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Here, I am back with another #kbeauty review. I am a fan of Korean Beauty products since 2017. Earlier it was little difficult to get Korean beauty products in India, but now you will find many Korean Beauty products LIVE on NYKAA. Isn't this great? Recently, Nykaa launched TONYMOLY on their platform, so I immediately ordered my favourite range TONYMOLY Pureness 100 Sheet Masks.

Back in 2006, TONYMOLY was born as a brand in Seoul, South Korea. Their dedicated team always wanted to provide the best and be pioneers in Korean Beauty. Their hard work and intensive research made, TONYMOLY one of the best Korean Brand in few years. At present, this brand is known for their high-quality ingredients which are combined with latest technology to bring out the best product in the market.
TONYMOLY never compromised on the quality of the products, due to which this brand quickly became favourite among the customers. Their fusion of ideas and innovations makes people go crazy for their every launch. At present (by 2019), TONYMOLY is present in 50+ countries and have around 950+ Brand shops and 12000+ CS Shops worldwide.

About TONYMOLY Pureness 100 Sheet Masks
The fact that made me buy TONYMOLY Pureness 100 Sheet Masks is that they are non-bleached 100% cotton sheet masks. I have sensitive skin, so I prefer using 100% cotton sheet masks to hydrate my skin. The sheet mask is soft and enriched with lots of essence inside the pack. It not only gives moisture to the skin, but also caters to different skin concerns with regular usage.

1. These sheet masks are made up of 100% cotton sheet, so they are safe for every skin type.
2. They are free from paraben, benzophenone, triethanolamine, talc and colour additives.
3. Each variant of sheet mask in this range provides moisture and glow to the skin.
4. It has 10 variants which cater to different skin concerns as mentioned below:

Pureness 100 Green Tea Mask Sheet (Skin Soothing) : Green tea is a nice ingredient for people with oily and acne skin types. This sheet mask helps to soothe skin and provide necessary hydration to control the occurrence of sebum on the skin (with regular usage, over a period of time).

Pureness 100 Caviar Mask Sheet (Nutrition) : Sometimes, we neglect our skin due to busy schedule, so as the end result our skin lacks nutrition. This variant provides enough nutrition to revive your skin and fight against sings of ageing. It is suitable for all skin types and best for people above the age of 25.

Pureness 100 Pearl Mask Sheet (Brightening) : Who doesn't want glowing skin? Well, pearl is one of the best ingredient known to provide brightening skin. With regular usage, your skin gains the benefits of pearl and makes your skin appear brightened. Pearl is also a good anti-ageing ingredient.

Pureness 100 Red Ginseng Mask Sheet (Shine) : Ginseng is a popular ingredient in South Korea. It is known to increase the lifespan of skin cells. Red Ginseng helps to improve skin's elasticity and makes your skin shiny. It is also good for anti-ageing skin properties.

Pureness 100 Placenta Mask Sheet (Vitality) : All of us go through the ageing phase, but if I say we can delay ageing or even prevent it for long? Yes, if you keep your skin moisturised well and protect it from harmful rays and external factors then you can delay ageing of skin. This sheet mask is known to revitalise skin and provide anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle benefits too.

Pureness 100 Collagen Mask Sheet (Elasticity) : As we grow up, our skin looses bounce and elasticity. It is necessary to take care of skin when we enter our 20s. Collagen is one of the main ingredient that helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin, so this sheet mask caters to elasticity and firmness skin concerns.

Pureness 100 Propolis Mask Sheet (Skin Soothing) : Youthful skin lacks immunity if it is not given good care, so this sheet mask takes care of the skin's immunity and also provides anti-inflammatory benefits. If your skin is sensitive or you have infections then you should give this variant a try.

Pureness 100 Shea Butter Mask Sheet (Moisturising) : You might have noticed that I spoke about moisturising skin well to protect it from various skin concerns. So, shea butter is one of the best ingredient to provide ample of moisturising to the skin, making it look soft and youthful.

