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Recently, I have established interest in fashion and have gained confidence to show my fashion style. I am not a rich brat who can buy clothes too often. I prefer buying good quality clothes that can be worn multiple times with different styles. This is the first time that I am sharing fashion tips on how to style one outfit in three different styles. I prefer keeping things simple, so these fashion tips can easily be followed by anyone.
Outfit Styles

Outfit Style 1
Here, I am wearing a plain Black Top from United Colors of Benetton and Floral White Denim from Bossini.

Fashion Tip
I hope everyone has solid coloured tops in their wardrobe, so pair it with a printed bottom. It can be a printed jeans or plazzo or leggings or pyjama or pants. If you have a printed top then prefer pairing it with a solid or little highlighted bottom.

Outfit Style 1

Outfit Style 2
Here, I took out a purple coloured Shrug from my wardrobe and wore it over the Black Top. I wore it in a simple way and tied a knot in the second look.

Fashion Tip
In summers, you can wear a sleeveless shrug, over a sleeve top. Remember that if you wear a sleeveless shrug over a sleeveless top then the top would get hidden, so I personally don't prefer this combination.
In winters, you can wear half or full sleeves shrug to cope up with the cold weather. Believe me, shrugs come really handy to uplift an outfit look. Shrugs come in different styles, so always go for little heavy ones which can be worn multiple times. I love knitted shrugs the most.

Outfit Style 2

Outfit Style 3

Outfit Style 3
Here, I picked up a Golden Dupatta (Stole) from my dupatta collection and wore it in two ways. I love carrying dupatta around the neck but styling it like a saree look was my first attempt for something different. I did feel a bit weird for experimenting this look, but after looking at the pictures I thought that it didn't look too bad.

Fashion Tip
I have many stoles and dupattas in my wardrobe and I love to carry them with my outfits. Whenever you are pairing a stole or dupatta with a printed bottom or top then prefer to go with a solid coloured stole or dupatta because it enhances the look.
You can also pair a two-coloured stole or dupatta but make sure that the colours are matching with the outfit. This comes very handy when you don't have time to buy a new outfit or style your outfit. Just wear a stole or a dupatta in different style and you are ready to rock the look.

Outfit Style 4

Outfit Style 5

I hope you liked these fashion tips. Also keep few jewellery pieces and sunglasses to pair with your outfits because they add a good detailing and enhances the look too.

Outfit Style 6

I am not a pro in fashion, but I am learning to experiment and share the end result with you all so that you can also incorporate the style in your outfit looks. Let me know which styles are your favourite from the above pictures in the comments below.

Also don't forget to share these tips with your family and friends. See you soon!

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Thank you for your constant support! Here, I am back with another blog post. This time I am sharing my views on one of my favourite Korean Beauty brand - Laneige. Last year, I visited Korea and got lots of Korean Beauty products. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask and Lip Mask are two products that are my best investment. These two products work like magic. Want to know how? Scroll down to know more about them.
Laneige Masks

Laneige Masks

About Laneige Water Sleeping Mask 15 ml
As the name says, Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is enriched with skin hydration properties. This is an overnight gel mask that purifies, moisturises and makes your skin fresh for the next morning.

1. It is an overnight gel mask, hence, thin layer should be applied onto the skin.
2. The mask isn't sticky as it penetrates inside the skin within few minutes after application.
3. It is free from parabens and phthalates.
4. This mask is tested by dermatologists and suitable for all skin types.
5. It repairs and brightens the skin overnight.

Packaging and Texture
Laneige Water Sleeping Mask comes in two different sizes - 15 ml and 70 ml. To try out for the first time, you can buy 15 ml tub and it goes on for at least 2 months as very less product is required. It is a white gel mask that has light-weight formula.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

About Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask 3 g
Many of us often ignore taking care of our lips, so Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is there to take proper care of all your lips worries. This mask forms a protective layer and makes lips soft and pink in the morning.

