Nature Sure Lungs Pure Capsules Review - Depollutes, Cleanses and Heals

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These days, India's pollution levels are on the higher side, so it is necessary for all of us to take extra care of our health. By intaking the polluted air, our lungs get affected the most. Our lungs get layers of toxins when we are exposed to pollution, smog, dust, vehicle emissions, factory smoke, etc. We need to take care of our lungs to remove the toxins and have healthy lungs.
From few weeks, I was facing consistent cough issues, so I thought to try Nature Sure Lungs Pure Capsules. These capsules are a blend of Ayurvedic herbs that improves the health of our lungs. After reading a lot about these capsules, I placed an order and started taking them before meals.
Nature Sure Lungs Capsules

About Nature Sure
Nature Sure is a brand name owned by Wet and Dry Personal Care. Nature Sure has a range of products that are beneficial for our health. Their products have natural blend of ingredients that are formulated at GMP and ISO certified manufacturing units. You can find various products under this brand like Kalonji Oil, Muscle Charge tablets, Castor Oil, Pores and Marks Oil, Mosquito Repellent Roll-On, Herbal Anti-Acne Cream, etc.

Nature Sure Lungs Capsules Main

Nature Sure Lungs Pure Capsules
These capsules are purely for good health of lungs. They have been tested and scientifically proven to improve the health of lungs.

1. These capsules contain pure and potent herbs that exert broncho-dilatory, mucolytic, expectorant and antimicrobial actions on lungs.
2. They purify as well as detoxify lungs.
3. They help to reduce the damage caused by pollution and heal tissue damage over a period of time.
4. They act as a healer and booster for lung immunity.
5. They provide relief from cough (even smoker's cough) with regular usage.
6. They contain Ayurvedic herbs and Western herbs that work together to give enough benefits to your lungs.
7. They are 100% natural and safe to be used by anyone.

Nature Sure Lungs Capsules Features

Vasika, Guduchi, Dhanyaka, Kantakari, Haridra, Shunthi, Bharangi, Pippali, Pine Bark and Oregano

Nature Sure Lungs Capsules Ingredients

One to two capsules before morning and evening/night meals with lukewarm water.

Price and Availability
One bottle contains 60 capsules that are priced at Rs. 896/- i.e. Rs. 15/- for one capsule. I believe spending Rs. 30/- every day for good health is better than spending thousands of money medicines to get cured afterwards. You can purchase these capsules from Nature Sure website, Amazon and few other online health websites.

My Experience
From few weeks, I was having dry cough due to dirt and pollution near my place (construction work is going on the adjacent home). I took medicine but continuous dirt couldn't cure my cough completely, so I thought to try Nature Sure Lungs Pure Capsules. This is the first time, I am having such supplements.
It comes in plastic bottle. As you open the lid then you will see cotton that secures the capsules inside the bottle. The capsule is green in colour and packed so well. 

Nature Sure Lungs Capsules Packaging

Nature Sure Lungs Capsules Secure Packaging

It is recommended to take one capsule before meals, so I take it before breakfast and dinner with lukewarm water. There is no such taste of the capsule, so you don't need to worry for bitter tasting capsules.

Nature Sure Lungs Capsules - 60

To my surprise, I could see results within three days. My cough got reduced to 50% and I felt like it helped to detox my lungs. I took this continuously for a week and could see a lot of difference. It cured dry cough and helped me to cope with the dirt and pollution too. I would continue to take them until I complete this bottle as I believe that these capsules would benefit me in the long run.

You can complete 1-2 months course of these capsules to get maximum benefits for lungs. After this you can take only one capsule a day or take a break for few months. This supplement adds to the goodness of your health. It doesn't have any side effects on the body as it is 100% natural.

This supplement is not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women.
If you are undergoing some medication then do consult with your physician before taking these capsules.

Nature Sure Lungs Pure Pinterest

I would rate these capsules as 5/5 as they worked well for my dry cough. I would recommend these to people who have chronic cough or are allergic to dust as these capsules would help you to detox your lungs and live a better and healthier life.

I hope you liked the review of this product. Do comment below and share this blog post with family and friends to spread health awareness among all.

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Amrit Kaur (Amy)


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