Pureness 100 Hyaluronic Mask Sheet (Hydration) : Specially in summers, the heat takes out the hydration from our skin. We need to drink enough water as well as keep it hydrated from outside too. This sheet mask has the best ingredient that hydrated every skin type, keeping it supple and soft.

Price and Shelf Life
Each Sheet Mask is priced at Rs. 100 in India on and $8 in other countries.
The sheet mask has 12 months of expiry. I got sheet masks which are Manufactured in January 2019 and Imported in India in April 2019. These sheet masks will expire by December 2019.

How to Use?
I am sure, you would be now excited to try out these sheet masks after knowing their benefits and the price being reasonable too. Now, let's dive into the usage of sheet masks:

Select the variant and tear the sheet mask pack...

Take out the sheet mask carefully...

Unfold the sheet mask...

Apply the sheet mask on the face...

Make sure it fits nicely onto the face...

Leave it for 15-20 minutes...

Once the time is over...

Remove the sheet mask from the face...

Massage with the sheet mask or a facial roller or with your fingers for 1-2 minutes...

And you are done!

Usage Time
It is recommended to use sheet masks at least thrice a week for better results. You can also use them on alternative days or even every day to see best results. I have started using it every alternative day and my skin is much better than before.

My Experience
Using of sheet masks have been popular overseas. Busy people, overseas, buy one month packs and use sheet masks every day to take care of their skin. I have been using sheet masks since 18 months three times a week and I have seen a drastic change in my skin.

TONYMOLY sheet masks are surely made up of cotton and safe for every skin type. It stays well onto the face. It doesn't slip and neither irritate the skin. You can wear the sheet mask and relax with closed eyes for 15-20 minutes. The first effect that you would see after using a sheet mask is that your skin appears to be moisturised and little brightened as well. With regular usage these results last longer or even become permanent as the essence goes into the skin and provides the missing nutrients to the layers of skin.

I would rate TONYMOLY sheet masks 5/5 as these are now my favourite. Whosoever wants to try sheet masks would surely go for TONYMOLY Pureness 100 Sheet Masks and enjoy the experience.

I hope this blog post would make you try sheet masks at least once! Do share this post with your friends and family members. Also leave a feedback comment below and keep supporting.

Thank you!
Amrit Kaur (Amy)


  1. I am so excited about this launch! I have always heard excellent things about Tony Moly products. These masks will be the first products I try.
    Noor Anand Chawla

  2. Great that they are paraben free. Otherwise these days all sheet masks have parabens in them.

  3. The Tonymoly sheet masks have such a range. The Green Tea and Ginseng is what I would like to try out. The fact that they masks are 100% cotton and paraben free is definitely good.

  4. Wowww , cotton masks is an amazing feature , I find them very decently priced too for the benefits it provides shall try after your review

    1. Yes they are good. I have reviewed them in this blog itself. You can read my experience.

  5. I am yet to try any sheet masks from tolly molly. Great that they are on nykaa now. I wanna try the propolis mask!

  6. I have heard about tony moly products and they are so effective and amazing. The mask sheet looks effective and it it good that the product is paraben free.

  7. Wow! Such a detailed post. Lovely elaboration of steps and this sheet mask looks quite effective. You are looking very refreshed.

  8. Tonymoly looks a great brand for sheet masks, I am highly impressed that these are non bleached and 100% cotton sheets, would love to try this.

  9. This mask looks amazing. I've been meaning to invest in one of these, your review has encouraged me to check out Tony Mony

  10. I never had great luck with sheet masks, but this brand looks very promising. I would grab some sheet masks from Tonymoly soon. Thanks for sharing

  11. I quite liked the fact that these sheet masks are paraben free. plus it has a shelf life of 1 year which make it a must try for me.

  12. Sheet masks mujhe bhi bahut pasand hai, ab to Tonymoly bhi aa gaya, bahut benifit suney thy, aaj aapne itni derails bhi di hain , 👍👍 jaldi hi buy karungi 😍😍

  13. I have heard about these masks so much and I'm so glad they've finally launched in India. Definitely buying them ASAP.

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  15. I am also a big fan of kbeauty products. Heard a lot of raved about this brand. Will definitely try out these sheet masks.


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