1. It is an overnight gel mask for lips.
2. This mask is free from parabens and phthalates.
3. It removes the dead skin cells from lips and the presence of Vitamin C helps to brighten up your lips.
4. With regular usage, it lightens dark lips too and makes them look softer and lighter.
5. It is tested by dermatologists and suitable for every lip type.

Packaging and Texture
Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask comes in different sizes - 3 g and 20 g. You can try out the smaller tub first nd it will last up to 4-5 months even if you use it every night. It is a pinkish lip balm that leaves a shiny cast after application.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Price and Availability
I got these from Korea for 7.21 $ (approx. Rs.500). You can get them from various other websites in India like Beauty Barn, Nykaa, Amazon and Yesstyle.

My Experience
I am a fan of Laneige Sleeping Masks since the day I am using them. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is applied on the face and neck. I wash and tone my face before applying this sleeping mask. It is a light-weight gel mask that penetrates into the skin within few minutes of application. It works overnight and you wake up with soft, moisturised and brightened skin. I could see a difference after first application. I use it thrice a week to maintain good health of my skin. It has been 8 months that I have been using this mask (thrice a week) and my skin is way better than before. (Note: I am using other skincare products too along with this.) It also controlled the appearance of sebum on my skin too (as one of the main cause of sebum is lack of moisturisation). Now, my T-zone isn't too oily as before.

Laneige Masks Texture

I have always used cow ghee on my lips to keep them soft and moisturised. Last year, I tried Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask and it worked well to keep lips moisturised and improve the colour too. I could see clearly visible result after a month. It is a lip balm that forms a layer on the lips. Just apply and leave it overnight. It is not sticky and after application the balm melts into the lips, leaving a shiny cast onto the lips. I use this every day as my lips get dry easily. The next morning, my lips are soft, moisturised and pinkish. After regular usage, I also see little bit of plumping effect on my lips too. I have seen a lot of improvement in my lips dryness and colour over the period of 6 months. My lips doesn't dry out too often, even in winters. I use it in day time also as a lip balm or before I start with my makeup to prepare my lips.

Laneige Pinterest

I would rate this product as 4.5/5 and would recommend both the sleeping masks to everyone. At least you should try out once and see the difference yourself. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is a must have for everyone because it goes on long and protects your lips well.

Korean beauty products have brought a lot of change in my skin and I am loving it. I would be reviewing more Korean products, so meanwhile leave a comment and share this review with your family and friends. 

See you soon with another blog post!

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These days, India's pollution levels are on the higher side, so it is necessary for all of us to take extra care of our health. By intaking the polluted air, our lungs get affected the most. Our lungs get layers of toxins when we are exposed to pollution, smog, dust, vehicle emissions, factory smoke, etc. We need to take care of our lungs to remove the toxins and have healthy lungs.
From few weeks, I was facing consistent cough issues, so I thought to try Nature Sure Lungs Pure Capsules. These capsules are a blend of Ayurvedic herbs that improves the health of our lungs. After reading a lot about these capsules, I placed an order and started taking them before meals.
Nature Sure Lungs Capsules

About Nature Sure
Nature Sure is a brand name owned by Wet and Dry Personal Care. Nature Sure has a range of products that are beneficial for our health. Their products have natural blend of ingredients that are formulated at GMP and ISO certified manufacturing units. You can find various products under this brand like Kalonji Oil, Muscle Charge tablets, Castor Oil, Pores and Marks Oil, Mosquito Repellent Roll-On, Herbal Anti-Acne Cream, etc.

Nature Sure Lungs Capsules Main

Nature Sure Lungs Pure Capsules
These capsules are purely for good health of lungs. They have been tested and scientifically proven to improve the health of lungs.

1. These capsules contain pure and potent herbs that exert broncho-dilatory, mucolytic, expectorant and antimicrobial actions on lungs.
2. They purify as well as detoxify lungs.
3. They help to reduce the damage caused by pollution and heal tissue damage over a period of time.
4. They act as a healer and booster for lung immunity.
5. They provide relief from cough (even smoker's cough) with regular usage.
6. They contain Ayurvedic herbs and Western herbs that work together to give enough benefits to your lungs.
7. They are 100% natural and safe to be used by anyone.

