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I am back with another healthy product review. When I was a kid then my mother used to massage my body with coconut oil. Since my teenage days, I am using coconut oil every night to wake with moisturised and better skin. Not only this, I also use coconut oil in my homemade face packs and hair packs. But when it comes to selecting the coconut oil then I prefer using Natural Virgin Coconut Oil. Three weeks back, I got introduced to Farm Origin Virgin Coconut Oil and placed an order for it. It has been three weeks that I have been using Farm Origin Virgin Coconut Oil for skin, hair and cooking. Surprised? Yes, one oil can cater to all your problems related to skin, hair and cooking. Read further to know more about it.

About Farm Origin
Farm Origin is a brand name Marketed by Rosas Food Products, Coorg and Manufactured by SA Exports, Dindigul. The brand aims at providing Pure and Healthy products to the consumers for the betterment of their health. They don't compromise on the quality of their products. The Farm Origin Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from fresh coconut milk which is enriched with lots of benefits for our body.

About Farm Origin Virgin Coconut Oil
Farm Origin Virgin Coconut Oil is unrefined, cold pressed oil that is extracted from fresh coconut milk.

Why Cold Pressed?
Coconut oil is available in two forms - cold pressed and refined. Cold pressed coconut oil is unrefined, so it has higher levels of anti-oxidants than refined coconut oil. Cold pressed oil doesn't undergo any heat process, hence it retains all the necessary nutrients and is pure form of oil. Refined coconut oil is suitable for sautéing and stir-frying while cold pressed oil is good for heat cooking and baking. Cold pressed coconut oil has natural flavour while refined coconut oil has a hint of flavour (the natural flavour vanishes away when additives are added during the refining process).

Features of Farm Origin Virgin Coconut Oil
You must have known till now that cold processed coconut oil is better and good for our health. I would prefer using Farm Origin Coconut Oil for the following reasons:
1. It is unrefined, natural and 100% pure.
2. It is extracted from coconut milk, which has healthy benefits for our body.
3. It is superfood that is enriched with anti-oxidants.
4. It can be used to have a better skin and healthy hair.
5. It can also be used for cooking as well as a dietary supplement.
6. It improves immunity and promotes good digestion.
7. It has Zero Trans Fat and Zero Cholesterol, hence it is good for people on diet as well.
8. It is rich in Vitamin E that moisturised skin and helps in having even skin tone.
9. It can also be used as baby oil.
10. It is suitable for all skin and hair types and can be used by women as well as men.

100% unrefined coconut oil (Vegetarian)


Packaging, Colour and Texture
Farm Origin Virgin Coconut Oil comes in pack of 500 ml bottle. It is unrefined, so the colour of the oil is transparent. The coconut oil is not at all sticky. It penetrates into the skin when massaged for few minutes.


Price and Availability
500 ml of Farm Origin Virgin Coconut Oil is priced at Rs. 380/-. You can purchase it from Amazon (click here) or WhatsApp on +91 9447488231 for more information.

My Experience
I have been using Farm Origin Virgin Coconut Oil since three weeks and I have been liking it. This is surely the natural form of coconut oil because the oil is transparent. (As you can see in the image below, it is colourless). The package came packed well in Amazon packaging. The bottle was bubble wrapped to avoid damaged during transit. I specially like the cap of the bottle as it is stiff and closes well, keeping the oil secure in the bottle (the cap is also spill proof).


Farm Origin Virgin Coconut Oil is non-sticky and penetrates into the skin, hair and scalp easily. It doesn't leave any cast when used on skin. You can:
1. take 2-3 drops and massage well on your face, neck and hands at night.
Results : Wake up to moisturised skin and even skin tone after regular usage.
2. use 2-3 drops in your homemade or ready made face packs to get extra added benefits.
Results : Moisturised skin


Farm Origin Virgin Coconut Oil doesn't make scalp and hair sticky or oily after use. It conditions your hair and makes then appear soft and shiny. You can:
1. apply it on scalp one night before washing hair or apply 1 hour before washing hair.
Results : Conditions and makes hair healthy
2. apply 2-3 drops on hair after drying and leave-in as a conditioner.
Results : Leaves hair shiny and protects from further damaging

For the first time, I used Virgin Coconut Oil for cooking and surprisingly the dish tasted well and it had a hint of sweet coconut in the taste as well. I asked my mom to cook dishes for a week in Farm Origin Virgin Coconut Oil so that I could notice health benefits of using coconut oil for cooking. After seven days, I noticed that the food tasted good, my digestion improved and I didn't feel bloated any day. Not only this, I noticed that it was maintaining my body well and I could see little inch loss as well, so I am still consuming (since two weeks) food cooked in coconut oil and I feel energetic and healthy. So, if you face digestion or weight issues then you can shift to using Virgin Coconut Oil and get health benefits (Remember that you need to have patience because health results would be slow. Also include some exercise routine in every day life and live a healthier life ahead).

I would rate this product 5/5 as it is natural and beneficial for our body. I would recommend this specially to people with dry skin. You will see your skin moisturised well within 1-2 months of regular usage. If you face hairfall or dandruff problems then use it twice a week and see reduction in hairfall and dandruff after a month. If you are a fitness freak then replace cooking oils with virgin coconut oil and add on health benefits to your fitness routine.


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