Access Files On The Go with a Pen Drive and Card Reader

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Being a freelancer, I don't have a fixed place of work. Sometimes, I need to travel, so it is necessary for me to keep my work data with me. While travelling, it is not possible to carry heavy devices, so I prefer to store data in mobile phones but mobiles have limited storage capacity. I wanted a solution for this and got to know about card reader. While searching for it on Amazon, I came across 5 in 1 Card Reader + USB 2.0. This is a device that solved a lot of digital issues for me. Want to know how? Scroll down to know more about it.
Card Reader Main

What is a Card Reader?
A card reader is an electronic device that connects to mobile, tablets, computers or laptops to access or transfer data from one device to another.

What is the use of Card Reader?
We can access and transfer data stored on SD card, MMC or USB by using a card reader. This card reader is suitable for MOBILE PHONES. It has THREE SLOTS that supports:
Memory card
USB Drive

Card Reader Details

How to use a Card Reader for mobile phone?
You can store your data (pictures, videos, documents, etc.) in memory or SD cards or USB and keep them with you on the go.
Step 1: Go to mobile settings and TURN ON OTG access.
Step 2: ATTACH your SD/Memory card or USB to the card reader.
Step 3: CONNECT the card reader into the PORT of mobile phone.

Card Reader - SD Card

Step 4: OPEN FILE MANAGER and you will be able to see OTG storage folder.
Step 5: OPEN the FOLDER and access or copy the files. You can also paste new files in OTG storage.

Card Reader Gallery

Step 6: Before disconnecting the OTG, EJECT IT from the drop down options. Once closed then remove the OTG from the mobile phone.

How to take care of the Card Reader?
1. You should keep the card reader in dry and clean place.
2. Always eject the card reader before disconnecting it from the device.
3. Wipe it with a dry cotton cloth before connecting it to the device.
4. Don't be hard while connecting and disconnecting the card reader from the device.

My Experience
It has been 7 years that I am a freelancer, so I prefer keeping my data with me. I had got an external hard drive few years back, but it can only be connected to a laptop. The days when I am carrying my tablet and mobile phone then I take along the card reader with me. I store important and useful data in SD Card and Pen drive and carry it in a pouch along with the card reader. All this stuff fits easily in my purse, so I don't have to carry heavy devices.
My phone memory is almost free as I have transferred all the data to pen drive and access it with the help of a card reader only when required. If you work on the go then having a card reader would be a saviour for you. I highly recommend this product. You can purchase it from Amazon or any other online website. Just open the app or website and search '5 in 1 card reader'. Remember to check the best compatible model for your mobile based on your mobile's USB port.

Card Reader Port

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