Nature Sure Lungs Capsules Features

Vasika, Guduchi, Dhanyaka, Kantakari, Haridra, Shunthi, Bharangi, Pippali, Pine Bark and Oregano

Nature Sure Lungs Capsules Ingredients

One to two capsules before morning and evening/night meals with lukewarm water.

Price and Availability
One bottle contains 60 capsules that are priced at Rs. 896/- i.e. Rs. 15/- for one capsule. I believe spending Rs. 30/- every day for good health is better than spending thousands of money medicines to get cured afterwards. You can purchase these capsules from Nature Sure website, Amazon and few other online health websites.

My Experience
From few weeks, I was having dry cough due to dirt and pollution near my place (construction work is going on the adjacent home). I took medicine but continuous dirt couldn't cure my cough completely, so I thought to try Nature Sure Lungs Pure Capsules. This is the first time, I am having such supplements.
It comes in plastic bottle. As you open the lid then you will see cotton that secures the capsules inside the bottle. The capsule is green in colour and packed so well. 

Nature Sure Lungs Capsules Packaging

Nature Sure Lungs Capsules Secure Packaging

It is recommended to take one capsule before meals, so I take it before breakfast and dinner with lukewarm water. There is no such taste of the capsule, so you don't need to worry for bitter tasting capsules.

Nature Sure Lungs Capsules - 60

To my surprise, I could see results within three days. My cough got reduced to 50% and I felt like it helped to detox my lungs. I took this continuously for a week and could see a lot of difference. It cured dry cough and helped me to cope with the dirt and pollution too. I would continue to take them until I complete this bottle as I believe that these capsules would benefit me in the long run.

You can complete 1-2 months course of these capsules to get maximum benefits for lungs. After this you can take only one capsule a day or take a break for few months. This supplement adds to the goodness of your health. It doesn't have any side effects on the body as it is 100% natural.

This supplement is not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women.
If you are undergoing some medication then do consult with your physician before taking these capsules.

Nature Sure Lungs Pure Pinterest

I would rate these capsules as 5/5 as they worked well for my dry cough. I would recommend these to people who have chronic cough or are allergic to dust as these capsules would help you to detox your lungs and live a better and healthier life.

I hope you liked the review of this product. Do comment below and share this blog post with family and friends to spread health awareness among all.

Thank you!
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Being a freelancer, I don't have a fixed place of work. Sometimes, I need to travel, so it is necessary for me to keep my work data with me. While travelling, it is not possible to carry heavy devices, so I prefer to store data in mobile phones but mobiles have limited storage capacity. I wanted a solution for this and got to know about card reader. While searching for it on Amazon, I came across 5 in 1 Card Reader + USB 2.0. This is a device that solved a lot of digital issues for me. Want to know how? Scroll down to know more about it.
Card Reader Main

What is a Card Reader?
A card reader is an electronic device that connects to mobile, tablets, computers or laptops to access or transfer data from one device to another.

What is the use of Card Reader?
We can access and transfer data stored on SD card, MMC or USB by using a card reader. This card reader is suitable for MOBILE PHONES. It has THREE SLOTS that supports:
Memory card
USB Drive

Card Reader Details

How to use a Card Reader for mobile phone?
You can store your data (pictures, videos, documents, etc.) in memory or SD cards or USB and keep them with you on the go.
Step 1: Go to mobile settings and TURN ON OTG access.
Step 2: ATTACH your SD/Memory card or USB to the card reader.
Step 3: CONNECT the card reader into the PORT of mobile phone.

Card Reader - SD Card

Step 4: OPEN FILE MANAGER and you will be able to see OTG storage folder.
Step 5: OPEN the FOLDER and access or copy the files. You can also paste new files in OTG storage.

Card Reader Gallery

Step 6: Before disconnecting the OTG, EJECT IT from the drop down options. Once closed then remove the OTG from the mobile phone.

