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Today, I have an important question for you - Do you take care of your intimate area? It is necessary for everyone to take proper care of their intimate area. Intimate area is known to the most sensitive area of our body. This area requires products that are specially designed for it. Few months back, I shared my experience about a special product for intimate area, did you check it (Click Here)? Last month, I included Everteen Hair Removal Crème for Bikini Line in my intimate hygiene care. This hair removal crème is specially designed for sensitive parts of our body like bikini line, underarms, etc. It is formulated with natural ingredients and is free from harsh smell.

About Everteen Hair Removal Creme
Everteen has a wide range of products specially designed for feminine hygiene. Everteen Hair Removal Crème is India's first specially designed hair removal crème for bikini line. It cleans your bikini line easily within few minutes, leaving behind soft and smoother skin.

1. It is formulated with 100% natural chamomile extract.
2. It easily removes hair without causing itchiness, skin burning or red bumps.
3. The sensitive skin formula makes this hair removal crème safe to be used in bikini line or underarms.
4. This hair removal crème doesn't darken your skin neither it leaves ingrown hair.
5. It is free from harsh smell.
6. It is specially designed only for females.

Ewax, Chamomile, Cetanol, Liquid Paraffin, EDTA, Glycerine, Thioglycolic Acid, NaOH, Preservatives, Perfume

Packaging, Texture and Colour
Everteen Hair Removal Crème comes in a 50 grams tube packaging that is easy to carry while travelling too. The hair removal crème is thick white crème that spreads easily onto the skin.

Price and Availability
This hair removal crème is priced at Rs.149/- for 50 grams. You can purchase it from Everteen website and other online websites like Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa.

How to Use?
Follow the given steps to use Everteen Hair Removal Crème effectively on your bikini line or any other body part.
Step 1: Clean the bikini line (or body part) with mild soap and water.
Step 2: Pat dry the area with a cotton towel and don't apply anything else.
Step 3: Take Everteen Hair Removal Crème and apply sufficient amount on the bikini line (or body part).

Step 4: Take the spatula (available in the pack) and lightly spread the hair removal crème (in the direction of the hair growth) around the area.

Step 5: Leave the crème for 5 minutes.
Step 6: Take the spatula and remove the crème by moving it against the direction of hair growth.

Step 7: Once you have removed the cream then dip the coin-sized towel (available in the pack) in water to unfold it into full size.
Step 8: Use the towel to wipe off the area nicely.
Step 9: Apply a moisturiser after half an hour.

Note: Don't use the hair removal crème over the same area again at the same time. Keep a gap of 72 hours between two sessions on the same area.

My Experience
It is necessary for females to keep their intimate area clean. I came across Everteen Hair Removal Creme while I was looking for their Intimate Wash. The pack contains the following products in it:
50 grams tube of Hair Removal Creme
One Spatula
Two coin-sized towels
Instructions manual

Everteen Hair Removal Creme comes in a tube packaging which is easy for application. I have sensitive skin, so I wanted to try the hair removal creme on my legs for the first time. It is always recommended to do small patch test before using the product on any part of the body. The hair removal creme spreads easily on the skin and it doesn't have harsh smell that irritates (like other hair removal cremes have). As I left it for 5 minutes, I couldn't sense any itching or burning sensation

After five minutes, I removed it with the spatula in the opposite direction and then wiped off with the wet towel. Thereafter, I cleaned it with Everteen Intimate Wash to maintain the pH balance of the skin. Everteen Hair Removal Creme removed hair effectively. It also removed little hair and my skin was soft and smooth.

The hair from the skin didn't grow up for 7-10 days. After this I could see little hair growing back the same way as it used to grow earlier. So, you need to repeat the process of using Everteen Hair Removal Creme after a week or max 10 days, depending on the growth of your hair.

This hair removal creme is safe to be used around intimate area. Always be careful while using any product around intimate area as these products are meant for external usage only.

I would rate this hair removal creme as 4.5/5. If you hate waxing or shaving then Everteen Hair Removal Creme is the best option for you. Don't ignore the hygiene of intimate area and be free from bacteria and germs.

I hope this review will be useful to you. Do share the blog with family and friends. Also leave a comment below with your feedback.

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Amrit Kaur (Amy)


  1. This seems like a fuss free method for removing body hair in sensitive areas. I will check it out for sure on your recommendation.
    Noor Anand Chawla

  2. Ye meri wish list me hai ,pata nahi kyu nahi liya, maybe razor use karne lagi isliye nahi liya hoga 😊
    Result bahut hi accha n safe bhi hai, bitiya k liye buy karti hu 👍👍

  3. I've tried this hair removal cream from Everteen. Quite often hair remover creams irritate my skin and make them itchy and red for a while - but this one doesn't do it. Sadly the only thing I wasn't too keen about it is the fragrance - feels kind of strong for my sensitive nose.

  4. Awesome that is formulated for sensitive skin. Mine is super sensitive. Will try this out!

  5. Intimate hygiene is very important. Good to know about this brand and its effectiveness.

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  9. Bikini line is very sensitive and you just can't use any hair cream down there. I too use Evergreen bikini line hair removal cream because it suits my skin. Leaves skin smooth and soft.

  10. Bikini line is very sensitive and you just can't use any hair cream down there. I too use Everteen bikini line hair removal cream because it suits my skin. Leaves skin smooth and soft. Thanks for sharing your review.

  11. I think this is a good option for sensitive skin, as you mentioned no itchiness and redness occurs.

  12. Bikini line cleanup is really a tough task. Most of use razor which can lead to cuts. This seems like a viable option. Plus I trust your word on it.

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  15. I have been using this cream for a very long time now and I truly love it. It is very safe to use.

  16. So easy and non Messy. Will give it a try for sure.

  17. It is like very easy method to removing body hair without any messy... Easy and instant.. will give it a try

  18. Hygiene of intimate area is essential. Good that brands are now making products catered specific to bikini line.

  19. Everteen hair removal cream is a great option for shaving intimate areas. It does not harm the skin or burn it. a completely natural product.

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  22. This is so much convenient than a razor and much safer too. Shall give this a try. Hope it suits my skin.

  23. I have been using this product since last one month. I have a great experience with it. Thanks for this honest review

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  28. These products have evolved over the years and brands have become more conscious and caring while making the formula for such creams. I am sure most ladies will like this one.. :)

    Utpal Khot

  29. I have been using it since 2 years and it has become my favorite. It removes hair without drying out the delicate skin.

  30. I have heard a lot about this cream now, I have always been a razor person since hair removal creams irritate my skin. But this one is surely worth giving a shot.

  31. I have their hair removal cream, the formula is amazing and it mine favourite too

  32. Finally a hair removing cream for bikini area. Did you have any side effects or reactions after using it?


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