Nature Sure Good Liver Capsules Review - Protects Liver, 100% Vegan and Gluten-Free

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When you fall sick then what do you do - Take home remedies or Visit a doctor for medication? But why fall sick when you can prevent sickness with natural remedies? In the market you will find various natural remedies to prevent sickness in the form of capsules. But which brand to trust? Let me share with you all the brand that I trust - Nature Sure. Last month, I came across this brand while searching for natural remedies. I am already having Nature Sure Lungs Pure Capsules and cured my two months old dry cough with them.

As it cured my cough, so I got Nature Sure Good Liver Capsules for my brother. He is crazy for fast food and sweets, so it becomes necessary for him to detoxify his liver or take extra care of it. It has been two weeks that he is taking these capsules and he has seen 30% changes in his health.

Why We Need to Detoxify Our Liver?
Well, liver is connected to our digestive process. Once the food goes through the stomach and intestines, it comes back to the liver (through blood). Liver filters the food by breaking down fat to release energy. It extracts sugar (glucose) from the blood and stores it in the form of glycogen. Glycogen is necessary to maintain sugar level of our body. If the sugar level drops then liver releases glycogen to maintain the level. Liver also plays an important part to remove toxins from the blood and pass them to the excretory system for removal through urine or stool. So, it is necessary for everyone to take care of our liver.

Nature Sure Good Liver Capsules
The question arises that who should intake these capsules? Everyone can take these capsules as they are natural (except children and pregnant ladies). But it is specially meant for people who eat too much of sweets or fast food and are regular smokers or drinkers. These capsules protects the liver and maintains healthy digestion.

1. These capsules are 100% vegan and gluten free.
2. They contain natural ingredients which are good for our body.
3. They help to remove toxins from liver and detoxify it.
4. With regular usage, they help to maintain good health of liver and digestive system.
5. They also help to prevent liver damages when taken every day.
6. These capsules also contain milk thistle which is a herbal ingredient that is used to treat liver disorders since ages.

Kutki extract, Punarnava extract, Kalmegh extract, Makoy extract, Kasni extract

Take two capsules after morning and evening meals with lukewarm water.

Price and Availability
One pack contains 90 capsules which are priced at Rs. 1179/-. One bottle would last around 22 days if you take two capsules after each meal (morning and evening). Once you complete two months course then you can shift to taking one capsule after morning and evening meals. You can purchase these capsules from Nature Sure website or Amazon.

My Brother's Experience
My brother has been taking these capsules since two weeks and he felt some positive changes in his health. He was taking some multi vitamins but they didn't suit him, so I asked him to try Nature Sure Good Liver Capsules.
These capsules comes in a plastic bottle that is secured well with a lid and cotton inside the bottle. One bottle has 90 green coloured capsules containing natural ingredients for the betterment of liver's health.

These capsules are to be taken after meals with lukewarm water. My brother takes them after morning and evening meals. There is no taste of these capsules, so anyone can take it easily.

It has been two weeks and he has seen improvement in his health. He himself said, "These are much better than previous supplements." He also had acidity problem due to digestion issues and these capsules are helping him to cure this issue too. His digestive system is better and he himself feels better from inside. He is continuing the usage of these capsules to protect his liver and improve digestion too because I know he won't give up eating sweets (Ha, ha!), so prevention is better than cure.

If you eat a lot of sweets or love having fast food or drink alcohol then I would recommend you to have these capsules to protect your liver from further damage. With regular usage, these capsules would also help to cure liver damage done till now.

This supplement is not recommended for children, pregnant ladies and lactating women.
If you are on doctor's medication then do consult your doctor before having these capsules.

I would rate these capsules as 4/5 (as my brother is yet to see full results). I am sure these capsules would protect his liver 100%.

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    Noor Anand Chawla

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    1. Yes, it is good for all except children, pregnant and lactating women.

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