How to take care of the Card Reader?
1. You should keep the card reader in dry and clean place.
2. Always eject the card reader before disconnecting it from the device.
3. Wipe it with a dry cotton cloth before connecting it to the device.
4. Don't be hard while connecting and disconnecting the card reader from the device.

My Experience
It has been 7 years that I am a freelancer, so I prefer keeping my data with me. I had got an external hard drive few years back, but it can only be connected to a laptop. The days when I am carrying my tablet and mobile phone then I take along the card reader with me. I store important and useful data in SD Card and Pen drive and carry it in a pouch along with the card reader. All this stuff fits easily in my purse, so I don't have to carry heavy devices.
My phone memory is almost free as I have transferred all the data to pen drive and access it with the help of a card reader only when required. If you work on the go then having a card reader would be a saviour for you. I highly recommend this product. You can purchase it from Amazon or any other online website. Just open the app or website and search '5 in 1 card reader'. Remember to check the best compatible model for your mobile based on your mobile's USB port.

Card Reader Port

I hope you this blog post will be useful for you. Comment below and share this piece of information with your family and friends. Also check other blog posts here.

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During summer season, hair gets exposed to sun and pollution. Hence, they become dull and frizzy. It is important for us to take extra care of hair to control frizz and dullness. Moroccan Argan Oil is the highest quality of Argan oil that is originated from Argan trees grown in Morocco. It nourishes hair and makes hair soft and stronger. But people like me don't like to apply oil too often, so Satthwa Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo is the solution for you. This shampoo is enriched with the goodness of various ingredients that are best for hair like Moroccan Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil and Keratin.
Satthwa Shampoo Review

About Satthwa
Satthwa means 'pure' in Sanskrit. This brand started in 2016 and focused on marketing their first product i.e. Satthwa Premium Hair Oil. The brand focuses on providing natural and pure products to their customers. They use Grade A ingredients in their products without processing them with any harmful chemicals. After successful response of hair oil the brand worked towards the launch of shampoo, essential oils, carrier oils, men's care, etc.
Satthwa Shampoo

Satthwa Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo
This shampoo is enriched with Moroccan Argan Oil and Keratin as the main ingredients that are necessary for having healthy hair.

1. This shampoo contains Argan oil that restores the health of hair with regular usage.
2. It has various oils that are necessary for healthy scalp and nourishment of hair strands.
3. The presence of Keratin helps hair to get adequate amount of proteins.
4. The shampoo is free from chemicals, mineral oils, parabens and sulphates.
5. It is suitable for all hair types, even coloured hair.
6. It has aloe vera that prevents itching on scalp and conditions hair too.
7. It also has hibiscus oil that boosts the growth of hair.

Aqua, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Botanical Keratin, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Lauryl Glucoside, Coco Glucoside, Decyl Glucoside, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerine, Aloevera Gel, Hibiscus Oil, Neem Extract, Poluquart-10, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sodium Phytate, Xanthan Gum and Natural Fragrance
Satthwa Shampoo Ingredients

Packaging, Price and Availability
The shampoo comes in a sturdy board box. The 200 ml shampoo tube is easy to store and use when taking out shampoo. It is priced at Rs. 499/- and is available at Satthwa website, Amazon and Flipkart.
Satthwa Shampoo Packaging

How to Use?
Follow the given steps to use any shampoo effectively:
Step 1: Wet your scalp and hair.
Step 2: Take shampoo in a plate and mix with few drops of water.
Step 3: Make partitions on hair and apply shampoo in each partition one by one.
Step 4: Gently massage to form lather. Pour more water if needed.
Step 5: After 5-7 minutes rinse thoroughly.

Note: If you oil your hair before shampoo then you can wash hair twice. Use very less shampoo when washing hair for the second time.

My Experience
I loved their Premium Hair Oil, so I had a lot of expectations from their Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo. The shampoo is light-weight and lathers well when mixed with few drops of water. The shampoo cleans scalp nicely in just one wash. It also conditions hair, so I don't use a conditioner every time after using Satthwa Moroccan Argan Oil.

