them from eating lunch are long gone. Wear whatever you want because, after all, you’ll have to spend more than eight hours in your work outfit.

It would be an additional plus if you could wear most of your work clothing items when you’re not working as well.

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