Maintain Intimate Hygiene with Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

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Summers are here, so it is necessary for all of us to drink lots of water and take care of our hygiene, specially intimate hygiene. These days, it is important for us to take care of intimate hygiene as well to avoid sickness or further diseases. I am very particular when it comes to selecting products for intimate care. Since two weeks ago, I am using Everteen Natural Intimate Wash and I am liking the product. This intimate wash works well and helps to maintain vaginal health & hygiene.
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

About Everteen
Wet and Dry Personal Care Pvt Ltd. is a healthcare and wellness company that established in 2013. The company started with a passion and vision to provide safe, natural and healthy products to Indians. They have a professional team of employees, scientists, researchers, etc. who are specialised in healthcare, beauty, fitness, wellness, retail and business fields. Not only in India, but their products are loved by people around the world like Australia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Malaysia, US, UK, etc. They started the brand name Everteen - desirable always, that has a range of intimate care products for females. They have various products like intimate wash, menstrual cup, hair remover cream, hygiene wipes, sanitary napkins, etc.

About Everteen Natural Intimate Wash
Female intimate area is sensitive than our other body area, so it is important to maintain 3.5 pH balance of the intimate area. Everteen Natural Intimate Wash helps to maintain the pH balance and protect the intimate area from itching, bad odour and infections.
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Company

Features of Intimate Wash
1. It is natural and scientifically designed to promote body's natural vaginal balance.
2. It is paraben free, sulphate free and not tested on animals.
3. It contains 100% natural active ingredients which are safe and provide effective cleansing.
4. It is free from soap and other harsh chemicals, hence, it doesn't damage the sensitive area and helps to retain moisture in the skin.
5. With regular usage, it helps to fight against itching and irritation.
6. It also helps to prevent bad odour and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties too.
7. When used during menstrual days, it helps to have safe and hygienic periods.
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Features

Ficus glomarata (0.3%), Butea frondosa (0.2%), Sphatika (1%) and Aloe vera (1%)
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Ingredients

Packaging, Texture and Colour
The intimate wash is yellow in colour and comes in a plastic bottle that can be stored in bag or purse.
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Package

The texture of the intimate wash is thick that lathers well when in contact with water.
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Colour

Price and Availability
It is priced at Rs. 180/- for 105 ml. You can purchase it from Everteen website and other online websites like Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa.

How to Use?
For best results, use Everteen Natural Intimate Wash twice a day.
Step 1: Wet the private parts with water.
Step 2: Take sufficient amount of Intimate Wash on your hand and apply on the private parts.
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Apply

Step 3: Gently massage to lather well for 2-3 minutes.
Step 4: Rinse thoroughly with water.

Note: Do use Intimate Wash before and after workout and sex. During menstrual days, you can use it more than two times in a day.

My Experience with Everteen Natural Intimate Wash
I am using Everteen Natural Intimate Wash every day since two weeks. The packaging is nice and fits well into my purse or bag while I am travelling. The intimate wash has thick texture that lathers softly when it comes in contact with water. It doesn't lather too heavenly as it is a soap-free formula. After rinsing, it leaves a pleasant fragrance that stays on for few hours.
For the first three days, I couldn't notice any result, but on the fourth day I noticed that didn't sweat a lot (in summers I sweat a lot). As the days passed on, I could feel that it reduced sweat and irritation. I could hardly smell any bad odour after 10 days. It has been 14 days, that I am using this and I feel that my intimate area is healthier and hygienic than before.
When I felt that Everteen Natural Intimate Wash controlled the occurrence of sweat, so I used it to wash my underarm area too (as this area is also sensitive and needs extra care). To my surprise, it actually worked well and I didn't sweat too often like before. It also had a pleasant fragrance that kept my underarms fresh and hygienic as well. Since then I am using this intimate wash every day for my underarms and intimate area.
Infact after waxing or shaving any our body becomes more sensitive, so I wash the arms and legs with intimate wash to maintain the skin's balance. It cleans and sanitizes the area well.

Note : Don't use the intimate wash on face.
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I would rate this product as 4.5/5. It is a multi-purpose product that can be used at any sensitive body area. I would recommend this to every female as it is important for us to maintain the health and hygiene of our intimate areas.

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