I used this shampoo in the following different ways:
1. I used the shampoo and didn't use a conditioner after it.
Result: Hair was clean and soft. It controlled frizz up to 50%. I used a hair conditioner to manage 50% frizz. I need to shampoo hair after three days.

2. I oiled my hair with Satthwa Premium Hair Oil and then used shampoo once.
Result: Hair was clean, soft and conditioned. It remained the same for three days and after that scalp became oily. (Note: I have very oily scalp.) 

3. I oiled my hair and then used shampoo twice. I used two drops of hair oil as a conditioner on damp hair.
Result: Hair was clean, soft and frizz free. The effect remained for four days.
Satthwa Shampoo Result

It has been two and a half months that I am using this shampoo. And my hair texture has improved. I just dry my hair with hair dryer (in downwards direction) and my hair becomes straight and manageable. I don't feel the use of blow drying or using heat every time I wash my hair. Satthwa Moroccon Argan Oil Shampoo keeps my hair soft and manageable. I use it in all the ways mentioned above as per my need. And please note that the shampoo is still left in the tube, so it is totally value for the money spent on buying. (I shampoo my hair after every four days.) 

Note: It is recommended to use a conditioner and heat protectant on hair if your hair is exposed to heat or sun every day.

I would rate this product as 4.5/5. I would recommend this shampoo specially to people who haven't treated their hair ever. This shampoo will make your hair soft, smooth and healthy. For people who have colour treated hair, using a conditioner is a must as your hair needs extra conditioning after treatments.

I hope you like this review. Leave a comment below and share the blog post with your family and friends.

See you soon with another blog post!

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Summers are here, so it is necessary for all of us to drink lots of water and take care of our hygiene, specially intimate hygiene. These days, it is important for us to take care of intimate hygiene as well to avoid sickness or further diseases. I am very particular when it comes to selecting products for intimate care. Since two weeks ago, I am using Everteen Natural Intimate Wash and I am liking the product. This intimate wash works well and helps to maintain vaginal health & hygiene.
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

About Everteen
Wet and Dry Personal Care Pvt Ltd. is a healthcare and wellness company that established in 2013. The company started with a passion and vision to provide safe, natural and healthy products to Indians. They have a professional team of employees, scientists, researchers, etc. who are specialised in healthcare, beauty, fitness, wellness, retail and business fields. Not only in India, but their products are loved by people around the world like Australia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Malaysia, US, UK, etc. They started the brand name Everteen - desirable always, that has a range of intimate care products for females. They have various products like intimate wash, menstrual cup, hair remover cream, hygiene wipes, sanitary napkins, etc.

About Everteen Natural Intimate Wash
Female intimate area is sensitive than our other body area, so it is important to maintain 3.5 pH balance of the intimate area. Everteen Natural Intimate Wash helps to maintain the pH balance and protect the intimate area from itching, bad odour and infections.
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Company

Features of Intimate Wash
1. It is natural and scientifically designed to promote body's natural vaginal balance.
2. It is paraben free, sulphate free and not tested on animals.
3. It contains 100% natural active ingredients which are safe and provide effective cleansing.
4. It is free from soap and other harsh chemicals, hence, it doesn't damage the sensitive area and helps to retain moisture in the skin.
5. With regular usage, it helps to fight against itching and irritation.
6. It also helps to prevent bad odour and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties too.
7. When used during menstrual days, it helps to have safe and hygienic periods.
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Features

Ficus glomarata (0.3%), Butea frondosa (0.2%), Sphatika (1%) and Aloe vera (1%)
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Ingredients

Packaging, Texture and Colour
The intimate wash is yellow in colour and comes in a plastic bottle that can be stored in bag or purse.
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Package

The texture of the intimate wash is thick that lathers well when in contact with water.
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Colour

Price and Availability
It is priced at Rs. 180/- for 105 ml. You can purchase it from Everteen website and other online websites like Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa.

How to Use?
For best results, use Everteen Natural Intimate Wash twice a day.
Step 1: Wet the private parts with water.
Step 2: Take sufficient amount of Intimate Wash on your hand and apply on the private parts.
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Apply

Step 3: Gently massage to lather well for 2-3 minutes.
Step 4: Rinse thoroughly with water.

Note: Do use Intimate Wash before and after workout and sex. During menstrual days, you can use it more than two times in a day.

My Experience with Everteen Natural Intimate Wash
I am using Everteen Natural Intimate Wash every day since two weeks. The packaging is nice and fits well into my purse or bag while I am travelling. The intimate wash has thick texture that lathers softly when it comes in contact with water. It doesn't lather too heavenly as it is a soap-free formula. After rinsing, it leaves a pleasant fragrance that stays on for few hours.
For the first three days, I couldn't notice any result, but on the fourth day I noticed that didn't sweat a lot (in summers I sweat a lot). As the days passed on, I could feel that it reduced sweat and irritation. I could hardly smell any bad odour after 10 days. It has been 14 days, that I am using this and I feel that my intimate area is healthier and hygienic than before.
When I felt that Everteen Natural Intimate Wash controlled the occurrence of sweat, so I used it to wash my underarm area too (as this area is also sensitive and needs extra care). To my surprise, it actually worked well and I didn't sweat too often like before. It also had a pleasant fragrance that kept my underarms fresh and hygienic as well. Since then I am using this intimate wash every day for my underarms and intimate area.
Infact after waxing or shaving any our body becomes more sensitive, so I wash the arms and legs with intimate wash to maintain the skin's balance. It cleans and sanitizes the area well.

Note : Don't use the intimate wash on face.
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Pinterest

I would rate this product as 4.5/5. It is a multi-purpose product that can be used at any sensitive body area. I would recommend this to every female as it is important for us to maintain the health and hygiene of our intimate areas.

I hope you like this review. Do leave a comment and share this post with other females in your life to promote hygiene of intimate care.

See you soon with another blog post!
Thank you!
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Hello #blogfam,
As summers are here, so it is necessary to use a face mask twice a week. In summers, our skin get exposed to dirt, dust, sun's rays and other external factors which are harmful to our skin. We should cleanse, tone and moisturise our skin every day and use face masks twice a week to have youthful and happy skin. Since two months, I am using Pure Bubbles Soapery Eco-friendly Skincare Face Masks and they have helped me to have better skin. Want to know why and how? Then continue reading further as I am sure you would also love to have better skin.

Pure Bubbles Face Masks

About Pure Bubbles
Pure Bubbles Soapery is a homegrown brand by Bhavana Doshi. She lives in Rajasthan and loves to curate skincare products that are nature friendly as well as organic for all skin types. She believes in providing luxurious and natural skincare to her customers and help them to minimise the use of harsh chemicals on skin. She prepares all products in small batches so that the quality of each product is up to mark and alike in every product that she sells. You can select from soaps, skin cleansers, face washes, scrubs, lip scrubs, moisturisers, face masks, hair cleansers, facial drops and many more products that are available at Pure Bubbles.

Pure Bubbles Eco-friendly Face Masks
I am using two Pure Bubbles Soapery Face Masks - Dead Sea Mud Face Mask and Moroccon Clay Massage Face Mask. Let's know about each face mask one by one.

Pure Bubbles Masks

Pure Bubbles Soapery Dead Sea Mud Face Mask
Mud masks are famous because they work well to remove impurities and dead skin from your body. They also help in clearing pores, controlling oil and clearing skin. Dead Sea Mud mask is specially curated to clean skin and act as a barrier to protect skin from getting damaged by external factors. The presence of various essential oils helps in making skin firm and improving the elasticity.

Dead Sea Mud Mask Main

Distilled water, Dead sea mud, Black seed oil, Pomegranate oil, Moringa oil, Shea butter, Olive derivatives, Glycerine, Iscagaurd, Yllang Ylang essential oil, Choulmogra essential oil and Xanthum gum

Dead Sea Mud Mask Back

Packaging, Colour, Texture and Price
This face mask comes in glass tub. This green coloured face mask has thick consistency (due to shea butter) and shiny appearance (due to various essential oils). It spreads well onto the skin and doesn't irritate the skin.

Dead Sea Mud Mask Texture

Quantity : 50 grams
Price : Rs. 600/-
Shelf Life : 12 months
Suitable for all skin types, specially normal, oily and acne prone skin.

How to Use?
Step 1: Clean and Tone your face using a cleanser and toner respectively.
Step 2: Apply a thick layer (not too thick) of dead sea mud face mask all over face and neck.
Note: You can add two drops of Pure Bubble Propolis Face Drops to have anti-ageing benefits added to the face mask.
Step 3: Leave the mask for 15-20 minutes.
Step 4: Lightly massage and then wash off with normal water (or wipes off with wet wipes).
Step 5: Pat dry with cotton towel and apply a good moisturiser to lock in the effect.
Note: You can use Pure Bubbles Argan & Rosehip Moisturiser too.

Pure Bubbles Soapery Moroccon Clay Massage Face Mask
Clay masks are great to nourish and clean skin. Moroccon Red Clay is good for patchy skin or skin with blemishes. It helps to exfoliate and have even skin tone. Clays acts as a good cleanser to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads from the skin. The presence of shea and mango butters helps to moisture and hydrate skin well.

Moroccon Clay Mask Main


Argan oil, Rosehip seed oil, Shea butter, Mango butter, Olive derivatives, Moroccon red clay, Walnut shell, Glycerine, Guarsilk, Iscagaurd, Lime essential oil, Patchouli essential oil and Neroli essential oil

Moroccon Clay Mask Back

Packaging, Colour, Texture and Price
This face mask comes in glass tub. This rust coloured face mask has thick consistency (due to shea and mango butter) and minutes granules (due to morocco red clay and walnut shell for very mild exfoliation). It spreads well onto the skin and doesn't irritate the skin.

Moroccon Clay Mask Texture

Quantity : 50 grams
Price : Rs. 600/-
Shelf Life : 18 months
Suitable for all skin types, specially oily and dry skin types.

How to Use?
Step 1: Clean and Tone your face using a cleanser and toner respectively.
Step 2: Apply a thick layer (not too thick) of morocco clay massage face mask all over face and neck.

Note: You can add two drops of Pure Bubble Propolis Face Drops to have anti-ageing benefits added to the face mask.
Propolis Face Drops

Step 3: Leave the mask for 15-20 minutes.
Step 4: Lightly massage and then wash off with normal water (or wipes off with wet wipes).
Step 5: Pat dry with cotton towel and apply a good moisturiser to lock in the effect.
Note: You can use Pure Bubbles Argan & Rosehip Moisturiser too.

My Experience
It has been two months that I have been using these two masks with Propolis Face Drops in different ways:
1. I use dead sea mud face mask alone on the skin to get clean and glowing skin. My skin appears to be clean and shiny after using this mask. I have combination skin (dry + oily t-zone) so it doesn't leave my skin dry after wiping off the mask.

2. I use moroccon clay massage face mask alone once a week to clean the blackheads and whiteheads from my face. Over the time, I have noticed that the occurrence of blackheads and whiteheads have reduced over time. I add two drops of Propolis Face Drops onto my fingers and then massage for two minutes before washing off the face mask. It clears the pores well, so I use a toner (to close the pores) after this mask and then a moisturiser. It adds a natural glow on the face.

3. I combine both masks and use them - Dead Sea Mud Face Mask for t-zone area (to reduces the occurrence of oil and acne) and Moroccon Clay Massage Face Mask on other areas (to clear my open pores on cheeks). I prefer using this before going to a special occasion. It works well to give natural glow and prepare skin well for a good makeup base (I use minimal makeup as the natural glow is enough to make skin look youthful).

I would rate these face masks 5/5. As they are skin-friendly, organic, handmade and natural so they are totally safe to be used by anyone (men or women who is 18+ age). You can shop these from Bhavana Doshi at +919784591628.

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